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LPT: Thinking of donating to a charity? Check the employee reviews on Glassdoor. If the workers are trashing their own organization, then your donation is likely to be mismanaged.

I was planning to make a financial donation to an organization that, publicly at least, aligns with my views.
But on a lark I looked up the organization's reviews on Glassdoor and the employees are in open revolt with the leadership because of nepotism, favoritism, racial discrimination, fiefdoms, revolving doors, exploiting interns, incompetent middle management, etc. The place looks like a dumpster fire. I can't see how my donation to such an organization can be put to any good use if the organization is so inept and the workers are so demoralized. It was really sad to read.
The next organization I wanted to donate to had a similar Glassdoor vibe but with a different flavor: the founder micromanages everything, founder is a narcissist who surrounds himself with craven yes-men, no direction, founder-itis, etc. Not donating to them either!
The third organization had glowing employee reviews that looked authentic, and also solid reviews on the other standard charity ratings. I made my donation here.
Standard disclaimer: Glassdoor reviews aren't always an accurate representation of the organization, companies might be able to game their reviews, etc. Also, smaller or up-and-coming charities may not even be on Glassdoor or only have a few reviews, so don't read too much into those.
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Do you think the median salary for lawyers that are displayed in places such as Glassdoor, zip recruiter or pay scale are correct?

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When Glassdoor thinks you’d be a good fit for the job that you just quit

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Why do you think Forex popular?

I'm asking why you think Forex is popular because, it is a well known fact that most traders, about 90%, lose in forex. If that high number of people are losing in forex, surely the forex markets would be abandoned, but it is not.
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I'm trying to watch the last episode to upload the "important" parts for us to watch, it's just taking me a while because I get bored easily, so I spoke too soon when I praised Hila for how she handled the Glassdoor situation. She doesn't think running a toxic work environment is a real issue~~

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Lets Talk!! I think trading with binary bots is really good and easy but there is a difference between binary trading bots and forex trading bots

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Hướng dẫn chơi Binomo Forex trên điện thoại [Mới nhất 2019] - Binomo Việt Nam

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Which Big Crypto or FOREX offshore company do YOU think will be the next FTX?

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your opinion. I think forex isn't a difficult concept. you buy cheaper and sell costlier and vice versa. and there is generally speaking no need for overcomplication of that simple concept. the problem is volatility of a trading instrument

Oftentimes we do guess the direction correctly, but we may not correctly guess the level at which stop loss should be set. Some pairs have stable volatility like EURUSD, others have a rollercoaster volatility like Gold. And that's precisely what makes Forex look more complicated than it is, I just came to realise
Therefore I have a question regarding ta: how do you know you stop losses with pairs of unstable volatility?
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I have a question, I’m learning from 2 years ago forex by my own and I am not getting good result in demo account but I want to keep going learning trading, do you think trading can end up ? I’m afraid because if it is true I will waste time, what do you think?

The thing is I like trading because it is the best way to earn easy money in the hard way, so I’m learning by my own but in all the world they are people call “ smoker seller” and those people teach you the basic and their mentorships is so expensive.
It is difficult to find a real mentor in this world because some of them don’t have time to teache how to trade in the real situation about the market, but now I don’t have money to pay a real mentor.
That’s why I’m learning by my own what do you recommend me to keep learning ? I know much concept about trading but maybe I need more practice because I’m not practicing too much.
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Which Forex Risk Management Strategies do you think is more effective while trading forex? And Why? See the differences between two of the most popular Forex Risk Management Strategies below!

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(Embrace Debate) I think the Glassdoor story is bullshit.

Just wanted to get homeless cats thoughts. Do you all actually believe this bullshit artist and terrible storyteller actually did that? I think it's about as real as his 1.6 closer story with Will and Leo watching. Haven't seen the clip in a while but just recall it being his usual embellishing trash. But what do I know I got to get back to bussin table 8.
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My (27f) husband (28m) refuses get a job, thinks forex will make us rich

This month makes six years of marriage and we have nothing to show for it. No home, no savings, no kids, no careers, nothing. I realize now that I am to blame, I have enabled his sporadic dreams, and also put my goals on hold to support him. Hubby hasn’t worked a regular job since 2019, first with doing e-commerce/Shopify which was doing pretty well until the pandemic hit. Then in 2020, he ventured into forex, investing almost 30k in the past 2 years with little return. I do commend him for his self motivation, trading is not easy, I’ve watched him take multiple classes on trading and he’s very confident in himself… but we’re so broke and I can’t live like this anymore. When we first got together he wanted to be an civil engineer, and then he dropped out of school, he doesn’t even talk about having a real profession anymore. he only cares to be “an entrepreneur” and looks down on me for going back to school and working my hospital job even though I am paying the bills and giving him $300-600 allowance every time I get paid. at bare minimum, he does find a way to pay our $700 rent each month between forex&DoorDash that’s only because he knows I hate where we live and if rent was my responsibility I would leave to my moms house. He swears he’s doing forex “for me, so he can make all the money and be a millionaire and give me the life I deserve” but honestly I’d be happy if he finished school and we lived a regular life. i found myself pregnant in January, and I was scared and sad because our living situation and livelihood was so crappy… but he was happy and optimistic because “he was doing well in the market and we would be millionaires by the following month”. Unfortunately, yet luckily, I had a miscarriage because now it is august and our situation hasn’t changed… but I am pregnant again and scared to even tell him in case I choose to ab**t bc I can’t afford to take care of him and a baby. What can I do to get him to see reality for what it is? To get a job, get back in school… Or should I leave?
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traders adhere to grids (martingale) for the most part not because they think it's profitable, but because it doesn't hurt your ego - you assume that you will never lose if you use it correctly. only humble people can succeed in forex, and I'm still not humble enough

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Canadian Forex Traders (admin reply on comments cause i think ur canadian right)

i would love to start full time at trading, i would love to know how you lads that are fellow Canadians that do trade. swing/day trading on about withdrawals and implications with it with CRA? cause in my mind i am a little scared that if i take an xxxx amount of money bi-weekly to my bank account which are gains from my trading and havent been taxed yet and tax season my mind is a littel sketched out that i have to pay a little extra of tax for doing what i just mentioned which is withdraw xxxx amount to bank to pay with certain expenses/bills since i would be doing this full time sooner or later
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¿Do you think time and specific price levels are relevant when trading forex?

Yes, for instance, is the open important? the high, the low of the day before? the sessions (I think this one is, because of the volume injection)?
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Is there absolutely no way to go under 10,000 shares for forex trades on think or swim?

While messing around with thinkorswim, It is saying only multiples of 10,000 shares are allowed. I am getting into forex and currently don’t have 10,000 in my account to even initiate a trade around that lot threshold.
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I think its better to use my own funds instead of prop firms like my forex funds

Hi guys,
I was talking to a friend of mine who was saying prop firms are the best, he was saying that i can buy an account for a little as 99 dollars and get access to big funds.
My friend told me that he was with my forex funds, so i started looking at their FAQ, etc and i saw that if you get a 99 dollar account you get access to 2000 dollars BUT you have a drawdown limit of 5%.If my calculations are correct in this example then if i go 100 dollars below 2000 (which is if i reach 1900) my account gets suspended. And since they give you a bigger account they take 50% of your profit (which is fine, its business)
Here is where my questions lies. Is it not thesame if i take my 99 dollars and invest it myself with my broker? If i go below 99 dollars my account is blown anyway. Besides that i have read that they have some bad slippages and spreads. If i use my logic, it tells me that its better to just trade with my money(get better spreads and leverage). But since i did not start with them yet i want to ask you guys who have more experience then me with a prop firm if my logic is correct.

PS: The evaluation ones seems reasonable but i am not talking about the evaluation packages but strictly about the rapid/accelerator packages where you pay a fee and get a account.
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Forex notes, do you think my understanding is getting better?

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I think I got scammed with Forex

So I meet this guy on an NFT space in a very trusting and credibility groups. Me and him went back and forth and become pals. I asked him how does he make money and he said he work with one of his friend to help him with Forex. Gave me the friend cell number, and here is how… it started I guess my scam started.
Guys lmk if I been scam,helps please I am so anxious about this.
(bs) I have his info like driver license and such, because background check
But basically at first he pitch me a play that is like let’s say $2000 entree and return would be like $3500, then I ask some few question… here and there. It all seem legit and he seem like a nice genuine person. I agreed to take the deal and send him the money. Then he called me back 2 weeks later to say how much I made… But here where it gets weird, he called me back like 2 week later (because usually he said the time period to make money is 1-2 weeks) he said congratulations we hit our mark and you made about $3500. Then he ask for my Crypto Wallet, and I gave it to him and he said I’ll get it in there for you the next morning Gave him my wallet… nothing Then I reached out and he reply with … his bank or broker or whoever had him submitted to his address bc it’s the address initiate form and he does he will send it to me, so when I wake up it will be in my wallet. Didn’t see it in my wallet, texted him Then again he said it takes up to 12 hours Then again nothing He ask for my address again bc some “bank problems” He said it’ll be in my wallet, but nothing So we try the bank wire route. And I’m still waiting Send me a voice message saying I should be getting it hit my bank 29 august but it is the 1 of September, How does it take 2 and a half weeks to bank verify or sending money over.
Can someone help, I’m about to pull the plug 🔌 I mean I have his info it is not like he is going anywhere and I have screenshoot of our text and screen record his audio messages. 😕😕😕
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Can you think why? What do you think? ✨️ 💛 #tiktokgreece #greektiktok #travellife #motivation #forex #crypto #stonks #stockmarket #southafrica

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