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Daytrading ES Futures or forex? Pros and Cons

So I'm fairly new to trading and I know that when we trade forex we trade a cfd and when trading es mini sp500 we're trading futures. My question is why almost everyone don't recommend trading forex and what are the cons trading that vs futures?
Thanks guys
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The Pros and Cons of Forex Trading: What You Should Know

When it comes to forex trading, there are pros and cons that need to be considered. On the plus side, forex trading can provide the opportunity to make significant profits. It can also be a good way to diversify a portfolio and generate additional income. On the downside, forex trading can be risky and volatile. It is also important to note that it is not suitable for everyone and losses can exceed deposits.
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Top 8 Forex Trading Strategies and their Pros and Cons

Top 8 Forex Trading Strategies and their Pros and Cons - Reviewed by Nick Cawley on August 19, 2022.Main talking points:What is a Forex Trading Strategy?Forex Strategies: A Top-level OverviewPrice Action TradingRange Trading StrategyTrend Trading StrategyPosition TradingDay Trading StrategyForex Scalping StrategySwing TradingCarry Trade StrategyDiscover what type of forex trader is buried
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Do you recommend Forex trading? What are the pros and cons?

Do you recommend forex trading for someone who is looking for a way of getting passive income? I run a small business which is working well now and I am looking for another source of passive income. Is forex cool? what are the pros and cons of trading forex?
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Forex Royale Review - Pros at cons ng Forex Royale - Laro Reviews

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What are some pros and cons of being a snow trooper?

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Is online Forex trading the right option for you? (Weigh the Pros and Cons)

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I need a reality check. I’m losing myself in this relationship with my boyfriend. I basically have no friends anymore. Here is my pros and cons list. Please be my friends for a day.

So my post history is a fucking trip to read, before I see everyone mentioning it in the comments. I know. I know I’ve posted about this man so many times and yet I stay. I’ve read all about trauma bonds at this point, yet I still can’t bring myself to end it. I still hold out this twisted hope it will change. And yes, I know that’s fucking insane. (Some info changed for privacy)
Basic background info, I’m 32, he’s 35. We’ve been dating for a year. I have a child from a previous relationship who does not know my boyfriend at all nor has been around him. He spends 3-4 nights a week at my house, whenever I don’t have my child home.
PROS - he’s attractive to me - Good kisser, when he kisses me - Same sex drive and similar kinks - He keeps me company - He’s a good distraction - Sometimes he’s fun to hang out with - SOMETIMES funny and smart - he’s outgoing which is something I need sometimes as someone more introverted
CONS (buckle in it only gets worse and worse) - lives with his parents - No car or job - I believe he has money but he expects me to pay for everything. Food, alcohol, nights out, special things for him - I’ve gotten him gifts and cards and stuff for special occasions, he hasn’t gotten me a thing, ever. - He pushes threesomes. I’m a bit uncomfortable with it but I try to get over it. Joined sex apps and stuff but he refuses any sort of couple swap and says we just need to find a drunk 21 year old and take her home. And is mad when I refuse to do that. - I made a big effort for his birthday this year and he told me I ruined it because I couldn’t make a threesome happen. He made the whole night miserable. He did literally nothing for my birthday a week later. - We agreed to only see each other a few months after we met, but he was still uncomfortable calling me his girlfriend. Found out he was fucking other women for months. As far as I know he’s been faithful for a while now but I still don’t trust him. - That whole time he kept saying how he didn’t feel like he could trust me and how I had to prove my loyalty to him. All while he was lying to me and fucking around - When I found all this out and confronted him, he said he did nothing wrong and blamed me for the lack of threesomes and making him unable to tell the truth and how we “weren’t serious then” and tried to gaslight me into believing we didn’t become exclusive months before - I’m neurodivergent and it’s something he uses against me. He’s always telling me I’m dumb, gets angry if I forget something or struggle to focus - If he tells me he needs new shirts, he basically expects me to get him a new shirt asap. If I don’t read his mind, he’s mad. Im supposed to always know when and what he wants to eat, what he needs, one time he gave me the cold shoulder when I picked him up because I didn’t get him a coffee. How am I supposed to know you wanted a coffee?! Ask and I’m more than willing! - expects his mom to make him his appointments and is mad when she doesn’t do it the way he wants - Says he KNOWS I can be there for him the way he needs me to because I am for my kid. But dude I’m not your mom. And even your mom needs to stop doing that shit for you now - The things I do for him, I’d never get in return. I make sure I have his favourite foods, shampoo, deodorant, alcohol, I offer back rubs if he’s sore, I give words of affirmation. I get nothing in return but maybe the odd compliment and a bunch of harsh words and insults. Rarely says he loves me, sometimes doesn’t even return my hugs - We can be having a decent time together and the second he goes home, it’s like he’s depressed and has to take it out on me over text. Suddenly I have to see him tell me over and over how I “lie” to him (I got my days mixed up and told him I could drive him home a day I couldn’t. I paid for his cab) but apparently he can’t trust me or depend on me. Because sometimes I get days wrong or have to pick him up 20 minutes later than I initially said (always with notice!) or I say I’ll get him something and it’s out of stock so I have to wait and suddenly I’m a “liar” because I couldn’t get something. Out of stock. That I tried to get. That again, the same effort would not be put forth to me, ever. I bend over backwards and it’s never enough - He said I don’t cook enough. So I started cooking more. All he does is bitch about whatever I make. He’s never once cooked for me - When we first met, all he kept telling me is how hot I am. How attracted he is to me. How that’s basically all that’s kept him around - Then he started telling me how much fatter I am now than when I we met (I weight exactly the same as I did when we met) and how he’s not attracted to me. How I need to work out more. - Was going to meet his friends and he told me I dress terribly and to change so his friends don’t judge him for being with me - Yet when we do go out, if a guy says a word or even glances at me, he loses his shit. He’s almost gotten beat up multiple times because people see him treating me like shit. He blames me for that, too. - So ya if I even platonically talk to or about a man, I’m in trouble. Whereas he talks about other women and their bodies constantly, past girlfriends and hookups, and I’m supposed to be totally fine with it - He’s misogynistic. Constantly talking about how terrible “females” are. If we are watching tv and a woman cheats? Typical female. Women are the worst. They ruin all men. A man cheats? Well, what did the woman do? It must have been her fault! His hatred of women is scary. - One time while drunk and during sex, he said “I love you” and then not my name! His ex’s! He was super apologetic at first and said he loved me, he was thinking of me, it was a fluke. Then basically told me I ruined a good night by being upset, he’d felt super close to me that night and thought he may be getting over his women issues and then I went and ruined it by having an emotional reaction to him saying he loves his ex while he’s inside me - He often says I need to pay “penance” for my “wrongdoings” like you know, mixing up the day I can drive him home, or not being able to get him the weights he wants for my house because they are out of stock. Even recommended I sleep on the floor. Yet if I so much as bring up him cheating on me or insulting me constantly or hitting me, I’m terrible. - so ya he’s also hit me two different occasions. First one was about two months into dating. He punched me in the nose and slapped me across the face right after for disagreeing with him (respectfully) about something. He did it so nonchalantly and was surprised when I was upset - Second time was a couple months ago, shortly after I’d found out about his cheating. Every time he fucks up, he tries to focus on how terrible I am and makes it a hobby to break me down, basically. We went out one night and at the bar he kept telling me how fat I am and then when we left he punched my stomach and shoulder. One place in which I’d had surgery on a month before - I mentioned it a couple nights later and he lost his shit and threw drinks and glasses all over my wall. We haven’t talked about it since. - The gaslighting is constant. I am really good with dates. He says I’m always wrong. I just agree now. To everything. It’s easier.
Honestly I feel like I could find more to say but I'm emotionally exhausted. All the times he hit me, he didn’t really injure me. I was a little sore for a couple days but no marks or anything. But the disrespect was palpable and painful. The constant insults and gaslighting has lead me to doubt myself.
He’s made me feel ugly and stupid and has basically told me he’s the best I can get. While also once getting super crazy thinking that I may think I’m “out of his league”
I know underneath the surface he’s a very insecure man. And he’s a massive narcissist because of that. I know he’s had a rough childhood. He says me being “unreliable” because of my forgetfulness on dates and stuff, is triggering because he basically always raised himself and his mom was MIA. Promised things and they didn’t happen. I can procrastinate and I can be foggy headed for sure. But I always do what I say I’ll do. Always. And when he comes to me with an issue, I’m there to listen and I apologize if I’ve come up short. I never get the same.
I feel like he wants me to be his mom/slave. I KNOW he doesn’t love me. And as much as he tells me I’m stupid, I know I’m not. But maybe I am. I went from one abusive relationship into a MUCH worse one. Im starting to notice I’m becoming even more of a shell of myself. My family is worried. And honestly, I’m worried. Now that he’s spending basically half the week with me, I’m either with him, working or parenting. And my daughter has special needs. I’m burnt out. I hate myself in so many ways and my anxiety attacks are coming back. I don’t know how to get out of this. I know the answer seems easy but it’s not.
Also if you got this far (congrats! I’ve been crazy rambling!) don’t feel the need to do the whole Reddit suicide watch thing, I’m not going to hurt myself. Well, I suppose that’s not true. Dating this man is self harm. But physically, I won’t hurt myself. I promise.
Thanks for reading this far. And if you judge me, please know I judge myself more ❤️
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Forex Auto Money Reviews - Pros and Cons of ForexAutoMoney

Forex Auto Money Reviews - Pros and Cons of ForexAutoMoney Forex Auto Money is one of the most us... #CryptoCurrencyTrading
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RoboForex Pros and Cons

RoboForex is considered a safe broker to trade through Cyprus entity. The broker has long history of operation and numerous traders served, there is good range of account types, trading platforms, Free exclusive trading signals and research tools, also powerful trading capabilities suitable also for advanced traders.
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What Are the Pros and Cons in Trading Forex Options?

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Forex trading in questrade pros and cons??

Forex trading in questrade pros and cons??
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Pros and Cons of Marine Biology

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Fried cheese in breadcrumbs with spaghetti and tartar sauce, or how the restaurant calls it - "Formaggio fritto economico con spaghetti"

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Top 8 Forex Trading Strategies and their Pros and Cons

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My serious pros and cons opinion of the top contenders if they win the King of League title for us in QOL

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Pros and cons of circumcision

Some people opt to have their sons circumcised as babies, while others do not. Are religion and location the big indicators?
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Just about to get the Cent 7/1 is it a forgiving med? Pros and cons please.

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"There seem to be 10 people “managing” for every one person coding" , replies Musk, when asked whats the most messed up thing about twitter. What are the tell tale signs in a company that has this kind of hierarchy and what are the pros and cons of it?

Do any of you work in organisations with similar structure, does it really impede your productivity ot enhance it?
Also how to detect this kind of Structure exists in a company and how to navigate in such an atmosphere to be able to have decent product ownership and agency over your tasks as a developer?
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I’ve recently finished the Swedish and Germany ground TT, now I’m thinking of grinding out Israel. Since the last patches I’m playing only 11.0 so that’s what I’m going for, is this TT worth it? Which pros and cons does it have?

I’ve recently finished the Swedish and Germany ground TT, now I’m thinking of grinding out Israel. Since the last patches I’m playing only 11.0 so that’s what I’m going for, is this TT worth it? Which pros and cons does it have? submitted by Ibuywarthundermaus to Warthunder [link] [comments]

Pros and cons of having active directory server on Linux

So I manage a network for a school. It has around 400 users( students, teachers etc) and has around 200 computers but there not managed by a ad server or any server, there are some print server and smb share but it's kinda minimum for that many devices. So I asked if I could set up a ad server for loging in and deploying software. They said there's no money for buying a windows server standard license. My thought to overcome this issue is to install ad server on a Linux server. But with that many users and many features like wsus and many other features not present in Linux ad implementation is it a good idea or should I just leave it alone and make milion local users
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Pros and Cons for this vest?

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ANÁLISE FUNDAMENTAL - CALENDÁRIO E INDICADORES ECONOMICOS Options Trading: Understanding Option Prices - YouTube Make a Living in 1 Hour a Day Trading the 3 Bar ... - YouTube 3 Simple Ways To Use Candlestick Patterns In Trading ... IQ OPTION: NOVA ESTRATÉGIA CONSERVADORA !! 💸💸 - YouTube Como operar o mercado com notícias - Análise Fundamentalista ! APLICATIVO QUE EU USO PARA SINAIS FOREX TENDENCIAS GRATIS -SIGNALS FREE

Para ayudar a sus clientes a realizar operaciones exitosas, FBS ofrece una variedad de análisis de mercado, incluyendo Forex TV, análisis de mercado diario y noticias de Forex. También ofrece herramientas de negociación como el calendario económico, el conversor de divisas, la calculadora de divisas y los tipos de interés de los bancos centrales. Binomo es un bróker de opciones binarias, que ofrece el trading en línea en una amplia gama de activos financieros en su app personalizada de trading. Se originó en Rusia y su sitio web está disponible en ruso, inglés, chino, vietnamita, thai, portugés indonesio y español. Esta guía te iluminará acerca de Binomio: ¿Es un Fraude o es Legítimo?¿Puedes retirar las ganancias? EUA Forex Signal 100% desafiante Forex sinaliza a empresa em todo o mundo.100% de satisfação A empresa de provedores de sinais Forex, o sinal de Forex dos Estados Unidos, fornece o direito de entrada e preço de saída. E os sinais mensais especiais fornecem. O sinal de Forex dos EUA fornece um melhor tempo para penetrar e sair do comércio, não precisa gastar muito tempo esperando antes da ... Que Es Un Soporte Forex. Para conocer respecto a cargos, comisiones, spreads, antes de operar el trader debe pedir las aclaraciones a la empresa de corretaje. Sí usted deja de operar su cuenta un año se le carga como comisión 15 USD anuales. Puedes descargártela desde múltiples plataformas, pero nosLexaTrade te recomendamos que para evitar problemas lo hagas desde su página. Y si tienes ... Forex valuta estland valuta / Iifl stop loss order Forex; 2 million pounds to invest; Legit work at home jobs without an investment; Dr iq option; 2 million pounds to invest; 2 million pounds to invest / Meketa investment group interview thank; Forex detector ex4200 48t; Tshikundamalema investment banker; Natural gas price live Forex chart / Reviews of aaii dividend investing ; Saedf ... Forex moving average indicator download / Tsp investing advice 2020 nfl; Alpari partner; How to divide investment portfolio; Minimum capital to trade Forex; Low investment franchise australia news / Binary options trading software 2020; Traderush binary option broker; Proxy metatrader / IForex Forex peace army review ; Forex moving average indicator download; New business ideas in india with ... Forex ira account Spangler I cant know forex ira account radiocontrast agent was used. Wikihow touch no position on twitter tutorial will show you trade trading strategy strangle tutorial training forex ira account accounts. CFD trading. 22 Kb. It is entirely down to each trader to decide which timeframe suits them best and how much risk they are willing to take. Automatic power awning. There ...

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GET 3 FREE OPTIONS TRADING LESSONS Options are priced based on three elements of the underlying stock. 1. Time 2. Price 3. Volatilit... #Stocks #Trading #Investing Stop over complicating your trading. It doesn't have to be so confusing. Keep it simple!! Simple is profitable! https://www.livet... Nesta série de aulas de Análise Fundamental daremos a conhecer os indicadores económicos que são apresentados no calendário económico, bem como a sua interpretação e impacto nos ativos ... ♦ CORRETORAS QUE EU MAIS OPERO: 1: 2: 3: Free Live Forex Signals 24/7 - EURUSD, AUDUSD, GBPUSD, USDCAD, USDJPY XUGUSD XAUUSD H1 Cas Lu Forex 45 watching Live now Forex Signals - Como Lucrar Com Sala De Sinais! Binomo : Corretora de Forex e bitcoin: ... e final do mês a Imersão PRO, que é pro pessoal que ta no mercado mais não ganha dinheiro nele ainda! Acesse para conhecer mais ... In today's video we are going to discuss three (3) simple ways that I like to use candlestick patterns in my trading. So let's take a step back and look at J...