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Alternatives to BlockFolio (taken over by FTX) portfolio managers? Recovering transaction history?

I've been using BlockFolio app for years. They got taken over by FTX a couple of years ago.
Stupidly I never backed up my transactions history, I believed they were safe on the app. I liked to keep a track of my buy prices and sell prices on there, especially for HMRC returns each year.
I've got a couple of questions:
1) What's the best alternative to keep track of my crypto? I've got a mixed bag including BTC, ETH, XMR, SHIB etc. Are there any good alternatives?
2) Should I consider that FTX app to be a dead duck now and no way of recovering my transaction on there?
(BTW, is everyone else pissed off by the repeated takeovers of decent apps by bigger rivals. I used to love the simplicity of the BREAD wallet app on iOS until it got taken over by Coinbase. These consolidations are going to mean less choice for us consumers.)
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Optimal Investment Portfolio Should Include 4 to 6 Percent SILVER. "Most institutional and individual investors only hold about 0.2% of their portfolios in Silver. This suggests that investment managers should consider the case for a more significant allocation to Silver." Like SPROTT NYSE:PSLV

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CPI print will be 8-10%. It is actually 40-100% in food and rent. All the news about cooling inflation are portfolio managers sitting on billions of dollars of equities.

The three stages of inflation. 1. It's transitory, 2. More sticky then we thought, 3. Its never going to end. We are slowly transitioning from second to third stages. And it is the time Fed started to panic aka. a full percentage rate hike in late September meeting. Ok. Why I am saying this?
I often go grocery shopping with my dear wife and the fucking kids. In summer they all day stay with my wife and I work, so to make things a little easier my wife keep breakfast burritos. Always it has been fairly cheap. A pack of 20 used to cost around 5-6$ and used to last a few days with 2 kids. Now my wife literally panicked when she saw its 15$ for a box. This is absolutely insane. The cans of soups are the cheapest, however the price increase is probably 100% or more in a year. Inflation is sticky and far from being over and probably not going 2% in next 5 years. Good luck with all your calls and puts. Either side is a gamble. But in next three market will most likely go down as Fed will be in panic mode soon.
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Hello, are there any portfolio managers able to answer my question?

Hi, I'm doing a paper about finance careers (specifically portfolio management). I would like to hear from some of you why you think your job is important and how you would say you still add value in the tech era where Robo-advisors are becoming more common. Any responses are greatly appreciated; thank you. Also, feel free to go into detail. Any knowledge specific to people in your field is even better.
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Honest question - what do portfolio managers actually do on a day to day basis?

I'm a CFA Level 3 Candidate and yes I know in general what portfolio managers do. But exactly what do they do daily? I'm interested in pursuing this career path.
It honestly seems like it's an easy job, especially for less actively traded portfolios.
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"Today we charged Allianz Global Investors U.S. LLC, and former portfolio managers Gregoire Tournant, Trevor Taylor, and Stephen Bond-Nelson with a fraudulent scheme that led pension funds for teachers, clergy, engineers, and other Americans to lose billions of dollars."

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Alternatives to BlockFolio (taken over by FTX) portfolio managers? Recovering transaction history? (x-post from /r/Cryptocurrency)

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Important Tips on Building a Diversified Forex Portfolio

Learn the basics of building a diversified forex portfolio in minutes. Find out how much a portfolio looks like and what its advantages are.
#Best forex trading platform #Trade forex online #Best social trading platform #Trading forex online
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Florida's Treasury portfolio full of managers supporting ESG, but only BlackRock targeted

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European assets portfolio diversification made easy with Eurex! Your passport to European Markets! Challenge Yourself & Change The Markets With #TheTradingPit! #future #forex #trading

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Quantitative Portfolio Management Books

Hey, I am a 22 y.o student who started career in finance 2 years ago. I went from trading to asset management and I am a bit lost but yesterday I bought this book and wow ! Learnt a lot about Modern Portfolio Theory. I have an upcoming internship in a bank (asset management division) where I will mainly be involved in building allocation strategy for a quant fund. I heard about momentum strategies etc, do you have any books to suggest so that I could learn more about Allocation strategies in portfolio management ? Thanks
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are there any portfolio managers here?

I'm trying to conduct a survey, and I wanted to ask some questions about your career. I'm sorry if this isn't exactly the subreddit for this, and if anyone can point me in a better direction, that would be great. i basically wanted to know what you think is the most important aspect of your job and why it still adds value in today's tech age (Robo-advisors etc).
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What's the normal benchmark used for portfolio managers for fixed income?

For global equities, the MSCI All country world index (ACWI) is used as a benchmark to gauge performance. What about for fixed income?
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Portfolio review! My older brother invested in these recently. i took his account (he was being careless not monitoring daily and not researching for the companies he invested…) I actually trade forex cfd’s so i don’t have much idea about stocks )

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Dilbert - Portfolio Manager

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Passive income How to make money online pension retirement plan financial freedom Forex investing real estate investment portfolio manager

Everyone has dreams and aspirations, but most of us don’t have the first idea about how to make them come true. Or at least we don’t think we do. For some reason we aren’t able to trust that the voice inside our head may actually know what it’s talking about.
The irony here is that most of us actually spend more time fantasizing about how to achieve our goals (and what it will feel like once we’ve succeed) than we do thinking about or doing anything else. BUT we rarely (if ever) take action to bring these thoughts and dreams into reality. So nothing ever changes, and then we wonder why we never feel fulfilled… What are we doing!?
Moral of the story: if you want to change your life, you have to do something about it. If you’re dreaming about investing in real estate, you’ve landed on the right webpage. Below is a collection of twenty real estate quotes that will (hopefully) inspire you to stop procrastinating, and get to work on your dreams.
Oh, and once you’re sufficiently inspired to actually buy an investment property, head over to our partner site [email protected] to learn how we can help you purchase single-family and multi-family rentals. We also offer group investment opportunities.
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[Landlord - General] What property management software to use for small portfolio (30 units)?

I have been using Cozy/ since I started investing in 2018. The system worked great but I feel as if I’m starting to lose track of certain maintenance requests and other minor things since we use multiple systems.
I have been looking at Buildium but it is a lot of money ($166/month) for a few extra features. I personally have 12 units and then have 21 additional units with a business partner and all are self managed and just got 3 more under contract for January. I did hire a VA who is starting with me the 19th of the month and solely responsible for managing my rentals but want to make sure they are set up to do well so I can keep buying more rentals.
I would like for the system I go with be able to do accounting functions, maintenance requests, send money to multiple different accounts seeing as I would like to have personal and business rentals in one system. It is likely I would only put my rentals on at first then add on the other 21 units after a few weeks of knowing it’s a good system.
If I could avoid paying a bookkeeper for my accounting work and have in the property management system that would ideal. I don’t think buildium can handle property values for depreciation that you put in quickbooks after buying but think it does everything else?
Thanks for all the help.
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Portfolio Management Simulation with data from 2018-2022 Jul. Rebalancing a 5050 BTC ETH Portfolio.

Portfolio Management Simulation with data from 2018-2022 Jul. Rebalancing a 5050 BTC ETH Portfolio.
I wrote a piece of software to simulate rebalancing a 50/50 BTC ETH portfolio. Rebalancing is a strategy to maintain a consistent risk level and helps in buying low and selling high. Simulation used price data from 2018-2022 Jul. This data comes from CoinGecko. Multiple parameters were tested, resulting in 56 possible combinations. All but one rebalance strategy tested outperformed holding by a significant amount. The one that didn't outperform holding had no rebalance events, and was therefore exactly the same as holding.
Different parameters was tested:
How frequently one checks the imbalance (rebalance frequency), and minimum average imbalance to trigger a rebalance event (rebalance threshold). This is then compared with holding.
Eg. I check monthly, if the imbalance is not high enough so I won't rebalance.
Frequencies tested ranged from 2 weeks to annually. "Annually" can be every January or every July, so both were tested.
Rebalance threshold is in percentage points, not percentage. So a 50/50 Bitcoin Ethereum portfolio would be on average 5% points imbalanced if it became 55/45 or 45/55.
Trade fees has been set to 0.25% per trade, slippage is negligible.
Google Dive with detailed data
My youtube video on this post
Investopedia on rebalancing
Morningstar Europe video on Rebalancing
TL;DR: Just read the subheadings, bold, and look at the graphs.

All but one rebalance strategy outperformed holding, even into 2022

Line graph: Portfolio Value
This graph shows the dollar value of the portfolio using the best, median, and worst strategies. Holding, and a Bitcoin only portfolio was also tested. $1000 initial investment.
Strategies written as rebalance frequency - rebalance threshold
Excess Return = Rebalance return - Holding return - Trade fees
Strategy Excess Return (% pts) Rebalances in 4.5 years
january-12.5, 15, 20% points 72 2
january-0 42 4
july-20 0 0

Median excess return for each parameter

Bar Chart: Median Excess Returns Per Rebalance Frequency
6weeks and January stand out for the frequencies, though 2weeks and monthly are not bad also.
Bar Chart: Median Excess Return Per Rebalance Thresholds
20% points stands out for the thresholds. Though others are not bad too.

Occurances of each parameter in the top 20% of strategies

Bar Chart: Rebalance Frequencies in Top 20% of Strategies
Top 20% of strategies confirms the previous graph for rebalance frequencies.
Bar Chart: Rebalance Thresholds in Top 20% of Strategies
Even in 2019, 20% points threshold stands out.

Funds can be off exchange until rebalance

High frequencies with high thresholds still result in few rebalance events. Though if you choose to leave funds on exchange, only leaving some of it is necessary, eg 20%.


This strategy requires high confidence in the coins. This would not have worked well with XRP, BCH, or LTC.
If I have more coins, I can treat BTC and ETH as one portfolio, and the others as another portfolio. BTC and ETH gets rebalanced into each other.
Trades per year ranged from 0 - 24.
Trade fees per year ranged from $0 - $49. Based on a $1000 initial investment.
Returns for different strategies was not significantly different during Q1 and Q2 2022.
Since we have the advantage of hindsight, absolute profit and coin selection may not be realistic. This is more about finding insight into managing a 50/50 BTC ETH portfolio.
Not financial advice.
Thanks for reading!

Appendix - Top 20% of Strategies, January omitted

January has been omitted because that's close to the peak of the market cycle, which is a big confounding factor. (6weeks is actually 1st of one month, the 15th of the next, then skip a month, and 1st for the fourth month, and so on).

Strategy Excess Return (%pts) Total Rebalances in 4.5 years
6week-20 71 2
6week-7.5 62 9
6week-2.5 61 24
6week-5 60 16
6week-0 60 36
6mo-20 57 2
monthly-12.5 53 6
2week-15 53 4
2week-20 52 2
6week-10 49 7
Edit: formatting, added video explaining rebalancing (not by me).
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I am a day trader who trades forex been doing it since I was 18 I’m 23 now looking for something more I’m doing well have 6 figure portfolio but I want a steady income. I’ve been looking into this am I wasting my time? I have no college education but I know a lot financially.

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SEC Charges Allianz Global Investors and Three Former Senior Portfolio Managers with Multibillion Dollar Securities Fraud

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There is somebody new in Charge of the Tom Clancy Games: "Red Storm Entertainment Appoints Elizabeth Loverso as Managing Director - Elizabeth Loverso shares her take on the evolution of the Tom Clancy brand, and the diversification of the studio’s portfolio"

See this article:
Some interesting quotes regarding her, the Tom Clancy Brand and Ghost Recon in particular (bold and italics are my edits):
  1. Regarding her expertise: >>Loverso has moved through the ranks as manager of Internal Development, director of Product Development, and vice president of Product Development. Through that time, she helped develop the original Rainbow Six, Ghost Recon and The Division games, and multiple other games from conception to distribution and release<< -> I don't know if they are talking about the "A Ubisoft Original"-Branding or about the OG games.
  2. Regarding Tom Clancy Games:
    1. >>“And what I think that you'll see going forward, in 2022 and beyond, is capitalizing on the techno-thriller, and multiplayer aspects within those games.”<< -> This sounds ok to me, as long as its not only-multiplayer.
    2. >>Loverso fundamentally understands that Tom Clancy is woven within Red Storm’s DNA. She believes that the brand’s focus on realism has evolved and will continue to evolve. “The biggest thing that Tom Clancy brought to the videogame world is this believability and realism in regards to technical details of special forces, tactics and military operations,” said Loverso. [...] Clancy games will keep up with new technology, new weapon systems and ideas, and will also continue to push into believable fiction, including within the multiplayer space. “That's what we're doing with Heartland too, taking that type of fiction into the realm of the survival genres. It’s taking survival into the Clancy-verse, more plausibility, and then deepdiving into the lore of what The Division can be.”<< _ -> here, the article is very unclear. She actually talks about believability, realism and technical details, but the article talks about "pushing into fiction" - which I think most of us don't like after the unsatisfying experience with the futuristic-techno-fictious Breakpoint. Most discussions about "where and when should the next GR take place?" on this subreddit seem to focus on contemporary, not futuristic settings. AGAING, I would like to emphasize that what SHE IS SAYING and WHAT THE ARTICLE SAYS are not the same thing, imo

While she is replacing someone who actually started the company with Tom Clancy himself, my first impression based on what she says is skeptical optimism.
I think this sub would probably heavily participate in an AMA with her or somebody even more directly involved with the next Ghost Recon @ u/JohnnyTest91, u/UbiFate, u/Ubi-Toon, u/Ubi-Blush As she just started in the new position but is not new to the projects, now would probably be a good time to do an AMA.

fyi: I don't work for Ubisoft. I do this because I care about the Tom Clancy Games, Films and his legacy. My only expertise on the matter are tens of hours of watched Tom Clancy Movies, hundreds of pages of Tom Clancy Novels read, hundreds of hours in Splinter Cell and even more in GR. I am really hoping Ms. Loverso has an accurate idea what the fans would like in the next Ghost Recon.
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TRADING binomo Di hp android Binomo/Profit Parlay #1  Strategi Parlay Binomo - YouTube RAHASIA PROFIT KONSISTEN SELAMANYA DI BINOMO !!! Professional Traders Position Management in Forex Trading - Hedging, portfolio and money management How to become a forex portfolio manager by trading with ... Mindset Trading di Binomo (Psikologi Trading) Binomo Real USD Live Trading with Candle Patter,Strong SNR Level and Trendline.২ দিন এ 200$+ Profit Binomo 100% Deposit Bonus  Free Study Material by me  Live Demo Trading by Tech Help In Hindi Binomo SMA Method Real Account OTC Market Binomo Hack Alert  A secret trick to earn through Binomo  Earning Money Online  Binomo in Tamil

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