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Blu Mar Ten Technimatic Remix -- Fall from grace [Drum n Bass/Dance] (2016)

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Sam & Marcos share their Top Ten Albums of 2016 on the highly anticipated Season One Finale of The State of the Scene Podcast! Stream it now to learn if bands like Dance Gavin Dance, Too Close To Touch, Pierce the Veil and more make their cut!

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[Reality TV] The rise and fall of To Catch a Predator, and how Chris Hansen scammed fans and completely ruined his reputation

(cw: grooming, suicide)

What is To Catch a Predator?

Doubtlessly if you've been on the internet anywhere from 2006 to about, well, now, you're at least aware of To Catch a Predator's existence on the surface. Most notably from the Chris Hansen meme of him telling people to "take a seat".
To Catch a Predator (or TCAP for short) was a recurring segment on the news show Dateline NBC. Originally titled Dangerous Web, the show was about the simple concept of setting up dates online for sex with men who thought they were illegally meeting a minor, when in reality these minors were adults posing as children in 2000s chatrooms on places like AOL and Yahoo. These volunteers were part of the watchdog group "Perverted Justice" (and the sketchy story of that vigilante group, their origins, their forums, and their eventual collapse is a whole other topic I can't get into here) that NBC paid as consultants to do the online decoy work and collect evidence.
The men chatting with the decoys would arrive at the sting house after confirming their intent to have sex only to be met by Dateline correspondent Chris Hansen who would conduct a brief interview questioning them on their illegal actions and motives before revealing the operation to be a hidden camera sting—usually causing the suspected predator to flee immediately.
The first two investigations were done without law enforcement and so the men would simply leave the house afterwards, though Perverted Justice would give the evidence they collected to law enforcement after the investigation leading to the prosecution of some of these men, most notably Rabbi David Kaye who has been in and out of prison ever since. The third investigation in Riverside, California was the first one to feature a parallel investigation with law enforcement, leading to the arrest of an astounding fifty two men over three days on their way out of the sting house after their interaction with Chris Hansen.
To Catch a Predator proved to be a monumental hit for NBC, quickly becoming Dateline's most viewed recurring segment and leading to a spin-off show, Predator Raw, as well as countless reruns and marathons on MSNBC. Numerous opinion essays and thought pieces were written about this new cultural behemoth ranging from high praise to harsh criticism to everything in-between. TCAP was parodied in South Park, Arrested Development, and even in the opening segment of the 2006 Emmy's hosted by Conan O'Brien with a cameo by Chris Hansen himself.
Some media critics and journalists criticized TCAP for being so sensationalized and being more entertainment than news. Charlie Brooker, creator of the television show Black Mirror, wrote a scathing article attacking TCAP for alleged entrapment and the questionable nature of airing these men on national television when they haven't been convicted of a crime at the time. Charges were dropped against some men in the Fort Myers sting after Perverted Justice refused to hand over a copy of their hard drive when a judge ordered them to, claiming that the hard drive crashed and was disposed of—leaving an open question to many about the reputation of the group. Still, the show was a cultural phenomenon and undeniably captivating television.

The Downfall and Cancellation of TCAP

Things started to really unravel for Dateline during a sting in Murphy, Texas. First, there was heavy pushback from the local community when they learned the sting was in the town including an old man saying "Don't mess with Murphy!" at a town hall which became a meme in the TCAP fandom.
Second, and most importantly, was the issue of Louis Condrat. Louis Condrat was the assistant DA of the neighboring Kaufman County at the time of the Murphy sting, and he surfaced chatting with a Perverted Justice decoy posing as a 13 year old. Condrat allegedly claimed to be a 19 year old teenager during these conversations, engaged in sexually explicit chat, and sent the decoy naked pictures found online portraying them as though they were of himself. Perverted Justice claimed that Condrat was deleting his social media accounts like MySpace leading them to believe he was trying to cover his tracks and had become aware of Dateline being in the area, prompting law enforcement to go to his home to arrest him before he could destroy evidence or flee, with Chris Hansen and a camera crew right behind them to film the whole thing.
Here is where things get murky. Dateline alleges that they didn't want to capture the arrest at his home, with Chris Hansen claiming that it would be "more compelling television" if they had arrested him at his office instead of his house. The warrants for Condrat's arrest and for the search of his home were signed at 2 P.M., but neighbors say Dateline and police were loitering in the area hours before since the early morning, seemingly waiting for the warrants to be signed. Also, Chris originally lied and said Perverted Justice wasn't with Dateline and himself when they went to Condrat's house, but relented and said they might have been when an interviewer proved at least one member was.
Realizing he was home, a SWAT team entered Condrat's home with a Dateline camera crew not too far behind. Officers were met by Condrat himself holding a handgun in a hallway in the house. He told the officers he wasn't going to hurt anyone and then shot himself in the head. He was pronounced dead from his self inflicted gunshot wound shortly after.
This suicide became national news, and a flurry of criticism was thrown at Dateline and Chris Hansen. All of the men caught in the Murphy sting had their charges dropped. Suddenly TCAP's close association with law enforcement and their proclivity to create news was getting more and more negative attention. Advertisers began to withdraw their ads during TCAP segments and higher ups at NBC began voicing their displeasure at the ballooning budgets of these investigations and explicit nature of the program. Condrat's sister sued NBC for $105 million claiming their actions were journalistically unethical and led to her brother's suicide. The lawsuit was eventually settled out of court.
TCAP as a segment only lasted a couple more investigations after the Murphy sting before coming to an end. While the popular assumption is that Condrat's suicide and his sister's lawsuit is what led to the cancellation, Chris Hansen claims that NBC was already planning on ending new investigations before the Murphy catastrophe because TCAP had become the most expensive Dateline segment by far, and that NBC was sitting on so much extra footage of unaired material that they could cut it into Predator Raw episodes and rerun those for big ratings on the cheap.

What happened after TCAP?

Chris Hansen remained a correspondent on Dateline and tried replicating the TCAP magic with segments like To Catch an ID Thief, To Catch an i-Jacker (a really lame sting about people stealing blocky 2000s iPods left out in the open), and To Catch a Con Man. None of these captured the ratings or attention of the original, however, and after GE sold NBC reruns of TCAP and Predator Raw on MSNBC started to cease as upper management began to change.
Chris Hansen was caught having an affair with a young news anchor at an NBC affiliate which did not help endear him with his new bosses, who chose not to renew his contract in 2013 after he had spent 20 years with the network.
Hansen bounced around for a couple years, doing a few projects here and there, and then in 2015 he had a big announcement…

Hansen vs. Predator

A Kickstarter suddenly dropped for a new television program called Hansen vs. Predator. This program would follow the typical TCAP formula of men coming over to a sting house thinking they were going to meet a minor for sex only to be met by Chris Hansen and then arrested by law enforcement right afterwards. This time around a new watchdog group would play the online decoys as Perverted Justice had dissolved years earlier (and trust me, I really could do a whole other write-up just on them).
The Kickstarter was aiming for a $400,000 goal, but after months of fundraising the campaign lowered the goal to $75,000, eventually reaching $89,000. The Kickstarter promised mugs, T-shirts, and other assorted merch to backers.
The sting was filmed in Fairfax County, Connecticut, leading to the arrest of ten men. Afterwards, with the footage of the sting supposedly on the way, Hansen became the host of Crime Watch Daily, a syndicated true crime show. Crime Watch Daily picked up the Hansen vs. Predator sting for their show and it quickly became their most popular segment with the Jeff Sokol interview racking up over 55,000,000 views on YouTube and randomly going viral on TikTok seemingly once every couple months.
How Chris Hansen Scammed Fans
The unedited footage of these interviews and arrests was apparently still on the way to Kickstarter backers, but that just like the promised merch was nowhere in sight. Soon, backers began flooding the comments of the Kickstarter page demanding to know where their money was going. Hansen promised backers would receive their awards by December of 2015 but no one had gotten anything by August of 2016.
"You deal with kickstarter to help these people out.. to get screwed over by someone you’ve seen on tv.. kind of hurts,” said one backer.
“We got scammed! We really need to get a hold of some news outlets to set up a sting on Chris Hansen. when he shows up, we can instruct him to have a seat and pull all of the updates they promised us and grill the shit out of them. It really is sad that they screwed us over so badly.” says another.
Eventually, backers began receiving their rewards, albeit a long time after being promised them. One backer said he had his mug arrive two and a half years after it was supposed to have shipped. Some backers (including myself lol) never got their rewards at all.
What was most infuriating to fans during this protracted dance between backers and Hansen were his repeated assurances that rewards were right around the corner and that the footage of the sting was coming up soon. Many fans of his earlier work couldn't help but walk away feeling like they got scammed by someone they once looked up to, or at least enjoyed the work of a lot.
Chris Hansen's Arrest and Other Scams
In the summer of 2017, Hansen wrote a $13,000 check to a company making promotional items for him for Hansen vs. Predator. However, this check bounced. After months of back and forth, Chris wrote another check to this company in April of 2018 but this check also bounced. A felony warrant was then issued for his arrest in Connecticut for writing bad checks. Chris turned himself in and though the case was eventually dropped it still left many fans shaking their heads at the man who once wore a five digit Rolex on his wrist during his Dateline days.
There is a plethora of other shady stuff Chris has done in the years since. Including shilling for a scam "Escobar folding phone" being sold by literally Pablo Escobar's brother.
YouTuber Theo Vonn flew Chris out to Las Vegas to appear on his show and while there Chris allegedly racked up a huge hotel and spa bill expecting Theo to pay for it and argued with his team about it. Chris was evicted from his Manhattan apartment after not paying rent and his Connecticut home was foreclosed on by the bank. Not to mention his exorbitant credit card debt. Needless to say, it's apparent Chris has a bad handle on his financial situation.
Chris launched a website for his Hansen vs. Predator series and promised new high quality investigations for a subscription of $90 a year. After one video however the site fell dormant despite Chris promising new videos for months afterwards, and instead started a new series on his YouTube channel that was universally panned for the low production quality and that the men caught were arrested before the interview with Chris, leading to rather boring and uninteresting videos.
Bizarrely, Chris Hansen also started "investigating" YouTuber and alleged groomer Onision for his inappropriate relationships with underaged fans. Investigating in quotes because many felt Hansen had unfairly jumped onto the story after others had done all the work, and Hansen just joined in to take the story and sell it as a documentary to Discovery+. This culminated in an almost comedic video where Chris arrives at Onision's house with a camera crew just for Onision to call 911. Just to emphasize how bizarre this is Onision withdrew a lawsuit against Chris Hansen after he accidentally served a totally different man named Chris Hansen the papers.
There's more that can be added to this section, honestly. It's kind of overwhelming the amount of suspect behavior Chris has engaged in since being let go by NBC, but you get the point.
Where Are Chris and the Predator Investigations Now?
Chris appeared briefly on The Boys season two, which, good for him for getting that bag in a respectable way, I guess.
In 2020 he started a podcast titled "Predators I Caught". Each week he takes a different man caught in one of the stings he's been a part of and does a reading of their chatlog, an overview of his confrontation with them, and what they've been up to since the sting. Formulaic to a fault, it's still somewhat interesting to hardcore fans to hear Chris read chatlogs uncensored for once, and occasionally but rarely he divulges some actual new and interesting information.
Just recently on Thanksgiving Day his new series titled Takedown with Chris Hansen started airing on the true crime streaming service he's a part of: TruBlu. Despite many in the fandom wondering if this was a scam originally, TruBlu is a real service and the new show is also real. This series follows the more traditional TCAP and Hansen vs. Predator format of Chris confronting a suspected predator before arrest, though most of the men immediately try to leave. Probably because the sting house is an empty double-wide trailer with a visible GoPro camera mounted on the fridge that Chris has to pick up off the floor and put back on top at one point. A long, long departure from the TCAP days of renting out massive multi-million dollar mansions with dozens of expensive hidden cameras.
Chris also just this Monday announced upcoming live shows in Las Vegas where he promises to record a podcast with the audience, show some never before seen footage, do a Q&A, and have some meet and greets. Some in the fandom speculating this is a test for a national tour. Maybe expect PredatorCon to come to a city near you, complete with people cosplaying as their favorite registered sex offender from the shows.
Despite all the controversy, fans of TCAP and HVP are some of the most weirdly devoted fans out there, capable of quoting countless lines to each other ad infinitum and noticing every little detail from so many repeated watchings. And for some reason to us fans it never gets old.
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In 1995 Jodi Huisentruit disappeared on her way to work. After discovering a scene in her apartment parking lot that insinuated a massive struggle, police knew something awful had happened. 27 years later, there still has still never been a suspect named in the case. What happened to Jodi?

Hi everyone, new redditor, journalist, and true crime fan here! For my first post, I wanted to share with you the research I've been doing on a very famous cold case from my home state of Iowa. I've been following this case since I first learned about it three years ago, and I still hope that justice can be served for Jodi and her family will one day have some closure.
While this case did happen in small town Iowa, it made national headlines back in the 90’s as it first began to unfold, and it continues to be one of Iowa’s biggest unsolved mysteries. Chances are if you ask someone who lives in Iowa, they know all about the Jodi Huisentruit case, and many have their own theories as to what happened to her. There’s been over 1,000 police interviews conducted and thousands of leads investigated since Jodi disappeared in 1995. Throughout the nearly three decades since Jodi’s disappearance, new leads and suspects have popped up and been investigated, but there’s never been a conclusion to this case, and it remains cold. I’m going to take you through what we know today, 27 years after Jodi went missing, and discuss the most prevalent possible leads, theories, and suspects that have been on the police’s radar.
About Jodi Huisentruit:
Jodi was born the youngest daughter of Maurice Huisentruit and Imogene "Jane" Huisentruit in 1968, growing up in up in Long Prairie, Minnesota. She was a talented golfer in high school, and won two state championships with her team back to back in 1985 and 1986. Upon graduating high school in 1986, she attended St. Cloud State University and studied mass communication and speech communication, where she graduated with her bachelor’s degree in 1990.
Now, while Jodi was well known before her disappearance as a broadcast journalist in Mason City, Iowa, her first job upon graduation actually wasn’t in the journalism field at all. She took a job with Northwest Airlines, which was headquartered in Eagan, Minnesota. She later left that job to begin her broadcasting career with KGAN in Cedar Rapids, Iowa as the station's Iowa City bureau chief. She then decided to return to Minnesota for a job at KSAX in Alexandria before returning to Iowa once again for her position as a morning news anchor at KIMT in Mason City. It was here that Jodi disappeared.
The Case:
On Tuesday, June 27, 1995, around 4:10am in the morning, Amy Kuns, a KIMT News Station Producer in Mason City, Iowa, realized that her morning show anchor Jodi Huisentruit had not shown up to report as scheduled before her telecast. Jodi had been late a few times before, but always made it in time for the 6am newscast. Kuns called Jodi’s apartment to see what was up, and much to her relief, Jodi answered the phone, awakened by the call, explaining that she had overslept and was leaving for the station momentarily. Relieved, Amy hung up the phone and reassured Jodi to make it in soon. But by 6 am, Jodi had still not arrived at the station, and Amy had to fill in for her on the morning show. By 7 am, when Jodi still hadn’t arrived and Jodi could not be reached, the KIMT staff called the police.
After explaining that Amy Kuns had, in fact, spoken to Jodi that morning, the police’s first stop was to Jodi’s apartment. Upon arrival, they could immediately tell something was off. They found her car still in the parking lot, and a scene next to it that insinuated a struggle had taken place. Many of Jodi’s personal items were found scattered across the area, including a pair of women’s dress shoes that had belonged to Jodi, a hair dryer, a can of hairspray, and earrings. Police found her car key as well, which had been bent. They were also able to recover an unidentified partial palm print from her car and a single unidentified hair at the scene. These findings suggested foul play, escalating the original wellness check into a missing persons investigation.
Now can I just say, I’m SO glad this investigation began right when there was evidence that Jodi didn’t leave on her own. So many times in these types of situations we see police delaying opening a missing person’s case, saying someone needs to be missing for a certain length of time before they can begin investigating, citing that if someone is over 18, they can leave on their own. Often, family or friends attempting to report someone missing are turned away for these reasons, which can be incredibly frustrating when all they want to do is locate their loved one. And with the first 24 hours being the most crucial in a missing persons case, this also wastes valuable time. But here, the police immediately open this as a missing persons case despite Jodi only being unreachable for a few hours, which is incredibly helpful to this investigation, so good on Mason City PD for doing this and not turning away Jodi’s coworkers when they called.
Police then had a look in Jodi’s apartment, where everything seemed normal. The only thing out of place was that the toilet seat was up, which led police to wonder if she had had a male visitor. But no other evidence was found that anyone had been with Jodi that morning, and other than that, the apartment bore no signs of foul play like the scene outside. Amy Kuns also stated that during her morning call to Jodi had actually woken Jodi up, and that everything seemed normal during their brief conversation. This pointed police to focus on the area around the car, assuming that whatever happened did not occur until Jodi left her apartment.
So, after securing the scene around Jodi’s car and looking at her apartment, police interview some of her neighbors in the apartment complex. This leads them to a few witnesses that heard a scream coming from the parking lot of the building around the time Jodi would have been leaving for work that morning, though no one called police. Another witness stated that when he drove by the parking lot around 3:50 am that morning, he saw a white van parked in Jodi’s parking lot with the headlights off and couldn’t tell if the engine was running. This witness was able to identify the van as a Ford Econoline, but did not get a plate number.
A neighbor who lived across the street from Jodi’s complex also came forward and said she saw a light colored van parked outside the building’s entrance, between 4 and 4:30 that morning, shortly after the man driving by saw it in the parking lot. She said the sound of a slamming car door had woken her up, and that’s when she looked out the window to see the van. She said as she fell back asleep, she heard another door slam, and when she awoke again two hours later, the van was gone. She thinks the slamming sounds that woke her up may have been the rear doors of the van’s hatch being closed.
Now just for clarity’s sake, I want to point out that the specific model the first witness identified the van being is what you’d typically consider a work van. You know, the big white ones that maintenance workers, plumbers, contractors, and people in similar lines of work often drive. It’s not a minivan, and remember that because it will be important later.
Circling back to our van witnesses, I want to make a point to say both of them saw the building every day. The woman lived across the street with her windows facing the building, and the man actually commuted past it at the same time every morning. Each of them made a point to say they had never seen a van like that parked anywhere near the building before. This prompted police to begin a search for similar vans in the area.
After additional interviews, another witness came forward and said around 4:30am the morning prior to Jodi’s disappearance, she had seen a young Black man riding his bike outside Jodi’s apartment while jogging, which she thought was strange for the time of morning. He then began to ride his bike beside her as she jogged away from the building, which she found unsettling. Then, the next morning around 4:30am, she was nearly hit by a car while jogging again in the same spot. The car’s headlights were off, and it would have hit her had she not jumped back onto the sidewalk. This witness jogged the same route past Jodi’s building at the same time nearly every day, and made it a point to mention both of these events as odd.
The day after Jodi’s disappearance, the FBI and the Iowa Department of Criminal Investigations joined the investigation. A statement was released saying officials suspect foul play, but that nothing concrete has been found and no one has been named as a suspect, despite over 100 interviews being conducted.
So let’s quickly review this first 24 hours before we move forward, because we’ve got a lot going on, yet we’ve also got authorities saying they’ve got no concrete leads or suspects. So first is the scene around in Jodi’s parking lot where her things were strewn about, plus the palm print that was found on her car. Then we’ve also got the witness who said she heard screaming coming from the parking lot around the time Jodi would have been leaving for work. We have the two witnesses who saw the van in the parking lot, the first at 3:50am who identified it as one of those big white work vans, and the second between 4 and 4:30am who heard the doors opening and closing. Then, finally we’ve got the jogger who was followed by the young Black man on his bike the morning before Jodi went missing, and then was almost hit by the car the next morning.
So, in an effort to piece together more of Jodi’s life in the days leading up to her disappearance, police begin retracing Jodi’s steps. On June 23, 1995, four days before she went missing, Jodi and a group of friends visited Iowa City. Jodi’s friend John Vancise was the driver for the trip. On June 25th, the group returned to Mason City. Neighbors reported hearing a man enter the apartment complex that afternoon around 4pm, who repeatedly pounded on Jodi’s door, saying “I know you’re in there” and “come out”. But neighbors said Jodi had just recently bought herself a new car though, and this car wasn’t in the parking lot, so it’s concluded that Jodi wasn’t home at this time and the man must not have known she had a new car. No one was able to identify him.
The day before her disappearance, June 26th, Jodi had played in a golf tournament. Afterwards, she went to John Vancise’s home, the same one who drove the group that visited Iowa City, around 8pm to view a video tape of the birthday celebration Vancise had planned for her earlier that month. It’s reported by neighbors that Jodi was back home by 10 pm that night. With this string of events, Vancise was identified as the last person to see Jodi alive.
Now, because of this, Vancise was the next person police needed to question in the case. So let’s dive into this for a moment. Jodi met Vancise in October of 1994 because they lived in the same apartment building at the time. At the beginning of March in 1995, Vancise moved out of the complex and into a duplex he had purchased, the same one Jodi went to the night before she disappeared.. Around May or June of 1995, the exact timing is unclear here, Vancise began buying Jodi unsolicited gifts and even named a boat he had purchased after her. There was also an incident that took place at some point in February or March of 1995 where he had pushed apart Jodi and a man named Billy Pruin, who were dancing together at a bar. Vancise reportedly told Pruin “She’s my girl”.
Now I do feel like I have to mention this, despite no official connection to Jodi’s case ever being made. On April 4, 1995, Pruin was found shot to death in his home in Mason City. Officials originally ruled his death suicide, but the cause was changed to undetermined after finding new evidence to suggest a struggle had taken place. Pruin had also just bought himself a new $200,000 tractor that day, and had proposed to his girlfriend two days prior. The case went cold quickly, and Jodi was allegedly investigating the death when she went missing. As I just mentioned, authorities have never connected this case to Jodi’s, but I wanted to mention it because a lot of people suspect her looking into this case may have had something to do with her own case.
It was uncovered that in October 1994,, Jodi filed a police report stating that she was being followed by a white pickup truck. From what I could find, this truck was never identified. There is also an incident that occured in the weeks leading up to Jodi’s abduction was a report of an unidentified man on a bike following her while she was walking.
Shortly after Jodi went missing, a martial arts instructor came forward and said that Jodi had been a student in a self defense class. When asked the reason for taking the class, Jodi said she had an incident a few months prior that she was not comfortable with, but did not elaborate further. She also reportedly told friends she thought she might be being followed. Some speculate that these comments may stem from the pickup truck incident, the bike incident, or possibly another incident she never discussed with anyone.
With all this information, the police first decided to hone in on John Vancise as a person of interest.
So let’s do another quick pause again here and recap these events leading up to Jodi’s disappearance in chronological order. Because again, there’s a lot happening here. About a year before she went missing in 1994, Jodi filed a police report that she had been being followed by a white pickup truck. Jodi then meets John Vancise at their apartment complex in October 1994, 8 months before she goes missing. In March of 1995, Vancise moved out of this complex, but the two remain in contact. At some point around this time, Vancise shoved Billy Pruin away from Jodi at a bar and called her “his girl”. Billy is found dead on April 4. At some point around this time as well, Jodi was followed by both the unidentified black pickup and the unidentified man in separate instances. In May or June, Vancise begins buying Jodi unsolicited gifts and names his boat after her. On June 23rd, Jodi and a group of friends that included Vancise leave to visit Iowa City, returning on the 25th. On June 26th, Jodi plays in a golf tournament, then visits Vancise’s home to watch the tape of her birthday party, which he had planned for her. She’s home around 10pm. At 4am the morning of June 27th Amy Kuns speaks with Jodi on the phone, and sometime between that call and the police arriving at her apartment a bit after 7am, Jodi disappears.
So given this and Vancise’s own admission that he believed he was the last person to see her before she vanished, police interview Vancise like I mentioned at the top of the episode, as well as gather statements from those who had been around him in the days preceding and following Jodi’s disappearance. The morning Jodi went missing, Vancise’s friend LaDonna Woodford, who he frequently went on walks with in the morning, called John on his home landline around 6am, to which he answered. She showed up at his house a bit after this. When she knocked, Vancise told her to give him a minute, so she waited on his porch. The friend reported that he did not come out for around 20 minutes, and when they finally took their walk, he talked about Jodi the whole time.
Vancise then met with a friend for a standing breakfast meeting at Casey’s around 7am. Little sidebar here for my non-midwesterners, Casey’s is a gas station, but it also serves hot food like pizza, hot dogs, fried chicken, and the like. They’re famous for their breakfast pizza across the midwest, and speaking as an Iowan myself, this is not a strange place to meet up with friends for a cheap breakfast. I just wanted to throw that in there so y’all could understand, like, this isn't a weird thing to do, because I’ve mentioned Casey’s to my non-midwestern friends before and have definitely gotten the side eye.
So, anyway, the friend informed Vancise that Jodi wasn’t on the news that morning like usual, and said they should go check on her, to which Vancise replied “Jodi’s gone”. Vancise later says this comment referred to him also not seeing her on the morning newscast, but it came off as a bit eerie to his friend.
At 7:20am, Vancise phoned the KIMT station looking for Jodi, and when he was told she wasn’t there, he and two other men arrived at Jodi’s apartment complex while police were still on scene. Vancise told police there that she had been at his home the night prior to watch the video tape of her birthday party. After his statement, police had him bring the tape into the station and questioned him for the first time.
Since June 27th, Vancise has been questioned multiple times since Jodi’s case began, but has never been named an official suspect, I want to make that very clear. To this day he has only been called a person of interest.
He also drove a blue van at the time, which caused some people to speculate with that white van being one of the only leads in the case. People have gone down a rabbit hole on this because of those two van witnesses, but remember when I said we were going to put a pin in the exact description of the van seen in Jodi’s parking lot? This is why. Vancise had a blue minivan at the time, not a white work van like that first witness identified. So many people investigating this case have gotten up in arms about this and claim that Vancise owning a van is the nail in the coffin for him, but in reality, the van he owns doesn’t even come close to the witness’s description, and was also ruled out by police shortly after Jodi going missing.
So without more information, witnesses or evidence, Vancise was kept at person of interest status, and police had to turn to other avenues to try and find Jodi. In doing this, police turned their attention to Tony Jackson, a 21-year-old who lived two blocks from the KIMT station Jodi worked at.
Jackson is a serial rapist and has a history of violence against women, and is currently serving a life sentence in Minnesota for the rapes of three women. Many believe that his residence being so close to the station could have given him an opportunity to see and take interest in Jodi, and watch her to know her patterns, which police have said they believe the perpetrator or perpetrators did before Jodi disappeared.
It’s speculated that Jackson could have been the young Black man seen by the jogger outside Jodi’s apartment the morning before she went missing, as well as the man on the bike who followed Jodi in the weeks before her abduction. These two things have never been corroborated, though. Police did, however, name Jackson as another person of interest.
Jackson denies the claims that he had anything to do with Jodi’s case, saying he had never even seen her in person. But a former friend of Jackson’s says that Jackson did, in fact, know Jodi, and stated he watched him approach and talk to her at a bar where she was a regular. The friend claims that Jackson had specifically asked if they could go to that bar because he knew Jodi would be there.
While this story could never be confirmed by other witnesses, the friend said he had a gut feeling that Jackson is responsible for the crime due to the other offenses he committed later, and is now serving prison time for.
An unnamed man was also questioned as a person of interest shortly after Jodi disappeared, but was never named as a suspect. This man was arrested 5 months later for stalking a television anchorwoman in St. Louis Park, Minnesota. Investigators maintain that despite this arrest, he is not a suspect in Jodi’s case, and not much information is available about him.
A month after Jodi went missing, police had interviewed over 800 people, but there were still no official suspects named, and searches in Mason City and the surrounding area had not provided any promising leads.
In September 1995, two months after Jodi’s disappearance, the Huisentruit family hired two private investigators from Minneapolis, who then enlisted the help of another private investigator from Omaha, Nebraska. Together these three appeared on numerous television shows on behalf of the family, including America’s Most Wanted and Unsolved Mysteries. These appearances generated hundreds of leads, but none that ever brought investigators any closer to finding Jodi.
In November, four months after Jodi went missing, the Huisentruit family went to Los Angeles to appear on the pilot episode of a television show called Psychic Detectives. This show in itself seems a bit strange, but basically the premise is that family members or authorities would visit the show’s psychics and the psychics would provide information about the case using their abilities. On the show, the psychics told the family that Jodi’s abductor was someone who saw her on TV and became obsessed with her. Investigators have never found evidence to corroborate this theory.
By the six month mark in December, the reward for information leading to an arrest in Jodi’s case scaled to $34,000. KIMT staff continued to fill in for her on the morning news program and the station hadn’t hired anyone new to replace her, leaving her listed internally as “on leave”.
In May 1996, over 100 volunteer searchers swept a large area of northeast Cerro Gordo County looking for anything suspicious and flagging it for authorities. Unfortunately, though many places were flagged, no leads were generated from the search.
At this point, the case goes cold.
Jodi was declared legally dead in May 2001, despite her body never being found. She remains missing to this day. In 2005, as the ten-year anniversary of Jodi’s disappearance approached, there was another flood of coverage for the case in the media, and more leads generated, but still nothing that led to Jodi.
The case remained cold for years, until 2008 when an unlikely package caused it to heat up in a major way.
In June of 2008, the Mason City Globe Gazette received photocopies of Jodi’s 84-page personal journal in a large envelope with no return address. The only clue as to who it came from was a postmark from Waterloo, Iowa, a city an hour and a half away from Mason City. The journal had been in the possession of police since 1995 when the investigation began, so when the newspaper reported the package, investigators looked at it as a possible break in the case. Within days, though, police announced that the sender had come forward, and was identified as the wife of a former Mason City police chief, though not the same chief who oversaw Jodi’s case. Though unconfirmed, it’s believed that the woman made the photocopies when her husband had brought the journal home to analyze it. No motive was ever given as to why she sent the package.
Frank Stearns, who was police chief in Mason City at the time of Jodi’s disappearance, underwent scrutiny in 2011 when a former Mason City Officer claimed Stearns and two other officials had been involved in her disappearance and a subsequent cover-up. Stearns retired amid this scrutiny, and an investigation into him did not validate the claims by the former officer.
In December 2016, retiring legislator John Kooiker discussed his experience working with the case. At the time of Jodi’s disappearance he was a member of the Iowa State House Public Safety Committee. Kooiker went as far as suggesting a cover-up had taken place by Mason City Officials. He speculated this was the reason the case had never been solved. Currently, there is no evidence of a cover-up available to the public, but obviously if there was a cover-up, evidence of this would not be easy to find, if at all. Kooiker’s comments caused people to speculate even further about former police chief Stearns and his possible involvement in either the crime or a possible cover-up.
Then in May 2017, police served John Vancise, now married and living in Arizona, with a search warrant for GPS data from his two vehicles. Records from this search warrant are sealed. He was also required to provide finger and palm prints to police, and was subpoenaed to testify in front of a grand jury regarding the case. These records are also sealed.
On New Year’s Eve 2019, just 30 minutes before the clock struck midnight, two adults dressed in all black were seen defacing a billboard in Mason City with Jodi’s picture that read “Someone knows something… is it you?”. The vandals were seen by numerous passing cars during the act, and many other drivers saw their work after they were finished. Large spray-painted words under the original message on the billboard read “Frank Stearns machine shed”.
This prompted people to once again look into Stearns, who had already been investigated and cleared by police back in 2011 when those first allegations of his involvement surfaced, but nothing came of this inquisition either. The identity of the vandals, their motive, or the meaning of the message have never been uncovered.
As of today, Jodi has never been found, and the case is still being actively investigated 27 years later by the FBI, Iowa Division of Criminal Investigations, Mason City Police, and private investigators.
Just a little disclaimer before we jump in here, these theories I’m about to dive into are just that: theories. They are in no way true, or what actually happened to Jodi, they are just things that I think could’ve happened after reviewing all the materials I’ve come across and vigorously researching this case.
In my opinion, there are four scenarios that could’ve happened. I’m gonna break them down for you, starting with the most obvious: John Vancise.
So Vancise is always everyone’s favorite person to point the finger at in this case because of his questionable relationship with Jodi - see the unsolicited gifts, naming his boat after her, the incident with Billy Pruins, etc. - as well as the couple cryptic comments he made the day Jodi went missing. So option #1 is that Vancise decided that if Jodi wasn’t going to be with him, she couldn’t be with anyone, and abducted and killed her in some sort of crime of passion.
This does seem very plausible looking at all the facts in this case, however, I just don’t know if I can say 100% that I think he’s the guy for a couple reasons.
One, Vancise has always denied having a romantic relationship with Jodi. Obviously, he could be lying, and Jodi isn’t here to give her side of the story, but Vancise has maintained that he and Jodi were never romantically involved since the beginning. What it seems like to me is that Vancise may have had interest in Jodi, but maybe Jodi did not reciprocate this. However, it seems as though they remained friends considering he threw her birthday party for her earlier that June, and that she went to Iowa City with him and other friends and spent all weekend on his boat. She even wrote in her journal after the trip about how much fun she had had with the group.
To me, if Vancise was crazed enough about Jodi to abduct and kill her in a fit of passion, I don’t think he would have been able to hide it well enough that Jodi would still feel comfortable enough with him to go on a weekend getaway with him present or have him at her birthday party. Now I know, of course, that there are killers out there who would absolutely be able to hide their evil and pull something like this off, but who’s to say Vancise is that cunning?
Also, though Vancise has been wary of the media, he has always been cooperative with police. From the morning he walked onto the crime scene and voluntarily told police he was probably the last person to see Jodi, he has always tried to help the investigation. He had prints and DNA taken like I mentioned earlier too, which were surely compared to the partial palm print found at the scene, and even went before a grand jury regarding the case. Even though the records from that grand jury are sealed, I have to believe that if the print was a match, Vancise would’ve been indicted.
I don’t know, maybe it’s just me not wanting it to be the most obvious scenario, but I just haven’t been convinced by what I’ve seen that Vancise is guilty here.
So going off of that, scenario #2 is Tony Jackson was the perpetrator. If this is the case, the motive was probably sexual, seeing as Jackson is now a convicted serial rapist. Though Jackson has always denied any involvement, and the police ruled him out back in 1995, I can’t help but come back to the bike incident where Jodi was followed, as well as the woman who was followed by the biker from Jodi’s parking lot the morning before Jodi disappeared.
Jackson matched the description of the biker in both those situations, however he was never officially identified as being the biker. I’m not sure why they didn’t do a photo lineup or something with the witness from the morning before Jodi went missing in an attempt to identify Jackson, but I guess we’ll never know. If there was a way to positively ID him as being there the morning before, maybe that would’ve changed the police's focus.
I also go back to Jackson’s friend who stated that he had asked to go to the bar where Jodi was a regular and talked to her there. Obviously that story was never corroborated by anyone else, but it raises some questions. In my mind at this point, Jackson is as much a possibility as Vancise is for being the perpetrator.
Scenario #3 is one I haven’t talked about yet, but think could be equally likely - a crazed fan. Back in 1995, Jodi’s address and phone number were public knowledge thanks to phone books. And being a local celebrity, as many local news personalities across the country are, Jodi could have been the victim of a fan turned stalker who wanted to get even closer.
Police have been adamant that this theory was probably not the cause of Jodi's disappearance, citing that to pull this off, the perpetrator probably watched her to learn her patterns before grabbing her. But that morning, Jodi was running late - this wasn’t her normal pattern and it wasn’t when she usually left for work. Additionally, she said to multiple friends and her self-defense teacher that she felt like she had been followed, and there was the white pickup truck incident which we have a police report on. Because of these things, I still think a stalker can’t be ruled out.
My final scenario is a crime of opportunity. Police have pretty much ruled this out for the same reasons they’ve ruled out a stalker, but again, I just don’t think we can truly say it for sure wasn’t some random person just looking for an opportunity to abduct someone that morning. This person could have absolutely no connection to Jodi, which could contribute to the fact that this case has never been solved. We’ve seen it with serial killers before, who intentionally choose victims randomly who have no connection to the killer themselves in an effort to conceal their crimes and get away with it for longer. Israel Keyes is a prime example of this type of killer. And while I’m not saying Keyes abducted or killed Jodi, I’m saying it could have been someone acting similarly to him in the way that he would travel and kill at random. Do I think this is the most likely scenario? No. But I don’t think it’s impossible.
This case has so many twists and turns and I tried my best to do it justice. It’s still ongoing, and with the advances in technology and DNA science I truly believe that one day we will find Jodi. June 27th, 2022 marked 27 years without any answers to Jodi’s whereabouts, and she has now officially been missing as long as she’s been alive. If you believe you have any information that would be helpful in locating Jodi, or information that could lead to uncovering who is connected to her disappearance, you can call Crime Stoppers of Central Iowa at 515-223-1400 or 800-452-1111. Tips can be anonymous.
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Team Preview: Portugal [2022 World Cup 29/32]

Welcome back to the Preview Series! Today we are seeing the beginning of the end with a neutral's favourite, the República Portuguesa with u/PumpedUpMatic! enjoy and knowing Portuguese users also insult each other!


Nicknames: A Seleção das Quinas (Selection of the Quinas), Os Navegadores (The Navigators).
Association: Portuguese Football Federation
Confederation: UEFA
Appearances: 8 (1966, 1986, 2002, 2006, 2010, 2014, 2018, 2022)
Best Finish: 3rd place, 1966
Most caps: Cristiano Ronaldo (191)*
Most goals: Cristiano Ronaldo (117)
FIFA rankings: 9
Honours: UEFA European Championship (2016), UEFA Nations League (2019)
*Since Portugal are hosting a friendly against Nigeria on the 17th of October, Ronaldo will have 192 caps if he plays (and he will). So, if you are reading this after the 17th, some of the information about some players’ caps in this preview may be outdated, and PumpedUpMatic is not responsible for information that is wrong.

The Country

Portugal, officially the Portuguese Republic, is one of the world’s oldest countries, having been recognized by the Spanish Kingdom as a country in 1143 and officially recognized by the Catholic Church in 1179. With the implation of the Portuguese Repulic in 1974, we are one of the youngest democracies in Europe nowadays.


The first game ever played by the National Team goes back to 1921, in which Portugal lost 3-0 against fellow Iberians, Spain. Since that day until the end of the 20th century, Portugal only competed twice in a World Cup: 1966 and 1986.
In 1966, in our first ever performance at a World Cup we managed to finish 3rd, thanks to an outstanding tournament by Eusébio, who scored 9 goals in only 5 games! Eusébio produced one of the best individual performances in a European Championship against North Korea in the Quarter Finals, where the Benfica legend scored 4 goals to win us the game after Portugal were down 0-3 in the 25th minute. Unfortunately, we were knocked by the hosts and future winners, England, in some very controversial pre-game circumstances.
In our second participation, in 1986, we did not even go past the group stages and even finished last in a group with Morocco, Poland and England.
Luckily, since the 2002 edition, we have qualified for every World Cup, with our best every participation being a 4th place finish in 2006.
In the UEFA Euros, our first participation was in 1984, 20 years after the competition was created, where we ended up in 3rd place. And since then, we’ve qualified every time, and we even got to host the tournament in 2004!... where we lost the final on home soil against Greece. Fortunately, we did redeem ourselves 12 years later, as he went on to win the Euros in France! It was arguably the best day in Portugal’s footballing history.
Since then, we’ve collected another trophy, in the inauguration Nations League competition in 2019 (and we even managed to win it at home, in the city of Porto). Yet, we’ve been disappointing in the other competitions, namely the 2018 World Cup and the 2020 (2021) Euros.
However, despite this seemingly lack of success, Portugal and Portuguese football has been getting more and more exposure over the last 20 years, due to brilliant players (Cristiano Ronaldo, Deco, Pepe, Luís Figo), managers (José Mourinho mostly) and the so called Big 3 (SL Benfica, FC Porto and Sporting Clube de Portugal), whose fierce rivalries, title fights between the 3 and incredible European campaigns in the current century (most recent with Porto’s 2 UEFA Cup / UEFA Europa League wins in 2003 and 2011, alongside their UEFA Champions League win in 2004) have gotten Portuguese football some international traction. More recently, Primeira Liga (known as Liga Portugal Bwin for sponsorship reasons) has been responsible for producing exciting young players that now play for the biggest and best European teams.

Group B

  • Portugal
  • Ghana
  • Uruguay
  • Korea Republic

Fixtures list

  • Portugal v Ghana, November 24th (Thursday), 16:00 CET / 19:00 GMT +3
  • Portugal v Uruguay, November 28th (Monday), 19:00 CET / 22:00 GMT +3
  • Korea Republic v Portugal, December 2nd (Friday), 15:00 CET / 18 GMT +3

Manager and Official Squad:


Fernando Santos is actually a perfect example to show how our federation handles manager. After a catastrophic 2014 World Cup (where we finished 3rd in a group with Germany, United States of America and Ghana), the Federation still didn’t sack former manager Paulo Bento, who had a contract until the end of the 2016 Euros. However, after a defeat against Albania in September 2014 (in a home game, nonetheless) in the 2016 Euros Qualifying phase, Paulo Bento was replaced by Fernando Santos.
Since then, he managed to top the group, and led us to our first ever trophy in the 2016 Euros with 3 wins in 7 games (and only 1 win in the 90 minutes). Back then, many of us didn’t care about this because, well, we had just been crowned champions of Europe. He also led us to the UEFA Nations League win in 2019.
However, since the tournament, Fernando’s tactics have been heavily criticised by the Portuguese. The biggest source of criticism comes from he always trying to play for the draw and settling for a 1 goal advantage against weaker nations when, with the talent we have, we could score so many more goals. Another factor is that we, arguably, have a Golden Generation, with some of the best players in the world in their respective positions, yet they don’t perform as well for the National Team.
The biggest examples of this happened in the spawn of 12 months. In 2021, in a crucial World Cup qualifying group stage game against Serbia at home (where we needed a draw would have been enough in order to qualify as group winners), we started the game great, with a goal in the 2nd minute. Yet, instead of trying to push and score more, we sat back, and eventually conceded the equalizer in the 33rd minute. As every single Portuguese predicted, we ended up losing the game in the 90th minute, and therefore lost the 1st place in the group and the direct qualification to the World Cup. We did manage to qualify by defeating Turkey (3-1) and North Macedonia (2-0) in the play-offs. It didn’t happen, but it would have made him the first Portuguese manager to miss the World Cup in 20 years.
The second example was in the recent Nations League. In our last group stage game against Spain, a draw would have been enough to qualify for the final 4 and to win the trophy. You already see where this is going: we ended up conceding in the 88th minute to Spain and were knocked out, once again.
Personally, I’m appreciate what Fernando Santos has done, as he won us our first ever trophies. Yet, as they say, “You either die a hero or live long enough to see yourself to become the villain.” Fernando should have left the National Team in 2020 Euros disappointment, yet he still has contract until the 2024, so I don’t see him going anywhere until then.


  • Diogo Costa (FC Porto)- The best goalkeeper in the Portuguese League and the best Portuguese goalkeeper currently, Diogo Costa is on a rise and doesn’t seem like stopping. Recently, he became the first ever goalkeeper to save 3 consecutive penalties in the UEFA Champions League, and the World Cup will be his first of many hopefully, as Portugal have in him a goalkeeper for the next 12 years. An excellent shotstopper and great with his distribution, Diogo Costa will be a one to watch in this World Cup. He surely has his spot guaranteed as the starting goalkeeper. (7 Caps)
  • Rui Patrício (AS Roma)- One of the heroes of the 2016 Euro final, Rui Patrício was Portugal’s main goalkeeper since 2010 until 2021, accumulating 105 games. Now with Mourinho’s AS Roma, despite still being a good shot stopper, his distribution is not fit for the modern game, and with Diogo Costa’s ascension, he was relegated to the bench as our second goalkeeper. It will likely be his last World Cup. (105 Caps/ UEFA Euros 2016 and Nations League 2019 winner)
  • José Sá (Wolverhampton FC)- The third option for the goalkeeper position, José Sá was one of the best goalkeepers at Wolverhampton last season, and deservingly got a call up. However, he is likely to not get any gametime. He is yet to make his debut for the National Team, despite his first call up having been in 2017. He was also in the squad for the Nations League win in 2019. (0 Caps/ Nations League winner 2019)


  • João Cancelo (Manchester City)- One of the best fullbacks in the last years, Cancelo has proven that he excels in both right and left side. However, despite being one of Manchester City and Premier League’s best players, would you believe me if I told you that he has 0 games in a World Cup or the Euros? In the 2018 World Cup, he wasn’t called up, and while in the squad for the 2021 Euros, he got Covid and instead of waiting for him to recover, Fernando Santos called Diogo Dalot in his place instead. At the age 28, it will be his first major tournament for Portugal, and he is set to play since he’ll be the right back. He has shown good promise while being paired up with Otávio in the right flank, and one can hope he plays as well for Portugal as he does for City. (37 Caps / 1 Goal / Nations League winner 2019)
  • Diogo Dalot (Manchester United)- After being bought by José Mourinho in 2018 for Manchester United, Dalot has been struggling for 4 years to be the starting right back for Manchester United. However, with the arrival of Erik Ten Hag, his fortunes have changed, and Diogo’s improvement has been noticeable, with the defender being praised by Manchester United fans, being one of the most improved this year at Manchester United and by making the right back spot his, has he is yet to miss a game this season for Manchester United. He won’t play much at the World Cup as, in theory, the spot is Cancelo’s, but Portugal have a good back up in him. (6 caps / 2 goals)
  • Pepe (FC Porto)- The best Portuguese centre back of his generation, at the age of 39, Pepe will be playing in his last World Cup. Many focus on Ronaldo’s last chance to win the World Cup (a point that will be discussed below) but forget that it will be Pepe’s last chance to win an international trophy. One of the heroes of the 2016 Euros tournament, Pepe is one of the most experienced players in the squad and has been aging like wine, still being a quality and key player for Porto’s recent domestic success. However, as he is approaching the age of 40, he’s unfortunately losing some of his abilities, and it would be great to send him off with the trophy. (128 caps / 7 goals / UEFA Euros winner 2016 and Nations League winner in 2016)
  • Rúben Dias (Manchester City)- The Lisbon born centre back had an impressive start to his Manchester City career: he completely improved City’s defense, and with this, he was named the best player in first season in the Premier League, while lifting the trophy. Since then, he’s been a key player to Pep, and was even named captain. A great leader and a great defender, Rúben Dias will be Pepe’s partner for this World Cup, and despite having been called up for the 2018 World Cup, he didn’t play a game. Therefore, one can hope that he can have the same impact as he had for City. (39 caps / 2 goals / Nations League winner 2019)
  • Danilo Pereira (Paris Saint Germain)- Danilo was a controversial call up all the way until 2021, when it became clear that Fernando Santos called him as a centre back. And Danilo has been good in that spot, being a partner to both Pepe and Rúben. A solid back up option, Danilo consistently delivers good performances for the National Team, and his call up is no surprise since Fernando Santos has trusted him since 2015, when he gave Danilo his debut. (63 caps / 2 goals / UEFA Euros winner 2016 and Nations League winner 2019)
  • António Silva (SL Benfica)- If you had asked any Portuguese in the beginning of August which centerbacks would they have taken to the World Cup, none would have said António Silva’s name. One of Benfica’s latest academy products, António Silva is a young centerback who has risen through the ranks this year. Initially the third choice for Benfica (and he would have been the fifth if Lucas Veríssimo and João Victor had been fit at the beginning of the season), António Silva took his chance after Morato’s injury, and has been very impressive. At the time of writing, he has less than 19 games for Benfica’s main team, having made his debut in August against Boavista on the 27th of August. Since the game against Vizela on the 2nd of September, he’s yet to miss a game as he’s been on great form, forming a solid partnership with Otamendi. Quick, a good tackler and an excellent reader of the game, António Silva has the potential to be one of the world’s best centerbacks. Only time will tell if he ends up fulfilling his potential. It is likely, however, that he won’t play any game at the tournament, while I have to add that his call up is definitely the most controversial among Portuguese fans. (0 Caps)
  • Nuno Mendes (Paris Saint Germain)- After a breakthrough season that ended up with Sporting CP winning their first league title in 19 years, Nuno Mendes earnt a move to PSG, and has quickly become one of the best leftbacks in the world. Nuno Mendes will be first option for that left back spot, even though he has some good competition for that place. (16 caps / 0 goals)
  • Raphael Guerreiro (Borussia Dortmund)- Raphael Guerreiro was one of the best players in Portugal’s Euros win in 2016, which earnt him his move to Borussia Dortmund. There, while not playing as a left back most of the times, he has shown his versatility, being played as a left midfielder or a centre midfielder. He won’t be the first option for that left back spot, but he deserves the call up as the other options aren’t as good. (56 caps / 3 goals / UEFA Euros 2016 and Nations League 2019 winner)


  • William Carvalho (Real Bétis)- Another very controversial call up, many feel that William Carvalho doesn’t deserve the spot in the 26 called up. Truth is, however, that none can suggest who should go in his place, and William has been improving. He has been deployed as an “8” for the National Team and has been very impressive in recent games. He has been a crucial player for Real Bétis and has been a reliable choice for Fernando Santos. (75 caps / 5 goals / UEFA Euros 2016 and Nations League 2019 winner)
  • Rúben Neves (Wolverhampton)- Despite only being 25 years old, Rúben Neves seems like he has been around forever. He had his debut for the National Team in 2015 under the hand of Fernando Santos as an 18-year-old. Since then, he has 32 games for the National Team, but has never really made the midfield position as his since there were many other options in the past (Moutinho) and in the present (Bruno Fernandes and Bernardo Silva). Despite this, he has been played more often, and I believe he’ll have a good tournament. (32 caps / 0 goals / Nations League winner 2019)
  • João Palhinha (Fulham)- João Palhinha finally got his chance to play for the National Team during the 2020/21 season which ended with Sporting’s title win. Since then, he got a transfer to Fulham, where he has been excellent. I’m not expecting him to be a starter or even the second option for the defensive midfield spot, but he’s a good player to have when you need to protect. (15 caps / 2 goals)
  • Bruno Fernandes (Manchester United)- After outstanding seasons in 18/19, 19/20 and 20/21, Bruno Fernandes had a bad season for his standards after Manchester United’s awful season in 2021/22. However, under new boss Erik Ten Hag, Bruno has gradually been playing better and hinting at a return of his 2018-2021 levels. However, despite this, he’s under scrutiny at the National Team since he’s one of the worst performers in the team, not coming close to replicate his club performances for the National Team and because of his in pitch antics while playing for his club (namely the whining to the ref and diving). He did, however, score the goals which qualified Portugal for the World Cup. While many don’t doubt his quality, some doubt his decision making and how that can hurt the team. (48 caps / 9 goals / Nations League winner 2019)
  • Vitinha (Paris Saint Germain)- The best product of Porto’s academy in the last few years, Vitinha was the best player in the Portuguese League in a Porto side that broke the point record. His influence in the squad is clear as Porto haven’t shown the same quality on the pitch compared to when they had him. A brilliant playmaker, Vitinha deserves this call up and deserves to be a starter, as he has been one of PSG’s best midfielders. His vision, passing quality and decision-making are out of this world, and he can be one of the best midfielders in the world in the upcoming years. However, it is likely that he won’t start under Fernando Santos, which is a shame. (4 caps / 0 goals)
  • Matheus Nunes (Wolverhampton)- Matheus Nunes’ story is a fairy tale. Worked at a bakery, started playing for Ericeirense in the 6th tier of Portuguese football in 2015, got a move to Estoril-Praia (who were in the second division at the time) in 2018, playing mostly for the reserve team, and then moved to Sporting CP in 2019, becoming a complete box to box midfielder and a key player in the last season, being one of the league’s best midfielders. His influential for the side has been clear, as Sporting have had an awful start to the season (currently 11 points behind the league leaders and knocked out of the Portuguese Cup by a team in the third tier). Despite his bad moment of form for the most Portuguese club in English football, his call up is deserved, even if he won’t be a starter. (9 caps / 1 goal)
  • Bernardo Silva (Manchester City)- The best midfielder in this squad, Bernardo is a joy to watch as a player. Hard working, press resistant, a great dribbler and with a technical ability that few can match, Bernardo quickly became one of Manchester City’s best players, and in my opinion their best midfielder. Despite playing as a central midfielder, he is deployed as a right-winger for the National Team, and despite being efficient there, he is clearly best used as a central midfielder. Luckily, there seems to be a chance that he’ll play as a central midfielder, mostly due to the player I’ll mention next. (72 caps / 8 goals / Nations League Winner 2019)
  • Otávio (FC Porto)- Loved by Porto fans, hated by rival fans, Otávio is a controversial figure among Portuguese. He’s a player that is willing to give everything for the shirt (and that is why he’s loved by Porto fans), but some of his antics come as disrespectful to the opponents in the eyes of other Portuguese. He’s that kind of a player you love to have on your team but would hate to see as an opponent. However, his influence for the National Team is without a doubt important. He’s not the flashiest player of all or the most skilful, but he’s hard working in that right side; for example, he’s the one who allows Cancelo to make so many attacking movements without any worries, and due to his versatility, he allows Bernardo Silva to play as a central midfielder. He made immediate impact by scoring in his first international debut in a friendly against Qatar. In his first official game as a starter for the team, he scored 16 minutes against Turkey in the Semi Final of the World Cup playoffs. (7 caps / 2 goal)
  • João Mário (SL Benfica)- After a subpar season last year, João Mário seems completely changed. Under Roger Schmidt’s leadership, João Mário has been a crucial player for the Lisbon side. Playing as a midfielder that occupies the left side of the pitch, João Mário has now 9 goals (3 non penalty goals) and 8 assists in 1914 minutes in all competitions. While deserving the call up, it’s likely that he won’t play much. Nonetheless, he’s one of the most experienced players in the squad, having been a member of Portugal’s success in the 2016 Euros. (52 caps / 2 goals / UEFA Euros 2016 and Nations League winner 2019)


  • João Félix (Atlético Madrid)- João Félix’s Atlético Madrid period has been inconsistent. With injuries and Simeone’s gameplan not fitting him, João has had a troubled time in the Spanish capital. The quality and ability is clearly there, but João hasn’t been able to show it for Simeone’s side. With rumours of him wanting a way out of Atlético, the World Cup might precisely be the opportunity to show European clubs why they should take a gamble on him (even if on loan). He won’t be a starter, but he’ll have his minutes to show how good he can be. (23 caps / 3 goals / Nations League winner 2019)
  • André Silva (RB Leipzig)- After an amazing period with Frankfurt, André Silva seemed like he was going to fulfil his potential and possibly be Portugal’s starting striker in the future. However, his RB Leipzig stint hasn’t been the best. He’ll mostly be a desperate option for Portugal, playing as a target man to be on the receiving end of crosses. (51 caps / 19 goals / Nations League winner 2019)
  • Rafael Leão (AC Milan)- Rafael Leão has been, undoubtedly, one of AC Milan’s stars. The October Serie A Player of Month, Rafael was a crucial player in last year’s AC Milan Serie A win. Yet, he has been somewhat disappointing with the National Team, being unable to replicate his performances from Milan to Portugal. However, with Diogo Jota injured, the left wing is surely Leão’s, and he will have the chance to prove his status as the future of Portugal’s front line in this tournament. (11 caps / 0 goals)
  • Ricardo Horta (SC Braga)- The best player in the Portuguese League out of the Big 3, Ricardo Horta has been SC Braga’s key man over the last few years. He is already their top scorer with 100 goals. He is able to play as both a second striker, left winger and, if really necessary, as a right winger. Despite his first call up being in 2014 (and even then, he only played 1 game), only in 2022 did he get called up again, with immediate impact as a sub, scoring the equaliser against Spain. He won’t be more than a bench player, but it’s a good recognition of his good form. (5 caps / 1 goal)
  • Gonçalo Ramos (SL Benfica)- So far, it is his breakout season. Gonçalo Ramos currently leads the top scorers table in the Portuguese League with 7 goals in 806 minutes and, overall, 14 goals and 6 assists in all competitions in 1445 minutes. He can improve on his finishing, but his pressing and out of the ball movement is great, and he can possibly be the starting striker going forward after this World Cup. (0 caps)
  • Cristiano Ronaldo (Manchester United)- The Portuguese captain, it’s fair to say that Cristiano Ronaldo isn’t on his best level so far. 3 goals: 2 in the Europa League (and 1 came by a penalty) and 1 in the Premier League. Despite his awful moment of form recently, Ronaldo is surely to start at the World Cup. (191 caps / 117 goals)

Some facts I found fun about this squad:

  • There are 7 players from this squad that won the 2016 Euros (Rui Patrício, Pepe, Raphael Guerreiro, Danilo Pereira, William Carvalho, João Mário and Cristiano Ronaldo)
  • The most represented clubs are SL Benfica, FC Porto, Manchester United, Manchester City, Paris Saint-Germain and Wolverhampton with 3 players each.
  • Sporting are the only club of the Portuguese Big 3 that have no player called up, despite the having 9 players in the squad who are academy graduates.

Potential Starting 11:

  • Diogo Costa; João Cancelo-Rúben Dias-Pepe-Nuno Mendes; Rúben Neves-Bruno Fernandes-William Carvalho; Bernardo Silva-Ronaldo-Rafael Leão
About this line up, it’s clearly obvious. Fernando doesn’t stick away from the 4-3-3, so it will definitely be this formation. The defence is pretty much set in stone Diogo Costa is the best Portuguese goalkeeper, while Cancelo, Rúben Dias and Nuno Mendes are top 5 in their respective positions. However, there is still much uncertainty about Pepe’s status, as he got injured a few weeks ago and there’s still no update on his availability. In the attack, Ronaldo will obviously start, because reasons, as well as Rafael Leão, since he’s one of the two left wingers in the squad (with Ricardo Horta being the second) and will fill up Jota’s shoes.
The biggest uncertainty is our midfield. We have so many good options in the midfield: Bernardo Silva, Bruno Fernandes, Vitinha, Matheus Nunes and Rúben Neves. While giving us many options, it’s so much talent for one position. But Fernando has always relied on both Bruno and Bernardo, even if Bernardo is shifted to the right wing despite playing much better in the midfield.
However, I’m not totally sure about this line up if I’m honest. Had Otávio played in September’s Nations League fixtures, I would be sure of my predicted line. With Otávio as the right sided midfielder, we had 3 wins in 3 games. And it would look like this:

Points of discussion:

  • Fernando Santos and the possibility of winning the World Cup
Since 2019, it has been downhill, with Portugal being eliminated from the Nations League twice (2021 and 2023), the European Championship as reigning champions (2021, and we even finished 3rd in that group) and managed to finish 2nd in THE World Cup qualifying group. The fact that the second Golden Generation we have may end with no major international trophies would be something.
That being said, the main point of discussion between Portuguese is: do we really want to win the World Cup? Yes, it would be one of the best days in our country’s history and a memory of a lifetime to many, but it would also mean that Fernando Santos would stay until 2024.
As a matter of fact, this discussion had already been made when the World Cup play-offs happened in March. Many did want the World Cup qualification, while others wanted to fail qualification just so that Fernando Santos would get sack.
Overall, I feel that Fernando Santos is not getting the sack unless we miss the knockout rounds. So, if we are meant to be stuck with him until 2024, might as well go all the way and lift the trophy.
  • Cristiano Ronaldo and “The Last Dance”
As we approach the 2022 World Cup, it will be Ronaldo’s fifth World Cup, something that would be outrageous to think years ago. Even though he has publicly said that he wants to participate in the 2024 European Championship, it seems that he won’t be a part of the 2026 World Cup squad (wouldn’t surprise me one bit if he made the squad in case of a qualification to that World Cup though).
And this lifts the question. It is obvious that Ronaldo is not on the level he was 4 years ago. A majority of Portuguese think that he should no longer start for the National Team, a sentiment that I agree with. Ronaldo has 1051 minutes so far, which is the equivalent to 11 full games. It seems like his abilities are better off suited to a bench role.
Yet, it may be his last World Cup. And he’s a player that has won everything, such as the UEFA Champions League, LaLiga, Copa del Rey, Premier League, FA Cup, League Cup, Serie A, Coppa d’Italia, UEFA Euros, among Ballon d’Ors and many other records. But the World Cup is of an indescribable prestige. It would top his career; it would likely be his greatest achievement.
Many of his fans around the world would love to see Ronaldo lift the World Cup. Many teammates of his would also want to win not for themselves, but for Ronaldo. (Diogo Dalot I’m looking at you).
But the main question is: will Ronaldo be capable of sacrificing himself for the sake of the team? He’s without a doubt still an excellent finisher, but his lack of other abilities (mainly pressing, which is fundamental nowadays) may hurt the team’s tactics and game plan. As seen with Manchester United and briefly for a period of time when he didn’t call up (due to his Juventus commitments), the team plays much better, as they play as a unit and not on an individual level. Our gameplan stops being “pass to Ronaldo”, with a bigger focus on creating plays so that anyone can finish the chances.
However, we all know how is. He’s determined and has a winning mentality not seen in many other players. This also comes with a huge ego, and he doesn’t like to be on the bench or even to be subbed on when there are 2 minutes remaining in a game.
So, would Ronaldo be willing to be on the bench if it boosted Portugal’s chances of winning the World Cup?
Ronaldo is arguably our best player ever and I’m thankful for everything he did when had horrible squads from 2009-2017, but it’s time to think about the future. And the future will be without Ronaldo.
  • The Rafa Silva situation
Rafa Silva, one of the 2016 Euros and 2019 Nations League winners, recently renounced to the National Team in September amidst the preparation for the Nations League games.
Enjoying a phenomenal start of a season for Benfica, with 11 goals and 5 assists in 1867 minutes in all competitions, many can’t figure out what were Rafa’s motives to renounce to the National Team. Some claim that it was because he didn’t feel protected by the Portuguese FA (as some reports claimed that he caused a bad mood in the Portuguese National Team dressing room and those weren’t disproven by the FA), others claim that some of the Federation’s higher-ups pressured him to have Jorge Mendes as his manager and some even go ahead to say that Rafa wasn’t used at all when called up and that was his reason. Point is that he renounced to the National Team.
Now, at the time, few were worried since he didn’t play as much and there were other options. However, with injuries, it seems like Rafa would have a spot in this team, and some claim that he could be a starter with many others saying that he didn’t do much for the National Team anyways, which can be proven has he has 25 caps with 0 goals. However, his impact was felt more recently in the Hungary game in the 2021 Euros, where he unlocked a though game by winning a penalty (converted by Ronaldo) and assisting Ronaldo’s second goal.
Most recently, before the World Cup, Fernando Santos said that “the door was open for him to return to the National Team” (which was a strange statement since it was Rafa’s decision to renounce and not Fernando’s), yet Roger Schmidt (Benfica’s manager) confirmed that Rafa wouldn’t go to the tournament.
One can wonder if Rafa would be a starter in this team. Personally, with the form he’s showing, I think he definitely earnt a spot in the 26 instead of André Silva, for example. Others will naturally disagree, but the point is that there are many questions behind Rafa’s renouncement to the National Team just two months before the World Cup was set to start.


This team has so much quality it’s unbelievable. It is our Second Golden Generation, and we should definitely have a much better performance than in the 2018 World Cup. However, expectations aren’t high: no one denies the quality of this squad, it’s the quality of the manager that worries us. Many are predicting that the furthest we’ll reach is the last 16, while expecting us to top the group.
Personally, on paper, our starting 11 and depth is Top 5 in the World. My brain says I should keep it realistic, and that anything past the last 16 is a bonus; but my heart desires to see us go until the end, and lift the trophy on a cold Sunday afternoon. It would be an early Christmas gift for every portuguese, and I’m sure that it would warm everyone’s hearts in Portugal for ages…

soccer's FIFA World Cup 2022 preview

Group A

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Senegal u/hunterwindmill link
Netherlands u/Teymon link

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Group D

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Group E

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Costa Rica u/ZealousidealPen5795 link
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Group F

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Morocco u/__PM_ME_SOMETHING_ link
Croatia u/Hrvat1818 link

Group G

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Brazil u/Arantes_ link
Serbia u/daniloelnino link
Switzerland u/jkeefy link
Cameroon u/Fofodrip link

Group H

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Portugal u/PumpedUpMatic Here
Ghana u/mikears3349 Soon
Uruguay u/RadioactiveBooger Soon
South Korea u/MtnDewed Soon
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Idk if wayv counts here but goodness am i TIRED

Disclaimer; i don't want to bring any other units up. Because this has nothing to with the units and everything to do with sm/label v, their management and even to a degree their favouritism of Korean members over foreign members. Also sm has literally fcked over all units in some capacity or another by horrible descisions so that chest doesn't need to be opened today.
So basically, if you didn't know, WayV's last album 'kick back' came out in March of 2021. We're nearing almost two years with no musical activities from them as a group. There was all this talk about a full album last year that sm started with a rollout of unit songs like Kun&xiaojun's back to you and ten & yy's low low. The whole hendery Lucas thing didn't happen obviously coz of the scandal.
To say the past year has been THE most tumultuous period for the members and fans is an understatement. Hearing wayv constantly apologies for the lack of content while trying to hope for more opportunities, the members trying their best to branch out and find schedules on their OWN so fans can have something to work with. Hearing they barely sleep or even eat when they finally get a chance to perform is heartbreaking.
Especially when put in perspective this group is made of a mix of old and new members. Kuntenwin from 2016 and well, he who shall not be named from 2018.
Recently tho, the members started hinting at a cb. Kunten went live to talk about it, they've been discussing it, fans found registered copyrights of the album on sites (yes after over a year hiatus they will only be given a mini fml) and NOW.
now NOTHING. Not a SINGLE official announcement. Not a single teaser. Not a single thing other than a random otome wayv yt thing they did (which i appreciate ofcourse that's my only food) and we find out that the members themselves DON'T KNOW WHEN THE DATE IS.
A fan asked xiaojun and he literally said he has no idea. WayV have no IDEA about their RUMOURED to be dec album. Which means sm can once AGAIN keep dangling the carrot in front of us since nothing has been confirmed OFFICIALLY.
I just don't understand. It is NOT an issue with them going to china--in fact it's miles better considering they're literally a cpop group 😭 everything is THERE. the members are capable enough to even reach out for opp themselves if they wanted. Ww's popularity alone could grant them variety appearances. Ten's rumoured on another dance show anyway. They ALL have something they could bring to the table--all sm needs to do is LET THEM.
the fans are here for MUSIC. How are you going to say wayv are one when theyre gone the moment they gained momentum 😭 if i wanna stan actor dong Sicheng I'm just gonna stan an actor, not a member of a group.
The translators are leaving (wayv China station i beg you on hands and knees to stay) the fans are begging each other to wait and the worst of all is how HORRIBLE this feels to the members. They all work their asses off every. Single time they get a SMIDGEN of activity. They thank fans with so much gratitude because they're terrified of all disappearing. They barely promote in their own market and instead compete in one thats literally stacked against them.
What bone does the universe want to pick with these guys? It breaks my heart as a long time fan of NCT who'd known all of them even before wayv. So much talent and so much potential yet the ones handling it are blind.
At this point ide want a high budget promo or what not. I just want their music, and wayv getting to talk about it and perform it. My simplest wish is literally they're most desperate; to just have a stable career with opportunities to perform.
Anyways i hope you don't attack me and now i will go to sleep
ETA: Kun's so done he released a blurred version of their tracklist 😭 wayv are slowly rebelling against sm and we're here for it
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[Music] K-Pop or Hip-Hop? When Rapper B-Free Beefed With BTS, and Issues In Classifying Music Under the K-Pop Category

"Music" is generally defined as the art of arranging sound to create some combination of form, harmony, melody, rhythm or--
Okay, we all know what music is. But knowing genres of music is a whole other ballpark. Take Lil Nas X's Old Town Road: Billboard originally placed it under Country, before controversially switching it to the Rap category. Before 2020, the Grammys had a category called "Best Urban Contemporary Album"--and "urban" could mean anything from R&B to hip-hop to pop. Mostly because "urban" didn't have anything to do with how the music sounded and everything to do with what the artist looked like.
For music fans--especially those who consider themselves diehard fans of a particular type of music--genre classification can be a Big Deal. This goes into a particular incident that raised the question of the connection (or lack thereof) between Korean idol music and Korean hip-hop.


A. Korean Idol Music, or "K-pop"
"K-pop" is a term used to refer to Korean idol music. There's no real consensus on what constitutes K-pop, whether it's a genre or an industry, and which artists are considered K-pop artists.
Like the "urban" category, I have no idea what it would mean for this label to be considered a genre. Ask multiple K-pop fans and you'll get multiple different answers.
From what I've seen, if they're artists who (1) are from a Korean music label, (2) sing/rap and (3) dance, you'll find people who'll (whether rightly or wrongly) call them K-pop artists, regardless of what their music actually sounds like. Not all of these elements have to be present--someone will still call it K-pop somehow.
No, it doesn't need to be sung in Korean. A lot of so-called K-pop groups release English and Japanese songs. No, the person performing the song doesn't need to be Korean. Plenty of so-called K-pop groups have foreign members.
There's also some people who'll call any and all Korean music K-Pop. These are usually the same people who will also call Japanese and Chinese music K-Pop though.
The term generally isn't much used in South Korea, which ironically is where K-pop is from. There, it is more commonly referred to as idol music.
B. Korean Hip-Hop, or "K-Hip-Hop", or "KHH"
"Korean Hip-Hop" or "K-Hip-Hop", or "KHH" typically refers to hip-hop music in the Korean language and generally by Korean artists.
The term has also been used to refer to a the "hip-hop culture" in Korea, although this usage can be controversial.
Hilariously, if you check the Wikipedia page for Korean hip-hop, it's called a subset of K-pop.
C. The Relationship Between K-Hip-Hop and Korean Idol Music
The ambiguous nature of what constitutes Korean idol music means that there's some overlap between KHH and Korean idol music.
Most Korean idol groups have rappers, with the multiple rappers in a group being called the group's "rapline". While hip-hop isn't synonymous with rap, rap is an important part of the hip-hop genre and culture.
But this overlap between KHH and Korean idol music doesn't translate to a good relationship between the two subsets of Korean music and their respective fandoms.
"Idol rappers" are usually viewed separately from "rappers". There are some stereotypes about idol rappers being rappers only because they were assigned that role by their company, or being rappers simply because they can't sing (and tragically may also not actually rap that well).
There are also idol rappers who don't write their own raps. I don't have the exact numbers to say they're the majority, but it definitely does seem like many idol groups don't have writing credits for their songs, including the rappers. While there are fans who argue that it doesn't really matter whether they write their own raps or not, there are Korean Hip-Hop artists and listeners who look down on those who don't write their own bars. This debate also applies to the broader genre of hip-hop/rap, not just KHH.
Some have also observed that hip-hop is also a genre with a tendency towards hypermasculinity. Researchers have noted that "hip-hop culture embraces a particular form of tough, aggressive, and occasionally violent masculinity. Within this form of masculinity, machismo, sexism, homophobia, and manhood are all inexorably linked." This of course doesn't apply to the entire hip-hop genre and community, and some hip-hop artists have faced backlash for homophobic remarks or lyrics (coughDababycough). But some of these attitudes remain in hip-hop and rap to this day, including in the lyrics of some of the most well-known names in the genre.
For those KHH fans who think a macho image is needed to be considered hip-hop, Korean idols who wear makeup and dance aren't particularly welcomed as K-hip-hop artists.
BTS, also known as Bangtan Sonyeondan, Bulletproof Boy Scouts, or Beyond the Scene, are a seven member all-male South Korean group.
BTS's relationship with the K-pop/idol tag is a complicated one. The original intention was to create a purely hip-hop group, but their label, Big Hit Entertainment (now Big Hit Music) later changed this with the intent of forming a group that was different from the normal studio approach to idoldom, where idols are trained to be pleasant but mild, blank slates on which viewers could project their fantasies — not immaculate idols groomed amid studio culture, but real boys who shared their authentic personalities and talents with the world. (That's from the linked article so for any idol group fans reading this, don't yell at me over that bit.)
Again, there's no actual clear consensus of what Korean idol music actually sounds like. So what going from a "hip-hop group" to a "Korean idol group" actually meant was adding vocalists and dancing.
They released their debut single album 2 Cool 4 Skool in June 2013, quickly followed by their EP O!RUL8,2? in September that same year. In terms of the actual music, it seems both albums belong in the hip-hop genre.
The group's rapline is composed of three members: Kim Namjoon (RM), Min Yoongi (Suga), and Jung Hoseok (J-Hope).
RM and Suga started out as underground rappers in the Korean Hip-Hop scene before signing with Big Hit Music and eventually debuting with BTS. Not to detract from J-Hope's importance in the rapline, but as the ones who were personally involved in the issue were RM and Suga, I'll only go into more detail on them.
D.1. RM
RM became interested in hip-hop at age 11 after listening to Korean Hip-Hop group Epik High's song Fly. He became part of the Korean hip-hop underground scene in 2007, most famously under the name Runch Randa. He worked with two crews: he first was part of the Black Pirates, which included the well-established rappeproducer Changmo (then going by the name Lupe). He later left and formed the crew DaeNamHyup with other hip-hop artists Supreme Boi, Kyum2, and Marvel J.
His parents actually opposed him pursuing a musical career, since he scored in South Korea's top 1% in the university entrance examinations. He eventually convinced his mom by asking her if "she wanted to have a son who was a first-place rapper, or a 5,000th-place student."
D.2. Suga
Suga also decided to become a rapper after listening to Epik High, and K-hip-hop duo Stony Skunk. He began writing lyrics and producing beats at age 13, and worked part-time at a recording studio at age 17. He became active under the name Gloss in the Korean underground rap scene and worked with the crew D-TOWN. Aside from writing and producing his own music, he also sold beats to other artists.
When he auditioned for Big Hit, the audtionees were asked to rap to certain beats. Aside from rapping, Suga modified the beat he was given, which caught the attention of the judges.
Some of RM and Suga's songs from before they debuted with BTS are listed here.
E. B-Free
Choi Sung-ho is a South Korean rapper born in Hawaii who goes by the name B-Free. He has been a part of a number of crews, including The Cohort, Green Club, and Sticky Mafia. You'll find a list of his songs here.
You won't find that much on him online aside from this controversy and one other that I'll be discussing later if you just search his name on Google in English. It's possible that more information on him is available on Korean sources like Naver. It's also possible he's just not really a big deal.

"It's Like Being A Girl": The B-Free Incident and Debate on Whether Idol Groups Can Be Hip-Hop

In November 2013, RM and Suga were guests at Kim Bong Hyun’s Hip-Hop Invitational 1st Anniversary Broadcast. The show was also attended by multiple Korean hip-hop artists, including B-Free.
Some BTS fans, known as ARMY, were also present at the show, and a user by the name of 'Smiling Seoul' recorded a video of the incident. Copies of the fancam with varying subtitles can be found on YouTube, but salient points are covered in articles here and here. The quotes I use for B-Free are mixes of various subtitles/article quotes pieced together for readability.
The discussion on the show turned to the topic of whether idols could be considered hip-hop. The MC asked if idols and hip-hop could be two things that go together. RM answered that when people talked about idols what usually first came to mind were their clothes and makeup, but if you listened to their album, they would find that it was hip-hop.
Another rapper commented that hip-hop was more than simply a genre, so the thought of their album as more of a rap album than a hip-hop album.
B-Free: "It's just an album that has rap."
RM responded that the rapper was probably talking about attitude, and he understood both stands since he himself was an amateur rapper before joining BTS. He also made it clear that their rapline made sure that they were writing their own songs and expressing their own feelings.
MC: "This might be a sensitive question but since you're here. Hip-hop is somewhat manly and has a macho culture. If you look at Deepflow -points at another artist- he has a very manly appearance. Rappers write things in their lyrics like, in The Cohort's album, there is this verse, 'Gay-like appearance, hurry and turn it back to a man.' Like these kind of verses. However, these kinds of things... when Bangtan gets up on stage, when you guys get makeup done, when you guys do these things, isn't that a conflict with hip-hop?"
B-Free: "No, no. It's not makeup. It's a girl. It's like being a girl."
(Note: the term that the MC used was "boonjang", which refers to makeup/disguise used onstage. What B-Free said is essentially was that "it's not boonjang, it's yeojang". Yeojang is men disguising themselves as women.)
RM diplomatically responded that he understood both stances, and joked that he was still getting used to the makeup.
Suga added that both he and RM came from backgrounds as amateur rappers, and stated that he just wanted to reach a lot of people with his music. He stated that he hoped for a link between the underground and the mainstream, explaining that while he was doing [underground] music in Daegu, he went through a lot of hard times like being unable to eat and not making a decent living off his music.
B-Free: "So you came to Seoul because you don't want to experience hardship?"
Suga explained that he came to Seoul because he wanted to do music with his hyungs (TN: "older brother", used by males to refer to older males even if unrelated) and that he thought it would be good to gain recognition and continue doing music with his hyungs.
B-Free: "So being an idol is just a temporary thing to make money?"
Suga denied this, explaining that he was just happy with having a lot of people hear his music.
The MC tried to wrap up this part of the discussion, but B-Free persisted, saying that he hadn't heard any of their music but there were questions he was curious about. He asked RM and Suga how BTS was formed. After RM answered, B-Free asked:
B-Free: "You know, like Suga said before about how he faced hardships and that he couldn't make ten won, well, that was the case for all of us too. It's like that for everyone, but in the end it's a matter of endurance.
I live by here, I used to work part-time here. I quit working part-time and really wanted to come back. But I couldn't because I didn't have money... well, I can now, but that was two years ago. Now, I don't know how good you guys are living. Four years ago I didn't have any money to eat either. Everyone had that experience.
I just feel like you were people who were walking on the same path as the rest of us, but you weren't able to resist the temptation."
Suga answered that he didn't understand why B-Free called it temptation. The MC again tried to wrap up the topic, but B-Free cut in to ask about BTS's O!RUL8,2? concept trailer.
B-Free: "Oh there’s something I’m curious about. Someone told me that there was a group out there using Kanye West’s ‘Black Skinhead’ as their own, so I searched it up and it was you guys. I listened to it, and the beat and the rapping style were the same. I want to know why that was the case. I know I was really upset at the time and cussed about it online, so I’m sorry about that, and your fans tried to tell me that the producer for that song had mixed it for you."
RM explained that he personally would have wanted to use the original version, but since the language in the song wouldn't pass inspection, they had to go with a mix. B-Free expressed that he felt this was a weak response.
B-Free: "To me, it feels like disrespect to copy things from an artist that you like and present it as your own."
RM asked what he meant by "copying", since the concept trailer only involved the group dancing to the mix. B-Free began to respond, but the MC finally stepped in and shut down the discussion.
Since there were ARMY in attendance and the incident was filmed by one, B-Free's words spread quickly on social media. ARMY asked him to apologise, but after the broadcast he tweeted, "It is fun that I could influence so many people," and then cursed BTS.

The Aftermath

A. Music Fans (and in particular, ARMY)
The incident sparked talk on what constituted "real" hip-hop and the skill levels of idol rappers. B-Free got backlash because he was such an enormous prick while talking about it and because he happened to do it while insulting a group in front of the group's fans. But the fact that the discussion even came up in the first place showed that music fans, and just people in general, viewed a divide between KHH and idol music, even if the idol music sounded like hip-hop (or any other genre, for that matter).
The way that the MC posed the questions also made it clear that--at least in part--the issue with KHH refusing to accept idol music as hip-hop was because it wasn't considered "manly" enough.
There's been improvement in attitudes towards idol rappers, especially as Korean hip-hop became more mainstream in Korea with widely-aired shows such as Show Me the Money and Unpretty Rapstar, both of which had idol rappers that performed decently. Didn't hurt that the show also exposed how non-idol KHH artists could be pretty unskilled too.
But for the most part, there are still many who draw a distinction between "idol rappers" and "rappers", with those who manage to fall in both categories often considered the exception rather than the rule.
The blowback from the B-Free incident wasn't that bad since it was in 2014 and BTS was just newly debuted. ARMY had priorities other than dealing with this one relatively unknown guy who thought putting on makeup and dancing was inherently feminine. But questions on "K-pop" as a genre linger.
Around 2016-2019, there were K-pop fans on social media who questioned whether BTS was K-pop; but this wasn't intended to be complimentary. Tweets from K-pop fans stating that BTS's music "is so Western [they didn't] think we could even call it K-pop anymore" had as many as ten thousand likes. There was also the time when the so-called "Organization of United Kpopers" (sic) claimed to have "expelled ARMY" from the K-pop community (which will probably be one of my next hobbydrama writeups, and one I'm looking forward to just because of the sheer ridiculousness of it all). Nowadays though, K-pop stans would much rather lump BTS in with the rest of the K-pop industry. Except when you're comparing BTS's chart placements, streams, and sales with K-pop artists.
On the other hand, there's a lot of ARMY who advocate for not considering BTS K-pop, and ask whether "K-pop" or "K-hip-hop" should even be classifications for music at all. After all, pop music isn't labelled A-pop or C-pop when its from America or Canada. To these fans, they view the need to eliminate the "K-pop" tag the same way the "urban" category was eventually eliminated. The B-Free incident did leave a mark this way; as with that particular incident, the K-pop or idol label is viewed as something that prevents music from being considered by its appropriate genre, even when the musicians themselves want the music to be considered as something other than "K-pop" or "idol music".
Korean media and music critics also coined the term "BTS-pop", distinguishing the group from the supposed "K-pop" "genre", and former South Korean President Moon Jae-in had on multiple occasions used the words "BTS" and "K-pop" separately in acknowledgment of their separate contributions to the Hallyu wave.
Ultimately, there's a long way to go before any questions relating to K-pop versus hip-hop, and K-pop's place in the grand scheme of music genres, will ever be resolved.
B. B-Free
B-Free wasn't quite done insulting idol groups. He tweeted a picture of boy group EXO's Sehun with the caption, "this picture is gay as fuck come on now who with me." After getting raked over the coals on social media, he later deleted the tweet.
Despite criticizing idol rappers, B-Free featured on YG idol rapper Mino's stage on Season 4 of Show Me the Money.
B-Free eventually apologised to BTS in 2016. He apologised again in 2019. ARMY pretty much considered the apologies too little, too late, especially since the apologies came during only when BTS was getting massive success domestically and internationally. BTS and Big Hit never responded to these apologies.
The universe, having a weird sense of humor, decided that B-Free should not be free (for a while, at least). The rapper was arrested for assaulting rapper Kingchi Mane after getting angry over a comment that Kingchi Mane left on his social media.
Despite his earlier apology to BTS, B-Free released an album in February 2022 with lyrics supposedly dissing them, as one song contained the line "Gays become famous and even give speeches at the UN". BTS spoke at the US General Assembly in 2018 and 2022.
Today, B-Free is a figure of mockery to ARMY, a relative unknown to non-ARMY K-pop stans, and... I'm not sure what his reputation is in the KHH community, but as a casual KHH listener, his name and music don't turn up much.
C. BTS, and in particular, their rapline
On their next album, Skool Luv Affair, BTS released the song Cypher pt. 2: Triptych. The song is believed to be a diss directly targeted at B-Free, particularly as it contains the line "You, go to Hawaii, go home", which is a famous line from the 2001 film Friend, but may also refer to telling B-Free to go back to Hawaii where he grew up. The lyrics to the song can be found here. Following this, it doesn't appear they ever publicly spoke of B-Free again. My research didn't turn up any response to the diss track from B-Free.
BTS went on to become the most well-known and commercially successful music group in South Korean history. They've spanned many genres across their discography since debut, but their Korean albums always have at least one hip-hop song. They continue to write their own bars. Their rapline is generally conceded to be one of the best raplines in the idol industry. For the people who think most idol rappers aren't "real" rappers, BTS's rapline is generally one of the few raplines acknowledged as "idol rappers" who can stand alongside "real" rappers.
On the question of whether they're K-pop, BTS's answers have evolved over the years. Suga in particular released the song Agust D on his personal mixtape with the lyric "I'm too big to fit in the K-pop category." These days, the group seems to eschew classifications altogether, with Suga noting that "[i]t's less and less meaningful to divide music into genres now", and other members adding that "The genre is BTS. That's the genre we want to make and the music that we want. New genre." RM added, "The important fact is that we’re all Koreans, and we’re singing a pop song. So that’s the reason why we said that our genre is just BTS. That debate is very important for the music industry, but it doesn’t mean very much for us members.”
The rapline appear to have pretty good ties with members of the Korean Hip-Hop industry. Chief among them a good relationship with Epik High (yes, the same group that inspired RM and Suga to get into hip-hop in the first place). Korean hip-hop artists also attended J-Hope's listening party for his 2022 solo album release. They've also collaborated with hip-hop artists both within South Korea (such as Drunken Tiger, Balming Tiger, and Crush) and internationally (such as Wale, Lil Nas X, and Juice Wrld).
BTS's rapline have also separately released personal rap mixtapes and albums. Suga, under the name Agust D, released Agust D in 2016 and D-2 in 2020. J-Hope released Hope World in 2018 and Jack In The Box in 2022. RM released RM in 2015, Mono in 2018, and his debut solo album, Indigo, is out today.
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Word of the Day (12/2/2022): MILES

Word of the Day (12/2/2022): MILES submitted by EPCOT_Is_My_Favorite to SongPop2 [link] [comments]

[Swiss Ramble, Thread] Looking at the 12 years up to 2021, #MUFC £517m interest payment was nearly three times as much as the next highest club, namely #AFC with £174m. Looked at another way, it was almost as much as the rest of the Premier League combined (£536m).

[Title from one of the tweets highlighted below]

Full Thread, in sequence:

Manchester United’s 2021/22 accounts cover a season when they finished 6th in the Premier League and were eliminated in the last 16 of the Champions League. Manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer was replaced by Ralf Rangnick, since succeeded by Erik ten Hag. Some thoughts follow #MUFC
MUFC pre-tax loss shot up from £24m to £150m, despite revenue rising £89m (18%) from £494m to £583m, thanks to recovery from COVID and return of fans to the stadium, plus profit on player sales increasing £15m to £22m, as expenses rose £154m (29%) after investment in the squad.
MUFC operational decline was exacerbated by the impact of the weakening of Sterling on non-cash finance costs, as unrealised forex losses on unhedged USD borrowings meant that net interest experienced an adverse swing of £75m from £13m recoverable prior year to £62m payable.
MUFC net loss after tax only increased £23m from £92m to £115m, as there was a £34m tax credit due to the recognition of deferred tax assets in respect of losses arising in the year, compared to prior year’s £68m expense, following the write-off of US deferred tax assets.
Main reason for #MUFC revenue increase was match day, which rose £103m from £7m to £110m, due to return of fans to Old Trafford, while commercial was up £26m (11%) from £232m to £258m. However, broadcasting fell £40m (16%) to £215m, partly due to deferred income in prior year.
Investment in the squad meant #MUFC wages rose £62m (19%) from £323m to £384m and player amortisation increased £29m (24%) to £149m. Other expenses were up £41m (54%) to £118m, as stadium and Megastore re-opened, while £25m was booked for management changes.
MUFC are the first English club to publish accounts for 2021/22, but their £150m pre-tax loss was only surpassed by #CFC £156m in 2020/21, even though prior year figures were severely impacted by the pandemic with almost all games played behind closed doors.
MUFC profit from player sales tripled from £7m to £22m, mainly sale of Dan James to #LUFC and sell-on fee from Romelu Lukaku’s transfer from Inter to #CFC**, though still not that big by Premier League standards, e.g.** #MCFC £69m, #WWFC £61m and #LCFC £44m (all 2020/21 figures).
This is the third year in a row that #MUFC lost money, adding up to £195m in that period (impacted by COVID). The £150m pre-tax deficit in 2021/22 was the club’s worst ever, equivalent to losing around £3m a week, and was actually the third highest loss in Premier League history.
MUFC results have rarely been boosted by player sales, only averaging £13m a year over last decade. In the 5 years up to 2021, United’s £81m profit from this activity was significantly lower than rest of the Big 6: #CFC £413m, #LFC £274m, #MCFC £221m, AFC £211m and #THFC £158m
MUFC included £24m for changes in manager (plus coaching staff): £10m for Solskjaer and £14m for Rangnick. That means that United have made £59m pay-offs since Sir Alex Ferguson retired, including £20m in 2019 for Jose Mourinho and his coaching team.
Excluding exceptionals, #MUFC operating loss nearly doubled from £44m to £85m, which was towards the lower end of the Premier League. Up until 2019, United had consistently reported operating profits, a rare achievement for a football club, but things have declined since then.
MUFC £583m revenue is currently the highest in England (most recently published accounts), though both #MCFC and #LFC are likely to overtake United when they release 2021/22 figures, as they will also include much higher match day income.
Until 2019 #MUFC revenue was miles ahead of other English clubs, but the gap has closed considerably since then, making a mockery of Ed Woodward’s claim that “Playing performance doesn't really have a meaningful impact on what we can do on the commercial side of the business.”
In 2020/21 #MUFC dropped to 5th place in the Deloitte Money League, which ranks clubs globally in terms of revenue. This was United’s lowest ever position in Money League history, behind #MCFC, Real Madrid, Bayern Munich and Barcelona.
MUFC commercial income rose £26m (11%) from £232m to £258m, thanks to new sponsorship agreements and the re-opening of the Megastore, though this was still not back to previous levels, partly due to no pre-season tour. Commercial growth has basically stalled since 2016.
While #MUFC commercial revenue has slowed down, the other Big Six clubs have benefited from solid growth in the last 5 years. That said, #MUFC £258m commercial income is higher than all other Premier League clubs except #MCFC £272m.
MUFC figures included money from lucrative £64m Chevrolet shirt sponsorship, as contract extended to December 2021, but replaced in January by TeamViewer’s much lower £47m. Still have Adidas £75m kit agreement until 2025, while Tezos £20m training kit deal is more than AON £15m.
MUFC broadcasting revenue fell £40m (16%) from £255m to £215m, as prior year accounts benefited from revenue deferred from 2019/20 for games played after end-June accounting close, plus there were fewer European games and a lower Premier League merit payment.
MUFC received £143m from Premier League central TV distribution, £8m less than prior year, due to lower merit payment after dropping from 6th to 2nd. The 2020/21 accounts were boosted by £21m revenue deferred from 2019/20 due to the extended season (COVID delays).
I estimate that #MUFC received £68m for reaching the Champions League last 16 in 2021/22, slightly below £71m in 2020/21 (Champions League group stage £55m plus Europa League finalists £16m). That’s pretty good, but a lot lower than finalists #LFC £104m, #MCFC £96m and #CFC £80m.
MUFC relatively poor performance in Europe means that they have earned “only” €321m in the last 5 years, which is not too shabby, but is over €150m less than #MCFC €479m and #CFC €478m. CFO Cliff Baty re-iterated, “This club needs to be in the Champions League.”
MUFC match day income rose £104m from £7m to £111m, due to the return of fans to Old Trafford, while in 2020/21 all games except the final one were played behind closed doors. The only club likely to generate a similar amount in 2021/22 is #THFC, thanks to its new stadium.
Due to their high match day income, #MUFC revenue was more impacted by COVID than any other English club, but in 2021/22 they once again benefited from the largest crowds in the Premier League with their 73,000 average attendance being far above the next highest, #AFC 60,000.
MUFC wage bill shot up £61m (19%) from £323m to £384m, as a result of “investment in the first team squad”, mainly the signings of Ronaldo, Varane and Sancho. That has once again taken United to the top of the English wages league, leapfrogging #MCFC £355m.
In fact, #MUFC £384m wage bill is comfortably the highest ever in the Premier League, despite only finishing 6th and missing out on the Champions League. If the club had enjoyed success on the pitch, then wages would have been even higher due to more bonus payments.
MUFC wages to turnover ratio slightly increased from 65% to 66%. This is United’s highest ever (it was as low as 45% in 2017), but it is still one of the best in the Premier League.
We will have to wait for another #MUFC company to publish its accounts before we know the highest paid director’s remuneration, but United fans will be delighted to see that Ed Woodward trousered £2.9m in 2020/21, the highest in England. He received a tidy £24m in 8 years.
MUFC player amortisation, the annual charge to expense transfer fees over the length of a player’s contract, rose £29m (24%) from £120m to £149m, the club’s highest ever. However, this was still lower than #CFC £162m in 2020/21.
MUFC other expenses surged £41m (54%) from £77m to £118m, once again the highest in the Premier League, due to the impact of staging all home games in front of a full capacity crowd and costs related to increased activity at the Old Trafford Megastore.
MUFC player purchases of £152m in 2021/22 were £36m higher than the prior season, when only #CFC and #MCFC spent more than United. This included the acquisitions of Jadon Sancho from Borussia Dortmund, Raphael Varane from Real Madrid and Cristiano Ronaldo from Juventus.
MUFC splashed out £1.5 bln on transfers in last decade with nearly £800m in last 5 years alone, so they have spent money, just not as well as fans would have liked. Since these accounts closed, paid out another £218m, mainly on Antony, Casemiro, Lisandro Martinez and Malacia.
In fact, #MUFC £850m gross transfer spend in the 5 years up to 2020/21 was only surpassed in England by #MCFC & #CFC (both £992m), but it’s worth emphasising that this is money that the club has generated through its operations, not provided by the Glazers.
MUFC net debt was up £95m (23%) from £420m to £515m, as gross debt rose £106m from £530m to £636m, the highest since 2010, slightly offset by £10m growth in cash. Increase driven by £65m forex losses due to fall in GBP plus £40m increase in drawdown from revolving facility.
Even after all the refinancings, #MUFC £636m gross debt is higher than the £604m owed after the Glazers’ arrival. United’s debt is 3rd highest in the PL, but #CFC £1.5 bln was provided interest-free by their owner (written-off since then), while #THFC £854m funded a new stadium.
Although it has fallen from its (sizeable) peak, #MUFC £21m interest payment in 2021/22 was still the highest in the Premier League. United have now paid a staggering three-quarters of a billion pounds in interest since the Glazers’ leveraged buy-out in 2005.

Looking at the 12 years up to 2021, #MUFC £517m interest payment was nearly three times as much as the next highest club, namely #AFC with £174m. Looked at another way, it was almost as much as the rest of the Premier League combined (£536m).
MUFC transfer debt increased from £136m to £182m, the largest balance in the Premier League, so much of the player recruitment has been done on credit. In addition, contingent liabilities for certain events (winning trophies, appearances) are up to £112m, second highest in PL.
After adding back £166m non-cash items and £65m working capital movements, #MUFC had £122m operating cash flow in 2021/22, which was boosted by £30m player sales. Spent £115m on player purchases, dividends £34m, interest £21m, capex £8m and tax £5m. Funded by £39m external loans.
As a result, #MUFC cash balance increased by £10m (including £2m FX gain) from £111m to £121m, though this is over £180m down from the £308m peak three years ago. To quote chief executive Richard Arnold, the club has “effing burned through cash”.
Despite the financial challenges, #MUFC still found enough cash to pay shareholders (mainly the Glazers) a £34m dividend, including £11m deferred from 2020/21. United are the only Premier League club to pay dividends, adding up to a chunky £156m since 2016.

No owners in the Premier League take out more money than the Glazers with £187m leaving #MUFC since 2012 (dividends £166m, share buyback £21m). Meanwhile, others have put significant funds into their clubs, e.g. in 10 years up to 2021 #MCFC £684m, #CFC £516m and #AVFC £506m.
In contrast to the £43m paid each year in dividends & interest, #MUFC have spent very little on infrastructure, e.g. only £8m in 2021/22, and less than #LCFC & #FFC in the last decade. It is estimated that renovating Old Trafford (“a multi-year project”) would cost around £200m.
Despite #MUFC huge reported loss in 2021/22, they should continue to be fine with FFP, as losses are measured over a 3-year monitoring period and are offset by allowable deductions (infrastructure, academy, community & women’s football) and special dispensation for COVID impact.
MUFC chief executive Richard Arnold concluded, “Everyone at the club is aligned on a clear strategy to deliver sustained success on the pitch and a sustainable economic model off it, to the mutual benefit of fans, shareholders and other stakeholders.”
MUFC fans will obviously be most focused on events on the pitch, hoping that the club can mount a challenge in the Premier League and return to European glories. Despite the high transfer spend, that would be easier without the financial burden of the Glazers’ ownership.
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Bridget Jones’s Diary HD/VU $4.5
Bros (2022) HD/MA $8.5
Bullet Train (2022) HD/MA $6.5
C'mon C'mon HD/VU $5
Call Me By Your Name HD/MA $4
Chaos Walking 4K/VU $5.5
Charlie's Angels (2019) HD/MA $4
Chi-Raq HD/VU $4
Chronicle HD/VU $4
Cinderella (1950) HD/MA $4 or HD/GP $3.5
Cinderella (2021) HD/MA $5.5
Citizen Kane 4K/MA $6
Clerks 3 (2022) 4K/VU $11 or HD/VU $9
Clifford the Big Red Dog HD/VU $4.5
Close Encounters of the Third Kind (Thea, Director's, Special) 4K/MA $11
Columbiana (Unrated) HD/MA $4
Come & Find Me HD/VU $4
Conjuring 3-Film Collection HD/MA $11
Constantine City of Demons HD/MA $4
Constantine House of Mystery (2022) HD/MA $5
Contractor (2022) 4K/VU $6.5 or HD/VU $5
Cooties HD/VU $4
Cornetto Trilogy (Shaun of Dead, Hot Fuzz, World's End) 4K/MA $15
Crank 4K/VU $6
Creed 2 HD/VU $4.5
Crimson Peak HD/IT $3.5
D-Train HD/VU $4 or 4K/IT $4.5
Dark Crystal 4K/MA $6
Darkman HD/IT $4
Day After Tomorrow HD/MA $4.5
Deadwood The Movie HD/VU $4
Death on the Nile (2022) HD/GP $4
Disaster Artist HD/VU $4.5
Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness (2022) HD/GP $4.5
Dog (2022) HD/VU $5
Don't Worry Darling (2022) HD/MA $9
Don't Worry, He Won't Get Far on Foot HD/VU $4
Doom (Unrated) 4K/MA $6.5
Downton Abbey (2019) HD/MA $4
Downton Abbey A New Era (2022) HD/MA $6
Dream a Little Dream HD/VU $4
Dune 4K/MA $6 or HD/MA $4.5
Early Man HD/VU $4
Earth Girls are Easy HD/VU $5.5
Eighth Grade HD/VU $4
El Chicano HD/MA $4
Elvis (2022) 4K/MA $7 or HD/MA $5.5
Equalizer HD/MA $3.5
Eternals 4K/MA $5.5 or HD/MA $4 or HD/GP $3.5
Everything Everywhere All At Once (2022) 4K/VU $6.5
Fair Game (Director's Cut) HD/VU $4
Fall (2022) HD/VU $7.5
Fantasia 2000 HD/MA $7 or HD/GP $6.5
Fantasia HD/MA $7 or HD/GP $6.5
Fantastic Beasts 1-3 Bundle HD/MA $12
Fantastic Beasts Secrets of Dumbledore (2022) HD/MA $6
Fantastic Mr. Fox HD/MA $4
Father Stu (2022) SD/MA $3
Fatherhood HD/MA $5.5
Favourite HD/MA $4.5
Fear of Rain 4K/VU $5.5
Fifth Element 4K/MA $6
Finding You 4K/VU $5.5
Firestarter (2022) HD/MA $7
Flashback (2020) HD/VU $4
Forever Purge HD/MA $4.5
Fortress Sniper's Eye (2022) HD/VU $5
Four Kids and It HD/VU $3.5
Frailty HD/VU $4
Frankenweenie HD/MA $6 or HD/GP $5.5
Free Fire HD/VU $4.5
French Dispatch HD/MA $4.5 or HD/GP $4
Friends With Kids HD/VU $4
Fun Size HD/VU or IT $3.5
Ghost Rider 2 HD/MA $4
Ghost Team One HD/VU or IT $3.5
Glass HD/MA $4
Glengarry Glen Ross HD/VU $5
Good Time HD/VU $4.5
Grand Budapest Hotel HD/MA $4
Greatest Show on Earth (1952) HD/VU $4.5
Green Lantern Beware My Power (2022) HD/MA $5.5
Greenland 4K/IT $5.5
Gremlins 4K/MA $6
Habit 4K/VU $5.5
Halloween Kills (Ext) 4K/MA $6 or HD/MA $4.5
Hard Luck Love Song 4K/VU $5.5
Heat (Director's Cut) (1995) 4K/MA $5.5 or HD/MA $4
Heavy Metal 4K/MA $6.5
Hellboy Animated Double Feature (Sword of Storms, Blood & Iron) 4K/VU $9
Hercules (1997) HD/MA $4.5 or HD/GP $4
Hitman (Unrated) HD/MA $4
Honk for Jesus. Save Your Soul. (2022) HD/MA $7.5
Hotel Mumbai HD/MA $4
House of Gucci (2022) 4K/IT $6
House with a Clock in its Walls HD/MA $4
Hulk (2003) HD/MA $4.5
Humans HD/VU $4.5
Hunt HD/MA $4.5
IMAX Pandas (2018) 4K/MA $6
In Secret HD/VU $4.5
Incredible Hulk 4K/MA $6 or HD/MA $4.5
Indiana Jones 1-3 HD/VU $12
Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull 4K/VU $6
Indignation HD/VU $4
Infinite (2022) 4K/VU $6 or HD/VU $4.5
Inglourious Basterds 4K/MA $6
Injustice 4K/MA $6.5
Intruder HD/MA $3
Iron Man & Hulk Heroes United HD/MA $4 or HD/GP $3.5
Isle of Dogs HD/MA $4
Jerry & Marge Go Large (2022) HD/VU $8
Joe Kidd HD/MA or IT $4
Jojo Rabbit 4K/MA $6.5
Jordan Peele 3-Film Collection (Nope, Us, Get Out) HD/MA $14
Journey to the West Conquering the Demons HD/VU $4
Julet, Naked HD/VU $4
Jurassic World 6-Film Collection (Dominion Thea & Ext) HD/MA $19
Jurassic World Dominion (Thea & Ext) (2022) 4K/MA $7 or HD/MA $5.5
Justice League Adventures Trapped in Time HD/MA $4
Keanu HD/MA $3.5
Killerman HD/VU $4
Killing of a Sacred Deer HD/VU $4.5
Kimi (2022) 4K/MA $6
King Richard HD/MA $4.5 or SD/MA $2.5
King's Man 4K/MA $6 or HD/GP $4
Knives Out HD/VU $3.5
Knowing 4K/VU $5.5
Knowing/Push Double Feature HD/VU $7.5
Labyrinth HD/MA $4.5
Lady of the Manor 4K/VU $5.5
Last Action Hero 4K/MA $6.5
Last Duel HD/GP $4
Last Night in Soho 4K/MA $6.5 or HD/MA $5
Last of Mohicans (Director's Cut) HD/MA $5
Lawless HD/VU $4
Lawrence of Arabia HD/MA $4
LEGO Justice League Attack of the Legion of Doom HD/MA $4
LEGO Scooby-Doo Haunted Hollywood HD/VU $4.5
Let Them All Talk 4K/MA $5.5
Licorice Pizza (2022) 4K/IT $6
Lighthouse HD/VU $4.5
Lightyear (2022) HD/MA $4.5 or HD/GP $4
Limey 4K/VU $6.5
Lincoln Lawyer 4K/VU $6.5
Locke HD/VU $4.5
Locked Down 4K/MA $5.5
Lost Boys (1987) 4K/MA $6.5
Lost City (2022) 4K/VU $6 or HD/VU $4.5
Love the Coopers HD/VU or IT $4
Mack & Rita (2022) HD/VU $7.5
Mad Max 2 4K/VU $6
Mad Max 2-4 Bundle 4K/MA $15
Madagascar 2 HD/MA $4
Malignant SD/MA $3
Many Saints of Newark HD/MA $4.5
Marry Me (2022) HD/MA $6
Memory (2022) HD/MA $5
Men (2022) HD/VU $5.5
Men in Black 2 HD/MA $4
Men in Black 3 HD/MA $3
Men in Black Trilogy 4K/MA $15
Mid-Century (2022) HD/VU $5
Midnight Meat Train (Unrated) HD/VU $4
Midsommar HD/VU $4
Mommy HD/VU $4
Monsters Inc. HD/GP $3.5
Monty Python's The Meaning of Life 4K/MA $6
Moonfall (2022) 4K/VU $5.5
Morbius (2022) Morbius 4K/MA $6.5 or HD/MA $5
Mortal Kombat Legends Snow Blind (2022) HD/MA $7.5
Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris (2022) HD/MA $7.5
Mummy Trilogy HD/MA $10
My All American HD/MA $4
My Dinner with Herve HD/VU $4
Needle in a Timestack 4K/VU $5.5
Nicholas Sparks 4-Film (Notebook HD, Message in a Bottle, Walk to Remember, Nights in Rodanthe) SD/MA $8
Ninth Gate HD/VU $4
No Country for Old Men HD/VU $4
No Strings Attached HD/VU or IT $4
Nope (2022) HD/MA $7.5
Northman (2022) 4K/MA $7 or HD/MA $5.5
Occupation HD/VU $3.5
Occupation Rainfall HD/VU $4
Oklahoma! HD/MA $4.5
Other Side of Door HD/MA $4.5
Outsiders (Thea & Complete Novel) 4K/MA $6.5
Overcomer HD/MA $3
Papillon HD/VU $4
Paws of Fury Legend of Hank (2022) HD/VU $7.5
Peter Pan (1953) HD/MA $4 or HD/GP $3.5
Phantom Thread HD/MA $4
Philadelphia 4K/MA $6
Pick 1 (Blues Brothers 2000, Hanna, Doom, 21 Grams) HD/MA $3.5
Pinocchio (2020) 4K/VU $5.5
Pirates of the Caribbean Curse of the Black Pearl 4K/MA $6.5
Poltergeist (1982) 4K/MA $6.5
Power Rangers (2017) 4K/VU or IT $4.5
Predator (1987) 4K/MA $6
Protege 4K/VU $5.5
Quarry 4K/VU $5
Rambo (2008) 4K/VU $5.5
Rambo 3 4K/VU $5.5
Rambo First Blood Pt 2 4K/VU $5.5
Ran (1985) 4K/VU $5
Redeeming Love (2022) HD/MA $5.5
Reminiscence HD/MA $4
Rescuers Down Under HD/MA $6
Rescuers HD/MA $6 or HD/GP $5.5
Reservoir Dogs 4K/VU $6.5
Resident Evil 6-Film Collection 4K/MA $28 or HD/MA $20
Retaliation (2017) HD/VU $4
Rocky Horror Picture Show HD/MA $4
Rules of Attraction HD/VU $4
Running Man 4K/VU $6.5
Saint Maud HD/VU $4.5
Salmon Fishing in Yemen HD/MA $4
Schindler's List HD/MA $4
Scorpion King 4-Film Bundle (1, 3-5) HD/MA $12
Scream (2022) HD/VU $5
Scream Trilogy HD/VU $11
Sense of an Ending HD/VU $4
Shaft (2019) HD/MA $4
Shang-Chi Legend of the Ten Rings 4K/MA $5.5 or HD/GP $3.5
Shining 4K/MA $6
Shooter HD/VU $4
Show HD/VU $4
Shrek 2 HD/MA $4
Silencing HD/VU $4
Sixteen Candles HD/VU $3.5
Skeleton Twins HD/VU $4.5
Sleeping Beauty (1959) HD/MA $4 or HD/GP $3.5
Smallville Complete Series HD/VU $60
Smokin' Aces 4K/MA $6.5
Snake Eyes G.I. Joe Origins 4K/VU $6
Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (2022) 4K/VU $6.5 or HD/VU $5
Sorry to Bother You HD/MA $4
Source Code 4K/VU $6.5
Southside With You HD/VU $4.5
Space Jam 2-Film Bundle HD/MA $7.5
Speed 4K/MA $5.5
Spider-Man 4-Cut Set (Spider-Man 2 w/ Thea & Ext) HD/MA $12
Spider-Man 5-Cut Set (Spider-Man 2 & 3 w/ Thea & Ext) HD/MA $15
Spider-Man Into the Spider-Verse HD/MA $4
Spider-Man No Way Home 4K/MA $6 or HD/MA $4.5
Spider-Man Trilogy (Tobey) 4K/MA $17
Spinning Man HD/VU $4
Spirit HD/VU $4
Spontaneous HD/VU $4.5
Stir of Echoes HD/VU $4
Straight Outta Compton (Thea & Unrated) 4K/MA $4.5
Sum of All Fears 4K/VU $5.5
Superman Complete Animated Series HD/VU $18
Teen Spirit HD/MA $4.5
Tetro HD/VU $4
Black Phone (2022) HD/MA $5.5
King's Daughter (2022) HD/MA $5.5
Outfit (2022) HD/MA $6.5
Purge Election Year HD/MA $3.5
The Suicide Squad 4K/MA $6 or HD/MA $4.5
Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent (2022) 4K/VU $5.5
Thor Love & Thunder (2022) 4K/MA $6 or HD/MA $4.5 or HD/GP $4
Those Who Wish Me Dead HD/MA $4.5
Three Thousand Years of Longing (2022) 4K/VU $10 or HD/VU $8.5
Titans S.2 HD/VU $6.5
Touched With Fire HD/VU $4.5
Trading Places HD/VU $4
Transporter HD/MA $4
Tucker The Man & His Dream 4K/VU $5
Turning Red (2022) HD/MA $4 or HD/GP $3.5
Tusk HD/VU $4
Uncharted (2022) HD/MA $5
Uncut Gems HD/VU $4
Under the Skin HD/VU $4
Underworld 5-Film Collection 4K/MA $24
Universal Classic Monsters 4-Film Set Vol 1 4K/MA $18
Untouchables 4K/VU $5
Up (2009) HD/MA $4.5 or HD/GP $4
Us 4K/MA $5.5
Vanishing (2018) HD/VU $4
Vengeance (2022) HD/MA $7
Venom Let There Be Carnage 4K/MA $6 or HD/MA $4.5
Vivo (2022) HD/MA $6
Voices (2014) HD/VU $4
W. HD/VU $4
Warhunt (2022) 4K/VU $5.5
Waterworld HD/MA $4.5
Way Back (2020) HD/MA $4
Where the Crawdads Sing (2022) HD/MA $6
Willow HD/MA $4
Witches (2020) 4K/MA $6
Wizard of Oz 4K/MA $6
Wonder Woman 1984 4K/MA $5.5
Working Girl HD/MA $4.5
Wrath of Man HD/VU $4.5
X (2022) HD/VU $6
You Were Never Really Here HD/VU $4.5
Z for Zachariah HD/VU $4
Zack Snyder's Justice League 4K/MA $7.5
Zeros & Ones HD/VU $4.5
Zombieland 4K/MA $5.5
Zombieland Double Tap 4K/MA $4
Lord of the Rings Fellowship of the Ring HD/MA $4
Lord of the Rings Two Towers HD/MA $4
Maze Runner Scorch Trials HD/MA $3.5
Other Woman HD/MA $3
Smile (2022) 4K/VU $11
Underwater HD/MA $4.5
Copshop HD/MA $4.5
Pulp Fiction 4K/VU $7
X-Men Dark Phoenix 4K/MA $7
Atomic Blonde HD/VU $3.5 or 4K/IT $4
Ice Age Continental Drift HD/MA $3
We're the Millers HD/MA $3

All other movies (A-Z)
10 Cloverfield Lane HD/VU $3
101 Dalmatians HD/MA $3.5 or HD/GP $3
12 Strong HD/MA $3.5
12 Years a Slave HD/MA $3.5
13 Hours 4K/IT $3
1517 to Paris HD/MA $4
1917 4K/MA $5
2 Guns HD/VU or IT $2.5
21 Jump Street HD/MA $3
3 From Hell (Unrated) 4K/VU $4 or HD/VU $2.5
300 Rise of an Empire HD/MA $2.5
31 HD/VU $2.5
310 to Yuma 4K/VU $5.5 or HD/VU $4
33 HD/MA $3
42 The Jackie Robinson Story HD/MA $2.5
47 Meters Down HD/VU or IT $3.5
47 Meters Down Uncaged HD/VU $4
47 Ronin 4K/VU or IT $4.5 or HD/MA $3
5th Wave HD/VU $3.5
A Bad Moms Christmas 4K/IT $3.5
A Clockwork Orange 4K/MA $5.5
A Cure for Wellness HD/VU $3.5
A Million Ways to Die in the West HD/IT $3
A Most Wanted Man HD/VU $3.5
A Quiet Place 4K/VU or IT $4 or HD/VU $2.5
A Quiet Place Pt 2 4K/VU $6
A Star is Born (2018) HD/MA $4
A Wrinkle in Time 4K/MA $4.5 or HD/MA $3 or HD/GP $2.5
A.C.O.D. Adult Children of Divorce HD/VU or IT $3.5
About Last Night HD/MA $3
About Time HD/VU or IT $3.5
Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter HD/MA $3.5
Absolution HD/VU $2.5
Accountant 4K/MA $5 or HD/MA $3.5
Action Point HD/VU or IT $2
Adjustment Bureau HD/IT $3.5
Adore HD/VU or IT $3.5
Adventures Of TinTin HD/VU or IT $3
After Earth HD/MA $3
Age of Adaline HD/VU or IT $2.5
Aladdin (1992) HD/GP $3
Aladdin (2019) 4K/MA $4.5 or HD/MA $3 or HD/GP $2.5
Alex Cross HD/VU or IT $2
Alexander & the Terrible Bad Day HD/GP $3
Alfred Hitchcock 4-Film Set Vol 1 4K/MA $19
Alfred Hitchcock 5-Film Set Vol 2 4K/MA $24
Alice Through the Looking Glass HD/MA $3.5 or HD/GP $3
Alien 4K/MA $5.5 or HD/MA $4
Alien Covenant HD/MA $2.5
Alita Battle Angel HD/MA $4
All Eyez on Me HD/VU or IT $3
All is Lost HD/VU $3.5
All Nighter HD/MA $3.5
All the Money in the World HD/MA $3.5
Almost Christmas HD/IT $2.5
Aloha HD/MA $2.5
Alvin & the Chipmunks Chipwrecked HD/VU $3.5
Alvin & the Chipmunks Road Chip HD/MA $3
Amazing Spider-Man 2 HD/MA $4
Amazing Spider-Man HD/MA $3.5
American Assassin HD/VU $3
American Made HD/MA $3.5
American Night HD/VU $4
American Psycho (Uncut) 4K/VU $5
American Reunion HD/VU or IT $3
American Sniper HD/MA $2.5
American Ultra HD/IT $4
Anchorman 2 HD/VU
Angel Has Fallen HD/VU $3.5
Angel Heart 4K/VU $5.5
Angry Birds Movie 2 4K/MA $5.5 or HD/MA $4
Angry Birds Movie HD/MA $3.5
Anna 4K/VU $5
Anna Karenina HD/IT $3.5
Annabelle Creation HD/MA or IT $3
Annabelle HD/MA $3.5
Annie (2014) HD/MA $3.5
Ant-Man HD/MA $4 or HD/GP $3.5
Antebellum 4K/VU $5
Apocalypse Now 3-film Bundle (Final Cut, 1979, Redux) 4K/VU $9
Apollo 13 4K/MA or IT $5 or HD/MA $3.5
Apparition HD/MA $3
Aquaman 4K/MA $5 or HD/MA $3.5
Argo HD/MA $2
Arnold Schwarzenegger 6-Film Collection HD/VU $14
Arrival HD/VU $2.5
Art of Racing in Rain HD/VU $4
Ash vs Evil Dead Complete Series HD/VU $15
Assassin's Creed HD/MA $3
Assassination Nation HD/MA $3.5
August Osage County HD/VU $3
Avengers 1-4 HD/GP $9.5
Back to the Future Trilogy 4K/MA $15
Bad Boys HD/MA $4
Bad Lieutenant (1992) HD/VU $4.5
Bad Words HD/VU or IT $3
Bangkok Dangerous HD/VU $4
Bank Job HD/VU $3.5
Barb & Star go to Vista Del Mar 4K/VU $5.5
Barbie Star Light Adventure HD/IT $3.5
Batman Animated 3-Film (Gotham Knight, Under Red Hood, Year One) HD/MA $11
Batman Begins HD/MA $4
Batman Hush HD/MA $4
Batman Killing Joke HD/MA $4
Batman Ninja HD/MA $4
Batman Returns 4K/MA $5.5
Batman The Dark Knight Returns Pt 1 HD/MA $4
Batman The Dark Knight Returns Pt 2 HD/MA $4
Batman The Long Halloween Pt 1 HD/MA $4
Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice (Thea & Ext) HD/MA $3.5
Batman vs Robin HD/VU $4
Battle of the Year HD/MA $3.5
Battleship 4K/VU or IT $4.5 or HD/MA $3
Baywatch HD/VU $2.5 or 4K/IT $3
Beautiful Creatures HD/MA $2
Beauty & the Beast (1991) HD/MA $3.5 HD/GP $3
Beauty & the Beast (2017) HD/MA $2.5 or HD/GP $2
Bedknobs & Broomsticks HD/MA $4
Begin Again HD/VU $3.5
Beguiled HD/IT $3
Beirut HD/MA $3.5
Ben-Hur (2016) HD/VU $3.5
BFG HD/MA $3.5
Big Eyes HD/VU $3.5
Big Hero 6 4K/MA $5 or HD/MA $3.5 or HD/GP $3
Big Lebowski 4K/MA $6
Big Short HD/VU or IT $3.5
Big Sick HD/VU or IT $3
Bill & Ted Face the Music HD/VU $4
Billy Elliot HD/IT $3.5
Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk 4K/MA $6
Birds HD/MA $3.5
Birds of Prey HD/MA $4
Birth of a Nation HD/MA $3.5
Black Mass HD/MA $3
Black Nativity (Ext) HD/MA $3
Black Panther HD/GP $2.5
Black Widow HD/GP $3.5
Blackhat HD/IT $3.5
Blair Witch Project HD/VU $4
Blazing Saddles HD/MA $4.5
Blind Side HD/MA $3.5
Blinded by the Light HD/MA $4
Blockers HD/MA $3.5
Bohemian Rhapsody 4K/MA $5.5 or HD/MA $4
Bombshell 4K/VU $5
Book of Eli HD/MA $4
Book of Life HD/MA $3.5
Booksmart HD/MA $4
Born a Champion 4K/VU $5
Boss Baby HD/MA $3
Bourne 5-Film Collection 4K/MA $22
Bourne Identity HD/VU $3.5 or 4K/IT $4
Bourne Legacy HD/VU $2 or 4K/IT $2.5
Bourne Supremacy HD/VU $3.5 or 4K/IT $4
Bourne Ultimatum HD/VU $4 or 4K/IT $4.5
Boy 2 HD/IT $3.5
Boy HD/VU or IT $3.5
Braveheart 4K/VU or IT $5
Braven HD/VU $4
Brian Banks HD/MA $3.5
Bullet to the Head HD/MA $3
Bumblebee HD/VU $3 or 4K/IT $3.5
Butler HD/VU $3
Butterfly Effect HD/MA $4
Bye Bye Man (Unrated) HD/IT $2.5
Cabin in Woods HD/VU $2.5 or 4K/IT $3
Cake HD/MA $4
Call of Wild 4K/MA $4.5 or HD/GP $2.5
Campaign HD/MA $2.5
Campaign/Due Date Bundle HD/MA $5
Captain America Trilogy HD/MA $10.50 or HD/GP $9
Captain Marvel HD/GP $2
Carol HD/VU $4
Carrie (2013) HD/VU $3.5
Cars 2 HD/MA $3.5 or HD/GP $3
Cars 3 HD/GP $2.5
Cars HD/MA $3.5 or HD/GP $3
Case for Christ HD/IT $2.5
Cell (2016) HD/VU $3.5
Charlie Brown 4-Film Collection HD/VU $16
Charlotte's Web (2006) HD/VU $4
Chicago HD/VU $4
Child 44 HD/VU $4
Children HD/VU $4
Chips HD/MA $3
Christopher Robin HD/MA $4 or HD/GP $3.5
Chronicles of Riddick (Unrated) HD/VU $3.5
Cinderella (2015) HD/GP $2
Cloud Atlas HD/MA $2.5
Cloverfield HD/VU $4
Coco HD/MA $3 or HD/GP $2.5
Cold Pursuit HD/VU $3.5
Collateral 4K/VU $5.5
Collateral Beauty HD/MA $3.5
Collection HD/VU $3.5
Collide HD/IT $2
Coming to America HD/VU $3.5 or 4K/IT $4
Commuter 4K/VU $5 or HD/VU $3.5
Company of Heroes HD/MA $4
Concussion HD/MA $3.5
Confirmation HD/VU $4
Conjuring 2 HD/MA $4
Conjuring HD/MA $3
Contagion HD/MA $3.5
Contraband HD/IT $3
Cosmic Sin HD/VU $4
Countdown 4K/IT $3.5
Courier 4K/VU $5.5 or HD/VU $4
Crash (2004) HD/VU $4.5
Crawl 4K/VU or IT $4.5 or HD/VU $3
Crazy Rich Asians HD/MA $3.5
Crazy Stupid Love HD/MA $2.5
Creature from the Black Lagoon (1954) HD/MA $3.5
Creed HD/VU $3.5
Croods HD/VU $3.5
Cruella HD/GP $3
Cry Macho HD/MA $4.5
Curse of La Llorona HD/MA $4
Daddy's Home 2 HD/VU $3
Daddy's Home HD/VU $3
Dallas Buyers Club HD/IT $3.5
Danish Girl HD/IT $3.5
Dark Knight HD/VU $4
Dark Knight Rises HD/MA $1.5
Dark Shadows HD/MA $2.5
Dark Tower HD/MA $3.5
Darkest Hour (2017) 4K/MA $5.5
Darkness HD/IT $3
Dawn of the Planet of the Apes HD/MA $4
Daybreakers 4K/VU $5.5
Dead Man Down HD/MA $3.5
Deadpool 2 (w/Super Duper Cut) 4K/MA $6 or HD/MA $4.5
Deadpool HD/MA $2.5
Dear Evan Hansen HD/MA $4.5
Dear White People HD/VU $3.5
Death of Superman HD/MA $4.5
Death Wish (2018) HD/VU $2.5
Dementia 13 (Director's Cut) HD/VU $4
Denial HD/IT $4
Descent (Unrated) HD/VU $4
Despicable Me 2 HD/VU $3.5 or 4K/IT $4
Despicable Me 4K/IT $5
Detroit HD/MA $3.5
Diary of a Wimpy Kid The Long Haul HD/MA $3
Die Hard 4K/MA $5.5 or HD/MA $4
Dilemma HD/VU $3.5
Dirty Dancing 4K/VU $5 or HD/VU $3.5
Disney Animated Short Films Collection HD/MA $3.5 or HD/GP $3
Divergent Series Trilogy HD/VU $6.5 or 4K/IT $8.5
Django Unchained HD/VU $3
Do the Right Thing 4K/MA $5.5 or HD/MA $4
Doctor Sleep (Thea & Ext) HD/MA $4.5
Doctor Strange HD/GP $2.5
Dolittle HD/MA $4
Dolphin Tale 2 HD/MA $2.5
Dolphin Tale HD/MA $2
Dom Hemingway HD/MA $3.5
Don't be Afraid of the Dark HD/MA $4
Don't Breathe HD/MA $3.5
Doors 4K/VU $5.5 or HD/VU $4
Dora & the Lost City of Gold HD/VU $3.5
Dracula (1931) HD/MA $3.5
Dracula Untold HD/VU $3 or 4K/IT $3.5
Draft Day HD/VU $3.5
Dragged Across Concrete HD/VU $3.5
Dragonheart 5-Film Collection HD/MA $15
Dream House HD/IT $3
Dreamkatcher HD/VU $4
Dredd HD/VU $2.5 or 4K/IT $3
Dumbo (2019) HD/GP $3
Dunkirk HD/MA $3.5
Dying of the Light HD/VU $2.5
E.T. 4K/VU or IT $5 r HD/MA $3.5
Edge of Seventeen HD/VU or IT $3
Edge of Tomorrow 4K/MA $5 or HD/MA $3.5
Edward Scissorhands HD/MA $3.5
Emoji Movie HD/MA $3
Encanto 4K/GP $3.5
End of Watch HD/IT $3
Enemy at the Gates HD/VU $4
Enough Said HD/MA $3.5
Epic HD/MA $3
Escape Plan HD/VU $2
Everest 4K/IT $5
Evil Dead (1981) 4K/VU $5
Evil Dead 2 4K/VU $5.5
Ex Machina HD/VU $3
Exodus Gods & Kings HD/MA $3.5
Extreme Prejudice (1987) HD/VU $4
Face/Off HD/VU $4.5
Fantastic Beasts Where to Find Them 4K/MA $5
Fast & Furious 6-film Collection HD/VU $12.5 or 4K/IT $16 (Fast 5 HD)
Fast & Furious 7-film Collection HD/VU $14 or 4K/IT $17 (Fast 5 HD)
Fast & Furious 8-film Collection (9 Films) HD/MA $17.5
Fast & Furious 9-film Collection (11 Films) HD/MA $20
Fast Color 4K/VU $5.5
Fatale 4K/VU $5
Father Figures HD/MA $3.5
Fault in Our Stars HD/MA $3.5
Fences HD/VU $2.5 or 4K/IT $3
Ferdinand HD/MA $4
Fifty Shades Trilogy HD/MA $9
Finding Dory HD/GP $2
Finding Nemo HD/GP $3.5
Finest Hours HD/GP $3
First Blood 4K/VU $5
First Man HD/MA $4
Flight HD/VU or IT $3
Florence Foster Jenkins HD/VU or IT $3
Focus HD/MA $2.5
Footloose (2011) HD/VU or IT $3
Forever My Girl HD/IT $3
Forrest Gump HD/VU $3.5
Fortress HD/VU $4
Four Brothers HD/VU $4
Fox & the Hound 2 HD/MA $4 or HD/GP $3.5
Frank & Lola HD/VU or IT $3
Frankenstein (1931) HD/VU $3.5 or 4K/IT $4
Free Guy HD/GP $3.5
Frozen 2 4K/MA $4.5 or HD/MA $2.5 or HD/GP $2
Frozen 4K/MA $4.5 or HD/GP $2
Frozen Ground (2013) HD/VU $3.5
Fury HD/MA $3.5
G.I. Joe Retaliation HD/VU $3 or 4K/IT $3.5
Gallows HD/MA $3
Gambit (2012) HD/MA $4
Gambler HD/VU or IT $3
Game Night HD/MA $3.5
Gangster Squad HD/MA $3
Gattaca 4K/MA $6
Gemini Man 4K/VU or IT $4.5 or HD/VU $3
Geostorm HD/MA $3.5
Get Out HD/MA $3.5 or 4K/IT $4
Get Smart HD/MA $3
Ghost in the Shell (1995) 4K/VU $5
Ghost in the Shell (2017) HD/VU $3 or 4K/IT $3.5
Ghostbusters 2 HD/MA $3.5
Ghostbusters Afterlife HD/MA $4.5
Ghostbusters HD/MA $3.5
Girl on Train HD/VU $3 or 4K/IT $3.5
Girl With All Gifts HD/VU $4
Giver HD/VU $3.5
Glass Castle 4K/VU $5.5
Glorias 4K/VU $5
God's Not Dead 2 HD/MA or IT $2.5
Godfather 3 Coda HD/VU $4
Godfather Trilogy 4K/VU $16
Gods of Egypt HD/VU $2.5 or 4K/IT $3
Godzilla (2014) HD/MA $3
Godzilla King of the Monsters HD/MA $3.5
Godzilla vs Kong 3-Film Set (Godzilla v Kong, King of Monsters, Skull Island) HD/MA $10.5
Gold HD/VU or IT $2.5
Gone Baby Gone HD/VU $4
Good Dinosaur HD/GP $2.5
Good Kill HD/IT $4
Good Liar HD/MA $4
Good Lie HD/MA $3
Goodfellas HD/MA $4
Grace Unplugged HD/VU $2
Gran Torino HD/MA $4.5
Gravity HD/MA $2
Great Gatsby HD/MA $2.5
Greatest Showman HD/MA $3.5
Green Lantern & Emerald Knights Bundle HD/MA $4
Green Mile 4K/MA $5.5 or HD/MA $4
Green Zone HD/IT $3.5
Gretel & Hansel (2020) HD/VU $4
Grey HD/VU or IT $3
Grudge Match HD/MA $2
Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 1 HD/MA $3.5 or HD/GP $3
Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 HD/MA $2.5 or HD/GP $2
Guest House 4K/VU $5
Guilt Trip HD/VU $3
Gunman HD/MA $3
Hacksaw Ridge HD/VU or 4K/IT $4
Hail, Caesar! HD/IT $3
Hammer of the Gods HD/VU $2
Hands of Stone HD/VU $3.5
Hangover 3 HD/MA $2.5
Hannibal S.1 HD/VU $5
Hansel & Gretel Witch Hunters (Unrated) HD/VU $3.5 or 4K/IT $4
Happy Feet Two HD/MA $3
Happytime Murders 4K/IT $3
Hard Target 2 HD/IT $1.5
Hard Target HD/VU $3.5
Hardcore Henry HD/IT $3.5
Harry Potter Deathly Hallows Pt 1 & 2 Set HD/MA $5
Hateful Eight HD/VU $3.5
Hell Fest 4K/VU $5
Hell or High Water HD/VU or IT $2.5
Hellboy (2019) 4K/VU $4.5 or HD/VU $3
Her A Spike Jonze Love Story HD/MA $3
Hercules (2014) HD/VU $2.5 or 4K/IT $3
Here Comes the Boom HD/MA $3.5
Hidden Figures HD/MA $3
Hillsong Let Hope Rise HD/IT $2
Hitman Agent 47 HD/MA $3.5
Hitman's Bodyguard 4K/VU $5
Hobbit An Unexpected Journey (Ext) HD/MA $4.5
Hobbit Desolation of Smaug (Ext) HD/MA $4.5
Hobbit Trilogy (Thea & Ext) (6-films) 4K/MA $17
Hobbit Trilogy HD/MA $8
Hocus Pocus HD/MA $3.5 or HD/GP $3
Home Again HD/MA $3
Home Alone HD/MA $3.5
Homesman HD/VU $3
Honey 2 HD/VU $3
Hop HD/MA or IT $3
Hope Springs HD/MA $2.5
Horrible Bosses HD/MA $2.5
Hostiles 4K/VU $5 or HD/VU $3
Hot Fuzz HD/VU $4
Hours (2013) HD/VU $4
House HD/MA $3.5
How to be Single HD/MA $3
How to Train Your Dragon 2 HD/MA $2.5
How to Train Your Dragon 3 HD/MA $3.5
How to Train Your Dragon HD/VU $3.5
Hugo HD/VU $3
Hundred-Foot Journey HD/MA $3.5
Hunger Games 4-Film Collection HD/VU $8 or 4K/IT $10
Hunt for Red October 4K/VU $5
Hunter Killer HD/VU $3
Huntsman Winter's War (Ext) HD/VU $3 or 4K/IT $3.5
Hurricane Heist 4K/VU $5
Hurt Locker 4K/VU $5
I Can Only Imagine HD/VU $4
Ice Age HD/MA $3
If I Stay HD/VU $3.5
Impossible HD/VU $3.5
In the Heights HD/MA $4.5
Inception HD/MA $2.5
Incredibles 2 4K/MA $4.5 or HD/GP $3
Incredibles HD/MA $4 or HD/GP $3.5
Independence Day Resurgence HD/MA $2.5
Inherent Vice HD/MA $3
Initiation 4K/VU $5
Inside Out HD/GP $2
Insidious 2 HD/MA $4
Instant Family 4K/IT $3.5
Interstellar 4K/VU or IT $5 or HD/VU $3.5
Interview with the Vampire HD/MA $4.5
Into the Storm HD/MA $3
Into the Woods HD/MA $3 or HD/GP $2.5
Invisible Man (1933) HD/MA $3.5
Invisible Man (2020) 4K/MA $5.5 or HD/MA $4
Iron Man 2 HD/MA $4 or HD/GP $3.5
Iron Man 3 HD/GP $2
Iron Man HD/MA $4 or HD/GP $3.5
It Chapter 1 4K/MA $4.5 or HD/MA $2.5
It Chapter 2 4K/MA $5.5
It Follows HD/VU $3.5
It's a Wonderful Life 4K/VU or IT $4.5
J.Edgar HD/MA $3
Jack & Jill HD/MA $3.5
Jack Reacher 4K/VU or IT $4.5 or HD/VU $3
Jack Ryan Shadow Recruit HD/VU $2.5 or 4K/IT $3
Jack the Giant Slayer HD/MA $2.5
Jacob's Ladder HD/VU $4
Jarhead 3 (Unrated) HD/IT $2.5
Jason Bourne HD/VU $2.5
Jason Statham 4-Film HD/VU $10
Jason Statham 6-Film HD/VU $14
Jaws HD/VU $3.5
Jersey Boys HD/MA $2.5
Jesus Music HD/VU $4
Joe HD/VU $3.5
John Wick 1 & 2 Bundle HD/VU $4
John Wick 2 HD/VU $3.5
John Wick 3 4K/VU $4.5
John Wick HD/VU $2 or 4K/IT $2.5
John Wick Trilogy (Parabellum 4K) HD/VU $9
Joker HD/MA $3.5
Jonah Hex HD/MA $4.5
Journey 2 The Mysterious Island HD/MA $3
Joyful Noise HD/MA $2
Judas & the Black Messiah HD/MA $4.5
Judge HD/VU $2.5
Judy 4K/VU $5
Jumanji Welcome to the Jungle HD/MA $2.5
Jungle Book (1967) HD/MA $3.5
Jungle Cruise 4K/MA $5 or HD/GP $3.5
Jupiter Ascending HD/MA $2
Jurassic Park 4K/MA $5 or HD/MA $3.5
Jurassic World 5-Film Collection HD/MA $14
Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom HD/MA $3
Jurassic World HD/VU $2.5
Just Mercy HD/MA $3.5
Justice HD/VU or IT $3
Justice League Doom HD/MA $4
Justice League HD/MA $3
Justice Society World War 2 HD/MA $4
Kevin Hart Let Me Explain HD/VU or IT $3
Kick-Ass 2 HD/VU or IT $3.5
Kidnap HD/VU or IT $2.5
Killer Elite HD/IT $3
Killers HD/VU $4
Killing Them Softly HD/VU $3.5
Kin 4K/VU $4.5 or HD/VU $3
King Arthur Legend of the Sword HD/MA $3.5
King Kong (2005) 4K/MAor IT $5
Kingsman Golden Circle 4K/MA $5 or HD/MA $3
Kingsman Secret Service HD/MA $3.5
Kiss Kiss Bang Bang HD/MA $4.5
Kong Skull Island HD/MA $3.5
Kung Fu Panda 3 HD/MA $3
La La Land 4K/IT $3.5
Labor Day HD/VU or IT $3
Lady & the Tramp (1955) HD/GP $3.5
Lady Macbeth HD/VU $4.5
Lara Croft Tomb Raider 4K/VU $5
Last Airbender HD/VU $4.5
Last Exorcism HD/VU $4
Last Knights HD/VU $3.5
Last Man HD/VU $4
Last Stand HD/IT $2
Last Vegas HD/MA $3.5
Last Witch Hunter 4K/IT $3.5
Leatherface HD/VU $4
Legend (2015) HD/VU $4
Legend of Tarzan HD/VU $3
LEGO Batman Movie HD/MA $3.5
LEGO Justice League Gotham City Breakout HD/MA $4
LEGO Movie 2 Second Pt HD/MA $4
LEGO Movie 4K/MA $4.5 or HD/VU $2.5
LEGO Ninjago Movie HD/MA $4
Leprechaun 7-Film Collection HD/VU $12
Let Me Explain HD/IT $2.5
Let's be Cops HD/MA $3.5
Life (2017) HD/MA $3.5
Life of Crime HD/VU $3.5
Life of Pi 4K/MA $5 or HD/MA or IT $3.5
Life of the Party HD/MA $3.5
Light of My Life HD/IT $3.5
Like a Boss HD/VU $3.5
Lilo & Stitch 2 HD/MA $4 or HD/GP $3.5
Lion King (1994) 4K/MA $5 or HD/GP $2.5
Lion King (2019) HD/GP $2
Little Things HD/MA $4.5
Live by Night HD/MA $3
Lock Up 4K/VU $5
Lockout (Unrated) & Battle Los Angeles Bundle HD/MA $7
Logan HD/MA $3
Logan Lucky 4K/MA or IT $4.5
London Has Fallen HD/IT $3.5
Lone Ranger HD/MA $3.5 or HD/GP $3
Lone Survivor 4K/MA or IT $4.5 or HD/VU $2.5
Long Shot HD/VU $3.5
Longest Ride HD/MA $3
Longest Week HD/VU $3.5
Looper HD/MA $3.5
Lorax (1972) HD/MA $5
Lorax HD/VU or IT $3
Lords of Salem HD/VU $4
Lost River HD/MA $3.5
Lost World Jurassic Park HD/MA $3
LOTR Trilogy (Thea & Ext) (6-films) 4K/MA $20
Love & Mercy HD/VU $3.5
Love & Monsters 4K/VU $5 or HD/VU $4.5
Love Story (1970) HD/VU $4
Love, Simon HD/MA $3.5
Loving HD/VU or IT $3.5
Luca HD/MA $4 or HD/GP $3.5
Lucky One HD/MA $2.5
Lucy HD/VU $3
Mad Max Fury Road 4K/MA $4.5
Madagascar 3 HD/VU or IT $3
Magic Mike HD/MA $2
Magic Mike XXL HD/MA $2.5
Magnificent Seven (2016) HD/VU $3
Maleficent 4K/MA $4 or HD/MA $2.5 or HD/GP $2
Maleficent Mistress of Evil 4K/MA $4.5 or HD/MA $3 or HD/GP $2.5
Mama HD/IT $3
Mamma Mia Here We Go Again HD/MA $2.5
Man from UNCLE HD/MA $4
Man of Steel HD/MA $2.5
Man Who Shot Liberty Vance 4K/VU $5.5
Manchester by the Sea HD/VU $3.5
Mandela Long Walk to Freedom HD/VU $4
Martian (Ext) 4K/MA $6
Martian HD/MA $3.5
Mary Poppins (1964) HD/MA $3.5 or HD/GP $3
Mary Poppins Returns 4K/MA $4.5 or HD/MA $3 or HD/GP $2.5
Matrix 1-4 Collection HD/MA $16
Matrix Resurrections 4K/MA $6 or HD/MA $4.5
Matrix Trilogy 4K/MA $15
Max HD/MA $3.5
Max Steel HD/IT $3
McKenna Shoots for the Stars HD/IT $2
Mean Girls HD/VU $4
Mechanic Resurrection HD/VU $2.5
Meg HD/MA $3.5
Megan Leavey HD/VU or IT $3
MIB International HD/MA $3.5
Midway 4K/VU $4.5 or HD/VU $3
Mike & Dave Need Wedding Dates HD/MA $3
Mile 22 HD/IT $3
Million Dollar Arm HD/MA $3 or HD/GP $2.5
MindGamers HD/MA $3.5
Minions 4K/MA or IT $4.5 or HD/VU $3
Misconduct HD/VU $2.5
Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children HD/MA $3
Mission Impossible 6-film Set HD/VU $18 or 4K/IT $24
Moana HD/GP $2
Moneyball HD/MA $3
Monkey Kingdom HD/MA $3
Monsters University HD/GP $3
Monuments Men HD/MA $3.5
Mortal Engines HD/MA $4
Mortal HD/VU $4
Mortal Instruments City of Bones HD/MA $3
Mortal Kombat (2021) HD/MA $4.5
Mortal Kombat Legends Battle of the Realms HD/MA $4
Mortal Kombat Legends Scorpion's Revenge HD/MA $4.5
Mother! HD/VU $2.5 or 4K/IT $3
Mr. Peabody & Sherman HD/MA $3.5
Much Ado About Nothing (2013) HD/VU $4
Mud HD/VU $2.5
Mulan (2020) HD/GP $2.5
Mule HD/MA $4
Mummy (1999) HD/VU $4
Mummy (2017) 4K/MA or IT $4.5 or HD/VU $3
Muppets Most Wanted HD/MA $3.5 or HD/GP $3
Murder on the Orient Express HD/MA $3.5
My Little Pony Movie HD/VU $3.5
Nebraska HD/VU $3
Need for Speed HD/GP $3.5
Nerve HD/VU or IT $3.5
NeverEnding Story HD/MA $4
New Mutants HD/MA $3.5 or HD/GP $3
New Year's Eve HD/MA $2
News of the World HD/MA $4
Nice Guys HD/MA $3.5
Nightmare Alley HD/MA $4.5 or HD/GP $4
Nightmare Before Christmas HD/MA $4 or HD/GP $3.5
No Escape (2015) HD/VU $3
No Time to Die 4K/IT $4.5
Noah HD/VU or IT $2.5
Nobody's Fool HD/IT $2.5
Nocturnal Animals HD/IT $2.5
Nomadland HD/GP $4
Non-Stop HD/VU or IT $3
Norm of the North HD/VU $2.5
Nostalgia HD/MA $3.5
Now You See Me 2 HD/VU $3.5 or 4K/IT $4
Now You See Me HD/VU or IT $2.5
Nutcracker & Four Realms HD/MA $3.5 or HD/GP $3
Oblivion HD/MA $3.5 or 4K/IT $4
Ocean's 8 4K/MA $5 or HD/MA $3.5
Olympus Has Fallen HD/MA $3.5
Once Upon a Time in Hollywood HD/MA $3.5
Ong Bak 2 HD/VU $3
Onward HD/GP $2.5
Ouija HD/VU or IT $3.5
Ouija Origin of Evil HD/VU or IT $3.5
Our Brand is Crisis HD/MA $3.5
Outlander S.1 Vol 1 HD/VU $5.5
Overdrive HD/IT $2.5
Overlord 4K/IT $3.5
Oz the Great & Powerful HD/GP $2.5
Pacific Rim HD/MA $2.5
Paddington 2 HD/MA $3.5
Paddington HD/VU $3.5
Pain & Gain HD/VU or IT $3.5
Pan 4K/MA $4.5
Parental Guidance HD/MA $3
Patriot Games 4K/VU $5
Patriot's Day HD/VU $3
Paul Blart Mall Cop 2 HD/MA $4
Peanuts Movie HD/MA $3
Penguins of Madagascar HD/MA $3.5
Peppermint HD/IT $3
Perks of Being a Wallflower HD/IT $2.5
Pete's Dragon (2016) HD/MA $3.5 or HD/GP $3
Peter Rabbit 4K/MA $5.5
Philomena HD/VU $2.5
Pinocchio (1940) HD/MA $3.5 or HD/GP $3
Pirates of the Caribbean 5 4K/MA $4.5 or HD/GP $2.5
Pitch Perfect 2 HD/VU $2.5 or 4K/IT $3
Pitch Perfect HD/VU $2.5 or 4K/IT $3
Pixar Short Films Vol. 3 HD/MA $3.5 or HD/GP $3
Planes Fire & Rescue HD/MA $3.5 or HD/GP $3
Planes HD/MA $2.5 or HD/GP $2
Playing with Fire HD/IT $2.5
Pocahontas 2 HD/MA $4 or HD/GP $3.5
Pocahontas HD/MA $4.5 or HD/GP $4
Point Break (2015) 4K/MA $5 or HD/MA $3.5
Poison Rose 4K/VU $4.5
Possession HD/VU or IT $2.5
Precious HD/VU $4.5
Predator (2018) HD/MA $3
Predator 4-Film Collection HD/MA $12
Premium Rush HD/MA $3.5
Pretty in Pink HD/VU $4
Primal HD/VU $3.5
Prodigy HD/MA $4
Project Almanac HD/IT $3.5
Project X HD/MA $2.5
Prometheus HD/MA $2.5
Punisher 4K/VU $5.5
Punisher War Zone 4K/VU $5.5
Purge Anarchy HD/VU $3 or 4K/IT $3.5
Purge HD/VU $3
Queen & Slim HD/MA $4
Queen of Katwe HD/GP $2
Ralph Breaks the Internet HD/GP $2
Rambo 5-Film Set 4K/VU $23 or HD/VU $17
Rambo Last Blood 4K/VU $4.5
Rampage HD/MA $3
Rango HD/VU $3.5
Raya & the Last Dragon HD/MA $3.5 or HD/GP $3
Ready Player One HD/MA $3.5
Rear Window 4K/MA $4.5
Reclaim HD/VU $3.5
RED 2 HD/VU or IT $2
Red Dawn (2012) HD/VU or IT $3
Red Sparrow HD/MA $3.5
Redemption HD/VU $3
Reign of the Supermen HD/MA $4
Replicant (2001) HD/VU $3.5
Replicas HD/VU $3.5
Requiem for a Dream (Director's Cut) 4K/VU $5.5
Revenant 4K/MA $5 or HD/MA $3.5
Riddick (Unrated) HD/VU or IT $3
Ride Along HD/VU or IT $2.5
Ride Like a Girl HD/VU $4
Rings HD/VU or IT $2.5
RIPD HD/VU or IT $2.5
Rise of The Planet of The Apes HD/MA $4
Risen HD/MA $3
Robin Hood (1973) HD/MA $3.5 or HD/GP $3
Robin Hood (2018) HD/VU $3
Robocop (2014) HD/VU $2.5
Rock of Ages HD/MA $3
Rocketman (2019) 4K/IT $4
Rogue One A Star Wars Story HD/GP $2
Ron's Gone Wrong HD/MA $3.5 or HD/GP $3
Rough Night 4K/MA $5 or HD/MA $3.5
Rugrats Go Wild HD/VU $4
Run All Night HD/MA $2
Runner Runner HD/MA $3.5
Rush HD/VU or IT $3
Same Kind of Different as Me HD/VU or IT $3
San Andreas 4K/MA $4.5
Santa Clause Trilogy HD/MA $9.5 or HD/GP $8
Sausage Party HD/MA $3.5
Savages HD/IT $3
Saving Mr. Banks HD/MA $3.5 or HD/GP $3
Saving Private Ryan 4K/VU $5
Saw 7-Film Collection (Unrated) HD/VU $15
Saw HD/VU $3
Scarface 4K/MA or IT $5.5 or HD/MA $4
Scary Movie 5 HD/VU $4.5
Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark 4K/VU $4.5
Scott Pilgrim vs The World HD/MA $4
Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse HD/IT $3
Scream (1996) HD/VU $4
Scream 2 4K/VU $6
Scrooged HD/IT $4
Secret in Their Eyes HD/IT $3
Secret Life of Pets 4K/VU or IT $4.5
Secret Life of Walter Mitty HD/MA $3
Selma HD/VU or IT $2.5
Sense & Sensibility 4K/MA $5
Serenity (2005) 4K/IT $5.5
Sex Tape HD/MA $3.5
Shack HD/IT $2.5
Shallows HD/MA $3.5
Shape of Water HD/MA $3.5
Shaun the Sheep Movie HD/VU $3
Shawshank Redemption HD/MA $4
Shazam! HD/MA $3.5
She's Having a Baby HD/VU $3.5
Sherlock Gnomes HD/VU or IT $2.5
Sherlock Holmes HD/MA $3.5
Shivers HD/VU $4
Shrek HD/MA $3.5
Siberia (2020) HD/VU $4
Sicario HD/VU $2.5 or 4K/IT $3
Side Effects HD/IT $3.5
Silver Linings Playbook HD/VU $2.5
Sing 4K/VU or IT $5 or HD/VU $3.5
Singing in the Rain 4K/MA $5.5
Sinister HD/IT $2.5
Skyfall HD/VU $2.5
Sleepless HD/IT $2
Smokey & the Bandit 4K/MA $5 or HD/MA $3.5
Snatched HD/MA $2
Snitch HD/VU $2.5 or 4K/IT $3
Snow White & the Huntsman (Ext) 4K/VU or IT $4.5 or HD/VU $3
Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs (1937) HD/MA $3.5 or HD/GP $3
Solo A Star Wars Story HD/MA $3.5 or HD/GP $3
Some Kind of Wonderful HD/VU $3.5
Son of God HD/MA $2
Songbird 4K/IT $4.5
Sonic the Hedgehog HD/VU $3.5
Soul HD/MA $3 or HD/GP $2.5
Southpaw HD/VU $3
Spectre HD/VU $3.5
Spider-Man Far From Home 4K/MA $5 or HD/MA $3.5
Spider-Man Homecoming HD/MA $3
Spider-Man Homecoming/Far From Home Bundle HD/MA $6
Spies in Disguise HD/MA $3.5 or HD/GP $3
Spiral 4K/VU or IT $4.5
Split 4K/MA $5 or HD/MA $3.5
Spy (Unrated) HD/MA $3.5
Spy Who Dumped Me 4K/VU $5 or HD/VU $3.5
St. Vincent HD/VU $3
Stand Up Guys HD/VU $3.5
Star Trek 1-4 4K/VU $18
Star Trek Trilogy (Kelvin) HD/VU $8
Star Wars Return of the Jedi HD/GP $4
Star Wars Revenge of the Sith HD/GP $4
Star Wars The Empire Strikes Back HD/GP $3.5
Star Wars The Phantom Menace HD/GP $4
Step Up Revolution HD/IT $3
Storks HD/MA $3.5
Straight Outta Compton (Unrated) HD/MA $3 or 4K/IT $3.5
Strangers Prey at Night HD/MA $3
Stronger HD/VU $4.5
Stuber 4K/MA $6
Suburbicon HD/VU $3 or 4K/IT $3.5
Suicide Squad (Thea & Ext) (2016) HD/MA $3.5
Sully HD/MA $3.5
Sundown The Vampire in Retreat HD/VU $3.5
Super 8 HD/VU $3.5
Super Buddies HD/GP $2
Super Troopers 2 HD/MA $3.5
Superman vs. The Elite HD/MA $4
Sword in the Stone HD/MA $4 or HD/GP $3.5
Taken 2 IT $3
Tammy HD/MA $3
Teen Titans Go! to the Movies HD/MA $3.5
Teen Titans The Judas Contract HD/MA $4
Tenet 4K/MA $5.5 or HD/MA $3.5
Terminator 2 Judgment Day (Ext) HD/VU $4.5
Terminator Genisys 4K/VU $4.5 or HD/VU $2.5
They Came Together HD/VU $4.5
This is 40 HD/MA $3.5
This Is Where I Leave You HD/MA $3.5
Thor Dark World HD/MA $4 or HD/GP $3.5
Thor HD/GP $3.5
Thor Ragnarok HD/GP $2
Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri HD/MA $3.5
To Kill a Mockingbird HD/MA $3.5
Tom & Jerry HD/MA $4.5
Tomorrowland HD/MA $3.5 or HD/GP $3
Top Gun (1986) 4K/VU $5 or HD/VU $3.5
Total Recall (1990) 4K/VU $5
Toy Story 2 HD/MA $4 or HD/GP $3.5
Toy Story 3 HD/MA $4
Toy Story 4 4K/MA $4.5 or HD/MA $2.5 or HD/GP $2
Toy Story HD/MA $4 or HD/GP $3.5
Toy Story of Terror HD/MA $4 or HD/GP $3.5
Toy Story that Time Forgot HD/MA $4
Transcendence HD/MA $2.5
Transformers 5-Film Collection 4K/VU or IT $21
Tremors A Cold Day In Hell HD/MA $3
Trolls HD/MA $2.5
Trouble with the Curve HD/MA $3.5
True Grit HD/IT $3.5
Trumbo HD/IT $3.5
Trust HD/VU $4
Turbo HD/MA or IT $3
Turning HD/MA $4
Unbreakable HD/GP $3.5
Unbroken HD/VU or IT $3
Uncle Drew HD/VU $3.5
Underworld Awakening HD/MA $3
Underworld Blood Wars 4K/MA $5
Unforgettable HD/MA $2.5
Unhinged HD/VU $3.5
Upside HD/IT $3
V for Vendetta HD/MA $4
Valerian & the City of a Thousand Planets HD/VU $3.5
Van Helsing 4K/MA $5
Venom HD/MA $3.5
Veronica Mars HD/MA $2.5
Vice (2018) HD/MA $4
Victoria & Abdul HD/MA $4
Vivarium HD/VU $4
Walk HD/MA $3.5
Walking with Dinosaurs HD/MA $3
War Dogs HD/MA $3.5
War for the Planet of the Apes HD/MA $3
Warcraft HD/VU $3 or 4K/IT $3.5
Warm Bodies HD/VU $3 or 4K/IT $3.5
Warrior 4K/VU $5 or HD/VU $3.5
Watchmen HD/MA $4
Way, Way Back HD/MA $4
Wedding Ringer HD/MA $3.5
Werewolf The Beast Among Us (Unrated) HD/VU or IT $3.5
West Side Story 4K/MA $5.5 or HD/MA $4 or HD/GP $3.5
When the Bough Breaks HD/MA $3
When the Game Stands Tall HD/MA $3
Where the Wild Things Are HD/MA $4
Whisky Tango Foxtrot HD/IT $3
White House Down HD/MA $3.5
White Queen HD/VU $5.5
Who Framed Roger Rabbit? HD/GP $3.5
Why Him? HD/MA $3
Widows HD/MA $3.5
Wild Card HD/VU $3
Wild HD/MA $3.5
Wilson HD/MA $3.5
Winchester HD/VU $3.5
Winter's Tale HD/MA $2
Wolf of Wall Street 4K/VU $5 or HD/VU or IT $3.5
Wolverine (Unrated) (w/Thea) HD/MA $4
Woman in Black HD/MA $3.5
Won't Back Down HD/MA $3.5
Wonder HD/VU $3
Wonder Woman Bloodlines HD/MA $4
Wonder Woman HD/MA $2.5
Woodlawn HD/IT $3.5
World War Z HD/VU or IT $2.5
Wraith HD/VU $4
Wrath of the Titans HD/MA $2.5
Wreck-It Ralph HD/GP $3.5
X-Men Days of Future Past HD/MA $3
XXX Return of Xander Cage HD/VU $2 or 4K/IT $2.5
Yesterday HD/MA $4
You're Next HD/VU $3.5
Zero Dark Thirty HD/MA $3
Zootopia HD/GP $2.5
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