Taxes in Singapore. How is tax applied on day trading income?

Algorithmic Trading

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Spread Betting - Trading Without The Tax

Spread Betting is a form of trading stocks, or any other security by placing your trades on a brokers/bookmakers price rather than the actual market. Trading this way means (in the UK) you don't pay any stamp duty or become liable for capital gains tax on your profits (if there are any!).. But lets get down to the nitty gritty, stocks, indices, forex or commodities, ideas to trade or charts to watch... :) All welcome..


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Forex/Commodities Trading and Taxes

Hello, I have been trading since the start of the pandemic, and I'm now at the point where I get payouts ranging from 400k - 950k php.
I've always been told that forex trading is not yet taxable here; but now that I'm earning a hefty sum every month, I wanted to be sure.
Do note, these profits are not gains from my own money, but rather a prop firm's. Prop firms are trading companies offering equity to traders who have passed their challenges/tests. Once passed they are given an account (usually demo accounts) and whatever profit the trader makes on that account, they are given a percentage.
In my case, I have a 100k usd funded account with a prop firm in which I get paid out biweekly.
Should I be doing something about taxes, may kailangan ba gawin para maiwasan ang kung ano mang complications in the future?
I have no knowledge whatsoever about taxes and whatnot, all I know is how to trade.
Thank you.
edit: Took out the prop firm’s name as someone got triggered and called this post a scam advert. It’s not, I really am just looking for tax advice.
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Forex Trading Tax Canada | How Are Trading Profits Taxed?

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What is % of tax rate in day trading stocks/forex in phillipines?

any anwers?
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Do I have to declare trading activity in Singapore personal income tax filling ?

I know that Singapore is country where capital gain tax is zero. And foreign income is also tax free. But If i have to declare my trading activities, when I file my annual income tax???
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You Can Trade Forex, Indices, Commodities, etc. Great Instrument. But How Are CFDs Taxed?

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Forex Trading in Singapore - A Full Beginner’s Guide

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First time posting so be gentle. I'm in my late 30s, is it too late to learn trading/forex? Is it a young person's games ie eyeballs glued to monitors 24/7?

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Taxes on futures/ forex trades

Long time lurker here. Sorry for the total newbie question but I’m trying to figure out how futures/ forex contract trades are taxed. I understand that futures are taxed differently than normal stocks with the 60/40. Do I get taxed on every trade I make? Or is the tax applied to what I have made net at the end of the year? I have been researching online and YouTube and cannot seem to figure it out.
I have been practicing with a paper account and have been doing pretty well. I just wanted to clear this up before I jump in and start trading with my real account.
Thanks in advance!
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Trading Forex on H1B visa, anyone ? any restrictions ? Tax implications ?

Hello fellow Traders,
Is there any FX trader who is on H1B visa here in US and trading Forex ?
Just wanted to know before i start, if there is any restrictions as such or what kind of tax treatment we get for P/L from FX trade ?
Thanks in advance for your inputs. Best wishes !!
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Forex trading tax

Hello, everybody. How many i have to pay taxes?
Are the tips that can help to pay less?
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Is it necessary to follow a particular strategy(or make one) in forex trading? Cant we just make some good gains with support resistances, Chart patterns, Candlestick patterns and fundamentals?

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France, Switzerland and Singapore to Test DeFi in Forex Markets

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Sure you made into a "Singapore" kaso in reality, no one lives in it dahil sa taas ng tax.

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France, Switzerland, Singapore to Test DeFi in Forex Markets

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How do you use volume in forex trading?

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No stop loss in forex trading

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Must I pay taxes with profit withdrawals from Forex trading?

Hello all,
I have been very consistent in my forex trading and feel comfortable enough to withdraw a pretty decent amount.
Wanted to know if I should pay tax from my withdrawal and how do I go about doing that?
I just dont want to get in trouble from officials.
The broker I use is OctaFX btw and they do transfer to Malaysian banks.
If things are as consistent as they are, I can definitely use trading as a source of income.
Any help and info is greatly appreciated!
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Forex account in EUR or USD for USDCAD trading?

i am relatively new to forex trading (was trading crypto only before) and i wonder what currency account i should open with my broker. I will be trading USD pairs like USDCAD, USDJPY, but i live in a EUR country... So what should i go for, a USD or EUR account?
P.S.: I will be mainly algo trading and i heard some EA's (MT5) have troubles with EUR accounts trading USD pairs, the money management would have problems... Is that true?
Any ideas highly appreciated!
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Wealthy Chinese nationals snap up luxury homes in Singapore despite tax hikes

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Hey everyone I’m new to this group can anyone suggest me best platform to trading in forex in Canada

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Is trading in forex considered gambling?

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paying taxes when trading forex online

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