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Reading books that can help us define the world we want to build together, with a focus on ecology, permaculture, regenerative ag/holistic management, architecture, urban planning, history, and polital economy. Reading requirements are usually about 4 hours per week.

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[Download] Laurentiu Damir - Laurentiu Damir's Books on Forex - Cent Course

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Recommendation of Books to read on Personal Finance/Property Investing/ Money management/ Stock market Investing

Hi Guys,
I am an avid readelistener of books. Just want to get some recommendations from everyone here on books about the above topics. These could be books you wish you would have read earlier in your investing journey. General Budgeting/money management tips. Property investing books. Thanks in advance. If the books are by Aussie authors and focussed on Aussie investing/property, that would be great.
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Is there a way to get forex order books in realtime? Any providers for it? Oanda doesnt have it in their API

Are there any providers of forex order book that we can view orderbooks via streaming in socket in realtime? In crypto they have this and have been looking for something similar for forex.
Thank you.
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Honest question. Would it be helpful for a young officer to watch some YouTube videos / read books on management?

So I do understand that a civilian workplace and the Army are very different and not everything could translate. And I also want to state that I was already a platoon leader for 1 year, although I expect to return to the same if not a similar position soon.
While I was a platoon leader I think I did ok towards the end, but most of the time I felt like I had no idea what I was doing management wise. I felt inefficient with my time and energy, felt like I was doing to much I could have delegated, and felt disorganized. I constantly see that most problems with young LTs could be solved if they were simply better managers.
So do you think this would be helpful or a waste of time since sit wouldn't translate to the Army?
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NZDCHF, EURCHF|All eyes on UK GDP|Stop Loss Management|Forex Markets|Dai...

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Thoughts and experiences on apps like Binomo, OctaFX etc?

I watched this video of LLA and thought I'll share it as well as get the community's thoughts and experience about it.
LLA Video Link
PS: I don't use these apps nor will I ever install them in future.
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Forex Risk Management Excel Sheet

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Which Forex Risk Management Strategies do you think is more effective while trading forex? And Why? See the differences between two of the most popular Forex Risk Management Strategies below!

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Books on Waste Management & Sustainability in India?

Hello everyone, as the title suggests I am looking forward to recommendations on some good books to get started on learning about waste management in India.
For more context, I am an aspiring social worker looking forward to learn more about sustainability. Any and all suggestions would be welcome!
Thanks in advance.
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Here are Top 5 Risk Management Rules for Forex Trading from Olymp Trade Experts:
Rule One: Determine the trade amount (lot)
Rule Two: Don’t trade on assets with high correlation
Rule Three: Move Stop Loss in the right direction
Rule Four: Limit your attempts to follow some trading idea
Rule Five: Do a history test of your strategies
For detailed explanations and risk management recommendations, read this article:
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Binomo APK v5.2.0 (MOD, for Android) Free On Android

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11 Money Management techniques for trading Forex

11 Money Management Techniques for trading forex
  1. Use Proper Risk Management
  2. Set Stop Losses
  3. Don’t Over-Trade
  4. Cut Losses Quickly
  5. Use Leverage Wisely
  6. Compound Your Profits
  7. Manage Your Emotions
  8. Take Breaks
  9. Use Technical Analysis
  10. Keep a Trading Journal
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Books on the management of multicultural environments in the workplace?

I am about to write a Master's thesis on communication and engagement strategies in multicultural workplaces. While conducting research on available literature, I became somewhat overwhelmed by the quantity of resources. Can someone familiar with the topic of workplace inclusion and diversity management suggest some books to read? Suggestions for scientific papers covering diversity, inclusion, and multicultural communication are especially welcomed!
Any help will be appreciated.
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Binomo APK v5.2.0 (MOD, for Android) Free On Android

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Best Money Management Strategy Forex.pdf

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Books on Waste Management & Sustainability in India?

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Books on Yugoslav Self-Management and how it worked

I am looking for good books on the system that explains it. I am aware of Kardelj's books but are there any other good works on the theory and also on the praxis of the system and how it really worked? Kind of tired of the typical criticisms of it that don't give much insight due to not having read the theory which is mostly in Serbo-Croatian.
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Quantitative Portfolio Management Books

Hey, I am a 22 y.o student who started career in finance 2 years ago. I went from trading to asset management and I am a bit lost but yesterday I bought this book and wow ! Learnt a lot about Modern Portfolio Theory. I have an upcoming internship in a bank (asset management division) where I will mainly be involved in building allocation strategy for a quant fund. I heard about momentum strategies etc, do you have any books to suggest so that I could learn more about Allocation strategies in portfolio management ? Thanks
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Capital Management In Forex Trading

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Hustler at 23 pro max "surprised" her manager by booking a stay at the most expensive hotel. Her manager is vegetarian and the hotel does not even have any vegetarian option. Glad some of the comments are calling her out on this.

Hustler at 23 pro max
Why does she feel the need to mislead people when it is clear this surprise was just an excuse for her to book an expenaive stay? If she really wanted to surprise Sakshi she could have bought her a gift like a bag or something. I think she does this so her followers would call her the best manager and tell her how kind and down to earth she is.
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Not the typical post here I am sure, but please suggest me a book on any anger-management-related topic or books for children of parents that were angry/fought constantly and unfortunately taught their child to do the same when in conflict (read description)

Someone I very much care about is having issues controlling anger and how they handle conflict in general. They want to work on it but don't have too many resources, so I am considering gifting them a book to help them on their journey. Do you know of any non-fiction books (whether it be workbooks or informative books like 'The Body Keeps The Score' or anything similar) that may help them work through this? Trauma-related, family-dynamic-related, anger-related, etc? Thanks in advance.
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Trading Forex for Beginners - The Basics - YouTube binomo signal all broker  strategy win  trading signal Forex Money Management Trading Strategy - YouTube RAHASIA PROFIT KONSISTEN SELAMANYA DI BINOMO !!! BEST Forex Books to Increase Your Trading Profits - YouTube 10 Forex Risk Management Strategies You Must Know - YouTube Scooter - a strategy option on Binomo for a novice trader Best setting RSI indicator - god of trend readers - binomo option strategy Binomo Best winning strategies  How To Earn At Least $500 Per Day For NEWBIES 100% winning strategy Indicator Binomo strategy 2020 Binomo stochastic strategy 2020

If you decide to place your trading business with Binomo, you can rest assured that the broker’s website and your customised trading interface are available from any device, with optimisation for a variety of screen sizes. All you will need is a relatively modern device, with an up-to-date operating system and a consistent connection to Internet services, either via Broadband or Wi-Fi. Gold: offers access to strategy guides, faster withdrawals and management with a $500 minimum deposit VIP: offers access to all privilege on the Binomo platform with a $1000 minimum deposit Binomo makes it clear that even standard-tier traders gain access to everything they need to trade easily and effectively. Binomo is a fairly young platform for trading financial assets that operates since 2014 and is represented in 133 countries. The client agreement on behalf of Binomo includes the offshore Tiburon Corporation Limited, registered in Seychelles. The Cyprus company Stagord Resources Ltd is mentioned as the management company. Forex books are the first step for many in the forex trading journey. Whether you want an audio book for beginners, or a strategy e-book for advanced trading, we have shortlisted the 5 top forex trading books that will benefit all traders. Forex Account Management . Open a Trading Account; Forex Account Manager; Services . Learn Forex With Siby; Siby’s Automation; Forex Signals; Get Free E-Books; Achievements; Testimonials; Blogs; Contact Binomo essentially enables users to test run the platform before deciding if it is the platform for them with no commitment fee. A person gets $1,000, €1,000 or 50,000 rubbles to trade with and implement the strategies. There is also training on skills for capital management Click on the image below to check the App for iOS and Android. For users with Android or iOS, you can download for free the Binomo APP in the image above and negotiate directly on your Mobile or Tablet.. Learning tools. Binomo has several learning tools, such as several videos and e-books in several languages.

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Trading Forex for Beginners - The Basics - YouTube

Binomo Best winning strategy and ... Money Management AUDIOBOOK - Duration: 3:00:02. T F 1,599,515 views. 3:00:02. #LiveTradingSignalsForex&Gold Live Forex Signals From Our Robot ... Best forex books for beginners and experienced traders who are looking for books for trading. If you want to increase your profits, these are some of the bes... 10 tips on forex trading risk management that you need to know before you start trading forex. Forex trading risk is real and you need to understand the fore... Scooter - a strategy option on Binomo for a novice trader Hi traders, In this video we will show you the new #Strategy_For_Binary_Options for #binomo Strategy is a key element of long term ... * PLAY STORE BINOMO ANDROID ... Selain itu pula saya memberikan Management Trading sehingga anda bisa mengatur Stake anda atau keuangan anda dengan baik. Jika ingin bergabung silahkan tonton video ... ,Now open Forex account with this link and activly trading on same account to get on my Future Copy Trading program or Money Management and other more benefit👍 #POWEROFTRADING binomo signal all broker strategy win trading signal Download Telegram @KINGTRADER99 Join/register Option Trading, iq option how to win, iq option ... This video shows you how to earn on binomo platform and the strategy work on other trading platforms. PLEASE SUBSCRIBE TO MY CHANNEL IF YOU WANT SUCH VALUES. You just need to read my 10 charts ... In this price action strategy webinar, Navin explains the money management strategies on how to start trading bigger size on every trade for more profits. Na... Practice FOREX - FREE or REAL at: Forex Scams: PART 2: